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Grown Ups 2 (2013)


page1The success of the first movie was too smashing to ignore and that is why Grown Ups 2 was produced. The second film hits $102 Million and still increasing as it is still showing in many theaters worldwide. Adam Sandler and Director Dennis Dugan continue the adventure of the gang, but this time with lots of time in their hand as Lenny (Sandler) and his family moved to his hometown.

The views and opinions of the viewers and critics are divided. Some say it is as good as its predecessor and more while others find it a boring and a disgusting film. Well, here are my observations and thoughts of the film after I watched it.

First, the film is so simple and not too grand in its shots and cinematography and yet it says an $89 Million is spent in making it. Okay, we let it be but in my opinion the movie lacks that camera spice. It merely focuses on the actor’s moves and reactions in delivering punch lines and jokes.

In my head I know that the movie is a comedy piece and actors should do what they should to make it a laughable story. But I think the stars of the film are overdoing their role that they become too expressive and annoying. They lost that skill in transforming their real personality to a fictitious one of the movie. They made it too obvious for their joke making it just a joke and filler of the story.

My third opinion is that the movie is obviously focusing on Adam Sandler and the other guys are just there to support him. Sandler is the big man here but the other guys should have more scenes too because they are the Grown Ups totality.

Lastly the film plot is not too strong. It just revolves on meeting your old bodies and remaking the past immaturities and misbehavior.

Above all these statements is that the movie can be a good one to watch if you just want to enjoy a visit in a cinema and see what it can offer.