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Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Recently, anime movies are not hitting big in the entertainment industry but for this summer one movie despises this statement and come very big in its first week of showing. Despicable Me 2 outshines other movies in showing when it hits $83 Million on its opening weekend. This second sequel really follows its predecessor’s success and more as it is still ongoing worldwide.

Personally, I like the second movie the first time the teaser trailer comes out and based on the enjoyment I experienced in the first movie. The minions look so funny that it excites me to see them again in this sequel. Yes! Gru is back, back again (I love the Eminem song use as the trailers sound; it suits perfectly, cheers for that).

The Minions: Appealing and comical

Gru’s minions are one of the key characters in the original movie. They are really cute even when they do the evilness commanded by their boss Gru and come very likeable as they supported the turning point of their master from being a bad villain to a good poster dad. In this sequel, they have been given more scenes, I say hilarious ones. Their wacky and zany antics thrown in scenes that holds the attention and interest of the viewers from start to finish.

Gru’s new persona

How do you make an ex-bad guy becomes a good guy without over portraying it? The answer is Gru. Our villainous hero, as what I call Gru, still comes out great in his new role. Gru is a protective and loving dad who is still finding his way to fit in as a good citizen by selling beans and jams. The question that arises in my mind before I watched the film is how Gru can portray a spy task in the villain world. Our hero did it smoothly funny and in an unusual ways. Also mentioning as a new thing for Gru is his love relationship with Lucy which added to his interest when Agnes asks for a mom.

The people behind the great voices

I acknowledged the talent of the people who voice over the characters of the movie. Steve Carell who played Gru, Kristen Wiig for Lucy, and Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud as the voices of the minions, they sound so perfect for the characters.

My final statement

It is great! There are no better words to say what this film really is than these words. It makes me a minion of fans and hoping for more of this movie.