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Pain & Gain (2013) review

Pain & Gain (2013) review

The Pain  & Gain movie is an attempt to make laughs out of unfunny muscular guys and hindered American dream. Director Michael Bay has created a film out of his ordinary specialization. It tries to show that crime can be done in a very cool way and being muscular is not what people is expected. Here is a review of the film and why it ranked high in US box office.

The Pain & Gain (2013) characters 

The three main characters have their own individual pitch that makes the movie attention-grabbing. Dwayne Johnson or The Rock has his persona as a strong, determined, and muscle bound fighter of WWE wrestling. The film puts a little sway to this muscularity that made Dwayne gentle and soft. A big man that hates violence and cannot kill is not what The Rock portrays but what the movie shows. This made it a contributor to the film excitements. We all know Mark Wahlberg and he has proven himself a worthy actor. In this film, he played the role as the brain of the gang. The catch here is the question of whether Mark can really play his role well and made the other actors apt to their personality. Anthony Mackie is not a newcomer and show great acting in many films including The Adjustment Bureau. In this new movie he is labeled accordingly with Dwayne and Mark. The thing is that critics and viewers question his performance of whether it will be sufficient to match the other two actors.

The Pain & Gain (2013) movie plot

The film is based on a true story. There is no question whether the story is original or not. The main point of justification here is to whether the film will truly give life to the story and whether the character is appropriate to make the film as original as it can be.

The verdict

The Pain & Gain come very entertaining. The actors have played their part well and harmonized the film with its base story. The sequence carries the viewer’s attention from start to its end. The only setback of the film is the use steroids and Dwayne over size muscles.