Meet the Blacks (2016)


meet the black

The film is a comedy horror movie of director Deon Taylor, with writers Nicole and Taylor DeMasi, and it is the parody of the The Purge in the 2013 movie.

The Cast Lists:

Mike Epps played as Carl Black

Gary Owen played as Larry

Kathrien Ahn played as Ming

Snoop Dogg played as Todd

King Bach played as Freezee

Michael Blackson played as Mr. Wooky

Lavell Crawford played as Parole Officer

Tameka Cottle played as Shoranda

Lil Duval played as Cronut

DeRay Davis played as Tyrone

Zulay Henao played as Lorena

Alex Henderson played as Carl Jr.

Perez Hilton played as Denis Strahan

Shawn Kavanaugh played as Marcus

George Lopez played as the President El Bama

Bresha Webb played as Allie

Charlie Murphy played as Key Flo

Paul Mooney played as Klan Member

Mike Tyson the as James Clown

Tyrin Turner played as Big Head Rico

The Story Line:


Carl Black with his family is going away from Chicago. After stealing lots of cash from the famous criminal drug ruler, Key Flo, and considering that he might be jailed for the next 5-6 years, Carl Black left the hustling living behind for an even better living. Carl with his present wife Lorena, son Carl Jr., daughter Allie Black and their cousin Cronut packed up and transferred to Beverly Hills. As a result, Carl could not have picked the worse moment to transfer. They arrived perfectly around the moment of the yearly purge and all Carl’s own issues intertwine while the total crime is just legal for 12-hours.

The Writer’s View:

At this moment, if you are still attempting to crash the parody film from each angle and examine it then, it is for sure a waste of time. Parody films were literally styled to become a not so good film. The only aim of the movie is to make you laugh. It is understandable that some may feel that the movie is somewhat a theatrical release, and the money is not worth it, particularly with the music and art concern. The truth is there was really no impressive storyline and the amazing actors just gave a good Ole parody funniness. The movie started out good, but it just gets dull, lame and non-adventurous, with the non-believers action the whole way through. After watching this movie, nobody should complain again regarding Quentin Tarantino’s moderate application of the N – word in his movies. To say an N-word is pointless applied to this movie and does disservice to a word gratuitous.

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A Weekend with the Family (2016)



This Weekend with the Family movie is a comedy film by the writer, director Chris Stokes with the other writers Chaz Echols and Marques Houston and their producers Marques Houston, Shondrella Avery, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Jerome Jones.

The Cast List:

Marques Houston played as Travis Stankershet

Karrueche Tran played as Courtney Clancy

Shondrella Avery played as Rosie

J-Boog played as Joey

Braxton Davis played as Ho-Jin

Chantel Jeffries played as Catherine Clancy

Dylan Mooney played as the Counselor Watson

Black Thomas played as Sargent Stankershet

Clifton Powell played as Dingo Stankershet

Kelly Perine played as Vagabond

Dorien Wilson played as John Clancy

Suzanne Whang played as Sue Clancy

Wendy Raquel Robinson played as Nip Stankershet

The Story Line:


The story is about a young attorney that attempts at keeping the peace and gaining a position at the prominent law firm, but on the other hand dating the boss’ daughter in secret and she is the one that he hopes to marry. Then the affectionate girlfriend decided to organize an amazing surprise family get-together during the weekend that both of the families must be present.


His plans blown up all over his face, particularly with the thoughts that the coming of his ghetto-fied kin, the Stankershets. Courtney and Travis portrayed love interests who battles to hold on to each other with their relationship over their two families on wage war in the blast of hilarity. It is a far-east to counter to the Deep South, traditional and strict, Korean traditions versus the present country way of living. At the end part, Travis must discover a means to create peacefully the two families, co-existing sufficient enough for him to have a proposed for the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

The Writers View:

The movie is just like a bad film from the 80’s. Their idea was really great, and maybe not that original, but it will certainly take you to the present Asian black thing that no one talked about. The Asian traditions are so famous that it could have been a unique, but it all concludes with the thought since like white racist who wrote the script. It is also annoying to see a performing Korean wife who is not really Korean, talks with an accent, does not look like one, and does not act like the real Korean woman. The moviemakers just applied Chinese stereotypes and it was really funny at all. What they let the viewers see is not really believable anymore or can make someone laugh either.


Keanu (2016)



Keanu is a comedy action movie by director Peter Atencio with writers Alex Rubens and Jordan Peele is gaining positive reviews generally from critics.

The Cast Lists:

Keegan-Michael Key played as Clarence and the Smoke Dresden

Tiffany Haddish played as “Hi-C”, Trina Parker

Ian Casselberry played as King Diaz

Jamar Malachi Neighbors played as Stitches

Will Forte played as Hulka

Jordan Peele played as Rell and the Oil Dresden

Anna Faris played as herself

Luis Guzmán played as Bacon Diaz

Darrell Britt-Gibson played as Trunk

Rob Huebel played as Spencer

Nia Long played as Hannah

Method Man played as Cheddar

Jason Mitchell played as Bud

Keanu Reeves played as Keanu

The Story Line:


Smoke with Oil Dresden, the pair of assassins called as “Allentown Boys”, goes on a drug-processing service run by the Mexican drug alliance and murdered everyone inside, with boss King Diaz. The couple acquires Diaz’s cat Iglesias, and when they are shortly distracted by policemen arriving, the cat escapes. Meanwhile, Rell has just been forsaken by his girlfriend; he locates a cat at the doorstep, takes the rapid liking to it, and called it Keanu. Clarence cousin of Rell came over to applaud him up and encounter Keanu too.


After two weeks, Hannah, Clarence’s wife, and her daughter went out of town together with the husband and the daughter of their family friend, and leaved Clarence alone. Rell, is much better-off in taking care of Keanu, brings Clarence out to view a Liam Neeson film, indicating him he needed to warm up and just be with him. When they come back to Rell’s quarters, they discovered that the place goes through and Keanu was missing. A distressed Rell drags Clarence in the next-door residences of his wide plant dealer Hulka that reluctantly revealed that 17th St. Blips is a local gang, and may have attacked instead the house of Rell. Hulka directed them to the downtown strip club; Clarence and Rell went there, where Rell persuaded Clarence to take on the gangster persona just to infiltrate with the gang, naming themselves as Shark Tank and Tectonic. The two gathered with Hi-C, who originally is doubtful of them, but nevertheless, brings them to encounter with the leader of the gang, Cheddar, who misjudge them for the Boys of Allentown. Cheddar contained Keanu, and they inquire for a cat. He will just return the cat if they will come along as the skilled consultant for the Blips on the run to vend the latest drug named as holy shit, and they both reluctantly agree.

The Writers’ View:

It is always hard to combine comedy and excessive violence because it will come out with a thing that works. Here is the other sample of why it did not work. There is really nothing funny about gangs shooting and murders it out. The cat that did not grow past from being a kitten is really the highlight of this film. It is so nice to watch a film like this that has a cute cat on the screen. For those that are a huge fan of Peele and Key, their show will be something that is going around your existence. There is a lot to expect in this movie, a bit of good laughs to come with little disappointments too. Keanu was not really a total fail because it had its opinion, its moments, and Peele and Key were obviously hilarious as ever.

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Masterminds (2016)



The film is a comedy movie from the October 1997 Robbery happened in North Carolina. The writer is Chris Bowman with directors Jared Hess, Emily Spivey, and Hubbel Palmer.

The Cast Lists:

Kristen Wiig played as Kelly Campbell

Zach Galifianakis played as David Scott Ghantt

Jon Daly played as the Detective

Karsten Friske played as Cort Chambers

Dallas Edwards played as Ken Chambers

Mary Elizabeth Ellis played as Michelle Chambers

Jordan Israel played as Valet

Leslie Jones played as Scanlon, FBI Special Agent

Ross Kimball played as Eric

Devin Ratray played as Runny

Ken Marino played as Doug

Kate McKinnon played as Jandice

Njema Williams played as Ty

Owen Wilson played as Steven Eugene Chambers

Jason Sudeikis played as Michael Aaron McKinney

The Story Line:


In 1997, a robbery of $18.8 million took place at the Loomis Fargo and Company in Jacksonville by Philip Noel Johnson, the company security guard. This provides Steve Eugene Chambers and Kelly Campbell the thought of also robbing Loomis. They engaged David Scott Ghantt Loomis armored auto driver. Right after some gawky training in grounding of the robbery, the squad has David gone into Loomis’ vault and then loaded the total money supply in the company car. Before he left, David brings out three CCTV videos, but missed one. The following day, David takes flight to Mexico with the $20,000 and brings the cover label of Michael McKinney, the name of Steve’s friend. In the meantime, Steve seized most of the heist of about $17 million.


The FBI Sp. Agent Scanlon with her partner takes the case, and instantly has David the major suspect, but there was no idea of Steve’s has been involved here. Steve planned to cut David slack, but Kelly thought it might not right abandoning him. While in Mexico, David barely escaped from the 3 Interpol mediators searching for him, and then phoned Kelly regarding what happened. Sadly, he inadvertently discovered Steve’s identity from an ID in the wallet that Kelly handed to him. Finding out that the cover being puff, Steve hired McKinney to locate and murder David. He takes a trip to Mexico and tried for shooting David, but a gun backfired and David runs away. David calls Kelly and finds out that Steve was attempting on murdering him, and that Steve may not transfer the cash for him as being expected. David was knocked lifeless by McKinney. When the time that David regains his consciousness, McKinney was about to murder him, but think twice before glancing at McKinney’s birth records. Imagining that David was born out under similar circumstances; they became buddies.

The Writers’ View:

Despite having comic juggernauts just like Kristen Wiig with the rest of the cast, Zach Galifianakis was the main powerhouse and the genius one that made the film flow. When he wasn’t on display, it did not run the same when he was on it. He played brilliant stupidity that he may have you broken a gut uncontrollably. The more foolish it is, the funnier it gets. Proving that the movie was really funny being a true statement, because Galifianakis heads an ensemble cast list in the story based on real events regarding a security guard that is living a boring life and is about to wed to the woman that would have him not until his co-employee applied her lady charm in order to convince him in assisting her friend to rob their employer. The movie is an adorable, laid out heist film, but the movie has so many comical masterminds in it.


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Zoolander 2 (2016)



The film is a comedy movie by director Ben Stiller with writer Justin Theroux, John Hamburg, Nicholas Stoller and Stiller. It is the continuation of the 2001 movie Zoolander.

The Cast Lists:

Ben Stiller played as Derek Zoolander

Owen Wilson played as Hansel McDonald

Fred Armisen played as VIP

Cyrus Arnold played as the Derek Zoolander Jr.

Penélope Cruz played as Valentina Valencia

Benedict Cumberbatch played as All

Jon Daly played as Agent Filippo

Will Ferrell played as Jacobim Mugatu

Nathan Lee Graham played as Todd

Kyle Mooney played as Don Atari

Sting played himself

Kristen Wiig played as Alexanya Atoz

Justin Theroux played as Evil DJ

Christine Taylor played as the ghost of Matilda Jeffries

Billy Zane played as himself

Milla Jovovich played as Katinka Ingaborgovinananananana

The Story Line:


In a Trend Interpol, Valentina Valencia examined the manifestations of the recently killed pop singers’ last pictures and believed that they match with Derek Zoolander’s trademark look, “Blue Steel”. A flashback reveals that the Derek Zoolander Foundation for the Kids Who Cannot Read Fine collapsed, murdering Matilda Jeffries and damaging Hansel McDonald. Derek then lost guardianship of his son, Derek Jr., and declared his living from modeling and following reclusion. Derek now stayed alone in New Jersey in the extreme north. Billy Zane visited and provided him a request to Atoz House fashion showed by Alexanya Atoz, and then persuaded him to go back to the normal regular living in order to recover the custody of his son. In an “uncharted Malibu region”, Hansel goes back to his home right after dinner and was notified by the orgy that they were all pregnant and the father happens to be him. He is later provided with the same request by Zane. After their reunion, Hansel and Derek were tracked by Valentina, who asked them to assist the Interpol uncover whoever was behind the systematic killing.


During the day of the fashion show, Hansel and Derek were surprised to discover that the change in the fashion world is being dominated by the likes of Don Atari with the no-binary gendered All. They were placed on the runway in the “Old” and the “Lame” outfits and were soaked by the large pail of prunes. After that, Alexanya congratulated them with their performance.

The Writers’ View:

In this movie, the cast were all good in their performances. Hansel and Derek were still in the same characters and also they performed them with interests and Mugatu did well also. Unfortunately, there are some things that is not pretty much pleasing, like the humor that did not work that well. This kind of movie is an example of the beliefs that bigger will not always mean better. The first Zoolander was a small comedy film and with relatively too small budget where it evolved being a cult movie. Meanwhile, the Zoolander 2 attempted on being bigger than the initial one and but sadly, it doesn’t work that well, because this sequel is about Derek, who attempts on locating his son, while the male models were being killed, and it actually didn’t pay off that good in the end.

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Popstar (2016)



The film is a documentary comedy movie directed by Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. The film received favorable reviews from their critics; still the film grossed about $9.5 million worth from their funds of $20 million.

The Cast Lists:

Andy Samberg played as Conner Friel, “Kid Conner”, Conner-4-Real

Eric André played as Dreadlocked, CMZ Reporter

Will Arnett played as Main, CMZ Reporter

Mike Birbiglia played as Blonde, CMZ Reporter

Joan Cusack played as Tilly, mother of Conner

Will Forte played as bagpipe player of Conner

Bill Hader played as Zippy, roadie of Conner

Joanna Newsom played as the Steam Punk Doctor

Chris Redd played as Hunter, the Hungry

Chelsea Peretti played as Brunette, CMZ Reporter

Maya Rudolph played as Deborah

James Buckley played as Sponge, one of Conner’s entourage

Emma Stone played as Claudia Cantrell

Tim Meadows played as Harry Duggins, manager of Conner

Ashley Moore played as Sarah, personal assistant of Conner

Kevin Nealon played as Gary Sikes, the Label Photographer

Imogen Poots played as Ashley Wednesday, girlfriend of Conner

Sarah Silverman played as Paula Klein, publicist of Conner

Justin Timberlake played as Tyrus Quash, chef of Conner

Akiva Schaffer played as Lawrence Dunn, “Kid Brain” former band mate of Conner

Jorma Taccone played as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard, former band mate of Conner and the present DJ

“Weird Al” Yankovic played as Hammerleg, the Lead Singer

The Story Line:


It is stated in the outline of a musical record, Conner Friel is the musical prodigy at his early age, and he creates a rap group they called The Style Boyz, together with his childhood buddies Lawrence and Owen. They instantly gain popularity in the industry of music, motivating today’s musicians. But, failing to gain credits for writing guest verse of Conner on the Poppy-successful single of “Turn Up the Beef”, then Lawrence leaves.

Right after the Style Boyz was split-up; Conner became the solo act, taking with the identity “Conner4Real”, together with Owen is the DJ. Lawrence started farming in Colorado right after a failed trial on going solo. The debut album of Conner’s Thriller, too, rockets to the highest of the diagram and Conner’s popularity increases. In year 2015, Conner introduced the sophomore album, the Conquest, it gains awful reviews because of Conner applying hundreds of producers instead of Owen’s beats. Having sales that are surprisingly low, Harry, Conner’s manager, suggested having Aquaspin, the manufacturer that sponsor the tour and creates home appliances. The company’s appliances started playing the songs of Conner, causing the countrywide power outage which generated the wave of backlash to Conner’s fans.


Conner started with the album tour, and the show did not sell well as he was hoping. Harry suggested that they appointed Hunter the Hungry, a hip-hop artist as a beginning act, and the sales of tickets started to rise. Conner begins to add some new gimmicks with his acting, with the robotic mask of Owen, publicizing his rapport with the actress Ashley Wednesday and a stage trap where he alters his costumes in seconds just behind the curtain. The trick is apparently spoiled in Nashville, when Conner turned into a naked mid – concert, hence becoming the topic of mockery.

The Writers’ View:

This is absolutely one of the great movies! The documentary is loveable with popular rappers and musicians that add-on to the satire. The story is so attacking for it is really true with the song writing skills of music nowadays. If you have the best beat, throw in a group of catch sayings a very cool voice, and add one more popular singer to back up the couple of lines and then you’ve got a new rap/hip hop song. I completely recommend with this very entertaining movie for anybody to enjoy and sit back great comedy movie.

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My Blind Brother (2016)


The film is a romantic comedy-drama movie by director Sophie Goodhart. The movie had their world premiere on March 12, 2016 at the South by Southwest. The movie was released in a partial release and through videotape on demand by the Starz Digital and Orion Pictures on 23 of September, 2016. It was also on record that Starz had obtained the distribution rights of the movie.

The Cast Lists:

Nick Kroll played as Bill

Adam Scott played as Robbie

Charlie Hewson played as GT

Zoe Kazan played as Francie

Heidi Lewandowski played as Clarese Singer

Maryann Nagel played as Jane

Jenny Slate played as Rose

Talia Tabin played as Micia

Greg Violand played as Phill

The Story Line:


The story is about an overachieving blind guy Robbie, together with his unaccomplished sibling Bill, they were competing to win the same woman, Rose. The rivalry of two brothers arrived at a fever pitch while on their charity swim contest.

Robbie is a winner blind athlete and also a local philanthropic brave man doted on by their society and seemingly not capable of doing wrong. His evidently well-earned egoism was fed by his numerous, televised campaign to rise over his incapability while also putting up some cash for charity, where right after every victorious feat, he is bordered by gushing journalists who seemed not to notice that he is telling unchanged joke every time…”You look gorgeous today,” Robbie is a blind guy that is telling every female associate of the press. Robbie’s unassuming, hapless brother Bill is aware that the actual Robbie is arrogant, rude, and selfish but still, he guide-dog loyally runs each marathon by the side of Robbie and never creates a peep when he does not takes any accolades, or even when their own parents repeatedly criticize him.


One evening, Bill flee the harsh Robbie- worship by striking up a local bar, where in spite of all his finest efforts to represent himself as unappealing and unworthy, he gets so lucky with a like hearted and an attractive lady known as Rose. Bill is blame-ridden since the blindness of Robbie was the outcome of their childhood accident and he was involved. Then, Rose is also a guilt-ridden since right after she notifies her fiancé that she wanted to break him; he anxiously crossed the road and was then hit and killed by the coming bus.

The Writers’ View:

There are many writers that gave a positive feedback about this movie and so do I. The movie takes an apparently dark basis about a guy of few qualities that tries to take ahead with his over-success blind brother’s girlfriend, and then it became a featherweight play as winningly unimpressive as the core couple played by Slate and Kroll. This is way how the two passionate stars in the movie bring in themselves with other, and who will not love them immediately. The story itself is genuinely creative, unlike the other movies at this fair.

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