La La Land (2016)



The film is a kind of romantic comedy musical-drama movie of director/writer Damien Chazelle. The plan goes after a musician and the aspiring artist who fall in love after meeting him in Los Angeles. The film pertains to the city of LA (Los Angeles) and to the phrase for being out of trace with reality.

The Cast Lists:

Ryan Gosling played as Sebastian Wilder

Emma Stone played as Mia Dolan

Rosemarie DeWitt played as Laura Wilder

Tom Everett Scott played as David

Meagen Fay played as Mia’s Mom

Jason Fuchs played as Carlo

Damon Gupton played as Harry

Callie Hernandez played as Tracy

John Legend played as Keith

Sonoya Mizuno played as Caitlin

Josh Pence played as Josh

Jessica Rothe played as Alexis

J. K. Simmons played as Bill

Finn Wittrock played as Greg Earnest


The Story Line:

On a busy LA road, an aspiring actress and an on-studio barista, has a flash of road thing with Wilder, a jazz pianist. Mia’s audition’s later becomes poor despite her efforts. During that evening, Mia’s dorm mates bring her to an extravagant party in the Hills of Hollywood. She needs to take an extensive walk going back to her house after discovering that her auto has been dragged. While on a gig in a bistro, Sebastian slides in a fanatical jazz improvisation in spite of warnings coming from bill, the owner. Mia eavesdrop the melody as she passed by. Moved, she goes on during the moment that Sebastian was fired. When her outbursts, Mia tries to praise him, but he frigidly brushes her off.

After months, Mia meets Sebastian at one more party where he is playing the 1980 pop wrap-up band, where she mock him. Right after the gig, they walk together to discover their cars, mournful being with each other’s band in spite the obvious chemistry between them. Mia brings Sebastian for a walk in the movie lot, clearing up her love for acting; Sebastian brings Mia to a jazz disco, illustrating his love for jazz and wants to own his personal club. They comfort each other then. Sebastian invited Mia to go to a movie, and Mia accepted it, forgetting the commitment earlier for a double date. Unhappy with the event, she rushes and leaves the theater, discovering Sebastian as the movie started.  The two then concluded their date to a romantic boogie in the place of Griffith Observatory.


The Writers’ View:

The opening sequence will really take your breath away and still never get it. Until the end – your head will be left spinning. It is a wonderful movie with soul, charm, style, wit, and love. It is really outrageous! Fantastic and bold and Ryan Gosling is a melancholy genius while Emma Stone is the real muse. The movie defies genre and a real masterpiece. After watching the movie, you will still feel like singing the lasting refrain which plays your soul. It is the music of firmament, dreaming and still flying…

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Ride Along 2 (2016)



The movie is an action comedy film from director Tim Story with writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay. It is the continuation of the 2014 movie Ride Along. Universal Pictures published the movie on 15th of January, 2016 and upon release the movie was vitally panned and grossed about $124 million.

The Cast Lists:

Benjamin Bratt played as Antonio Pope

Ice Cube played as Detective James Payton

Arturo del Puerto played as Alonso

Tyrese Gibson played as Detective Mayfield

Kevin Hart played as Officer Ben Barber

Ken Jeong played as A.J. Jenkins

Olivia Munn played as Maya Cruz

Bruce McGill played as Lieutenant Brooks

Glen Powell played as Troy

Tika Sumpter played as Angela Payton-Barber

Sherri Shepherd played as Cori

Nadine Velazquez played as Tasha

The Story Line:


The movie begins in Miami on the yacht of the crime lord Pope. His hacker A.J. is going through the list on their computer. Pope phones Port Commissioner Griffin on the phone and accused him of thieving cash from him. With one of the hit men in their room, Pope had Griffin murdered in his house, and then orders his group to discover whoever takes his money.


In Atlanta, James was with his buddy Detective Mayfield as they attempt to penetrate an auto meet to discover a drug dealer called as Troy. Ben, who was fresh from the academy, was excited to be in the action, but James had him stayed on the radio. James was getting close enough with Troy, but Troy takes a gun towards him. Ben witnessed this over a camera and slip out to help. He rode in the meet in a jazzy auto with hydraulics and takes unwanted awareness of himself. He attempts to pressure Troy by acting strong, only to slip the badge fronting the crook. A brief spin out takes place with Mayfield taking the shot and Troy escapes. Ben and James leave after him, and with Ben getting himself run above, although James followed Troy long adequately until Troy drove out of the parking garage and with one more car. James arrested Troy and swings a necklace about him that is a flash drive.

The Writer’s View:

The movie was not a good comedy film, there was around 3-4 small chuckles throughout some of the viewers. The film was more of an action movie than a comedy film, and there was really nothing new or groundbreaking story wise in this movie, but still, there were still something to keep someone interested.  There were also some taken scenes from the loads of the other identical films and appears to have just pasted or just copy them. By the way, someone will look at it, it appears too familiar and not in a very good way.

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Hail, Caesar! (2016)



This comedy movie is all together written, edited, produced, and directed by Ethan and Joel, the Coen brothers. The movie is the fictional tale that goes after the real-life “settler” Eddie Mannix employed in the Hollywood movie industry in 1950, attempting to find out what happened to one of their members who just vanished during the filming.

The Cast Lists:

Josh Brolin played as Eddie Mannix, the tough and the fighter “fixer”

Emily Beecham played as Dierdre, the actress that appears opposite with Hobie Doyle during Doyle’s debut.

Clancy Brown played as the co-star in Hail, Caesar!: The Tale of the Christ

Natasha Bassett played as Gloria DeLamour

John Bluthal played as Herbert Marcuse

George Clooney played as Baird Whitelock, he is Robert Taylor kind of film star.

Alden Ehrenreich played as Hobie Doyle, the Kirby Grant-type or the singing cowboy actor

Ralph Fiennes played as Laurence Laurentz, the applauded European movie director, long residence in the US.

Heather Goldenhersh played as Natalie, the secretary of Mannix

Michael Gambon, the narrator

Jonah Hill played as Joseph Silverman, the surety agent that is employed by the studio.

Allan Havey played as Protestant Clergyman

Scarlett Johansson played as DeeAnna Moran, the Esther Williams kind of actress who was pregnant while the movie is in the making.

Wayne Knight played as an unnamed movie extra and socialist operative

Alex Karpovsky played as Mr. Smitrovich

Christopher Lambert played as Arne Slessum, the Scandinavian movie maker

Dolph Lundgren played as a commander in the Soviet submarine that brings Burt Gurney to the state of Russia.

Frances McDormand played as the movie editor C.C. Calhoun

Verónica Osorio played as Carlotta Valdez, the Carmen Miranda kind of actress.

Alison Pill played as Connie Mannix, the wife of Eddie Mannix

Robert Picardo played as Rabbi

Tilda Swinton played as both Thessaly and Thora Thacker, the identical warfare twin sister rumor columnists

Channing Tatum played as Burt Gurney, the mysterious Gene Kelly kind of actor and dancer.

Robert Trebor played as the producer of the Hail, Caesar!

Max Baker played as Hermann, John Howard and the head screenwriters of the communist

Greg Baldwin played as Dutch Zweistrong, one of the Communist screenwriters

Patrick Fischler played as Benedict, one of the Communist screenwriters

David Krumholtz one of the Communist screenwriters

Fred Melamed played as Fred, one of the Communist screenwriters

Fisher Stevens one of the Communist screenwriters

The Story Line:


In the year 1951, Eddie Mannix was the head of the physical production at the Capitol Pictures and it he also works as the “fixer” to carry on with the scandalous attitude of the stars away from the press. He usually has to fend off investigation from Thessaly and Thora Thacker, the rival gossip columnist twin sisters. The Lockheed Corporation had been courting him and has an offered position for a high-level executive, but was unsure about accepting it. When the unmarried coordinated swimming personality DeeAnna Moran became pregnant, Mannix organized in placing the baby in a foster care, and then taking the baby without telling herself being the mother.


The studio’s main production is Hail, Caesar! The Tale of the Christ, this is an epic setting in the ancient Roman moment and stars Baird Whitlock. During the shot, Whitlock sip from a wine goblet that was prepared with an extra; he passed out while practicing lines by himself after the soundstage and was kidnapped. The ransom letter soon came out, written by the crowd that called themselves as “The Future,” and demanded for $100,000. Mannix settles to take the cash from the Accounting Department of the studio, and marked as “petty cash.”

The Writers’ View:

“Hail, Caesar!” Is a movie of moments, which means that the moment it is over, you will surely recall some scenes you enjoyed, like some actor cameos you appreciated, and if you are so lucky, there are lines you may quote verbatim. At the finale of a day, the sporadic funniness that those tiny moments provided was not sufficient to recommend a movie. The Coen brothers do not appear to be aware what direction they wanted to take this movie, and with concise runtime, there is no time to take good usage of the stars they possibly paid quite small to illustrate up on set for a day. This provides the movie the feel and look that most of the stars are simply battling over screen time, and surely that is not funny, particularly when you have the real talent that has been momentarily shown.

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Finding Dory (2016)



The film is a comedy-drama, adventure movie of a 3D computer-animation under the production of Pixar Animation Studios and was released by the Pictures of Walt Disney. Co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton with co-direction of Mr. Angus MacLane, while the screenplay was written by Stanton and Victoria Strouse. The movie is a sequel to the 2003 Finding Nemo film and features the coming back voices of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres.

The Cast Lists

Albert Brooks played as Marlin, the ocellaris clownfish

Ty Burrell played as Bailey, the beluga whale

Ellen DeGeneres played as Dory, the regal blue tang

Bennett Dammann played as Squirt, Crush’s son

Torbin Xan Bullock played as Gerald, an outcast sea lion

Idris Elba played as Fluke, the sea lion

Willem Dafoe played as Gill, the Moorish idol

Brad Garrett played as Bloat, the pufferfish

Alexander Gould played as Passenger Carl, the truck driver

Lucia Geddes played as Tween Dory

Bill Hader played as Stan, the kelp bass

Allison Janney played as Peach, the pink starfish

Vicki Lewis played as Deb/Flo, the 4-striped damselfish

Eugene Levy played as Charlie, father of Dory

Diane Keaton played as Jenny, mother of Dory

Sloane Murray played as Baby Dory

Angus MacLane played as Charlie, the sunfish

Kate McKinnon played as Stan’s wife

Stephen Root played as Bubbles, the yellow tang

John Ratzenberger played as Bill, a crab

Katherine Ringgold played as Kathy, the chickenfish

Dominic West played as Rudder, the sea lion

Jerome Ranft played as Jacques, the cleaner shrimp

Hayden Rolence played as Nemo, the young positive clownfish

Ed O’Neill played as Hank, the red cranky East Pacific octopus

Kaitlin Olson played as Destiny, the myopic whale shark

Bob Peterson played as Mr. Ray, the spotted eagle ray

Austin Pendleton played as Gurgle, the royal Gramma

Andrew Stanton played as Crush, the green sea turtle

Sigourney Weaver played as herself, the voice in the intercom announcer


The Story Line

Dory, since childhood became separated with her parents. But as she grows up, she tries on searching for them, and slowly forgetting them because of her short-term memory gap. After unintentionally runs in with Marlin, the father-clownfish, who’s searching for Nemo, she goes with him to help. A year after Nemo with Marlin reunite, Dory has been a helping hand and a friend in raising Nemo. At some point during a field trip together with Nemo’s class to study regarding migration, Dory remembers through her childhood flashback or memory that she owns a family. She chooses to store for them, but discover her temporary memory loss to be a hindrance. The only thing she recalls is that they stayed at the Morro Bay Jewels.

Nemo and Marlin accompany Dory with her quest. With the assistance of Crush, they travel to water existing in California. Upon coming in, Dory accidentally wakes up by a predatory squid, that right away pursues them, almost consuming Nemo while on the hunt. Marlin is likely to his son later and berates Dory is forgetting him, almost killed. Feeling hurt, Dory takes a journey to the surface to look for assistance and was detained by members from the closeby Marine Life Institute right after being trapped in 6 pack rings. Dory was brought to the quarantine area and tagged. There she encountered the grouchy 7-legged octopus called as Hank. Dory’s tag describes that she will be transported to an aquarium in the Cleveland area. Because a of the Hank traumatic ocean life, the octopus just wanted to live in an aquarium all his life instead of being set back to the ocean, so he made an agreement with Dory that in exchange of her tag, he will assist her in locating her parents.


The Writers’ View

I am very optimistic to watch this film for a long time since I am a very big fan of Finding Nemo, but unfortunately, the movie is a big difference with what I am expecting. The temporary memory lost here is somewhat an old trick and a bit annoying. I could not laugh or even chuckle with the thrown jokes in the film and the story is somewhat in a rush. Nemo and Marlin were also presented just fine in the movie. The dynamic in between the 3 of them were still click with the audience but somehow, the adventures being portrayed for them to play was not really that thrilling and exciting and the journey of assisting Dory in searching for her parents did not even evoke some of the emotions of the viewers. There are so much more fun and emotions with Finding Nemo when compared to this movie. Really, I am a bit disappointed here.

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)



The American comedy movie of director Nicholas Stoller is written by five writers, namely Stoller, Cohen, O’Brien, Rogen and Goldberg. The film is a continuation of the Neighbors, and goes after the Radners having to take in the new sorority staying next door so they may trade their house presently in escrow.

The Casts Lists

Rose Byrne played as Kelly Radner, she’s Mac’s wife.

Kelsey Grammer played as Shelby’s father.

John Early played as Darren, the boyfriend of Pete.

Seth Rogen played as Mac Radner

Brian Huskey played as Bill Wazowkowski, boss of Mac.

LL Cool J played as Beth’s father.

Ike Barinholtz played as Jimmy Blevins, he is Mac’s best friend and colleague.

Hannibal Buress played as Officer Watkins, the local policeman.

Carla Gallo played as Paula Faldt, remarried wife of Jimmy.

Selena Gomez played as Madison, the president or head of Phi Lambda.

Lisa Kudrow played as Carol Gladstone, University Dean.

Kyle Mooney played as a resident assistant in the college dorm.

Jerrod Carmichael played as Garf, the former associate of the Delta Psi Beta.

Zac Efron played as Teddy Sanders, the Radners’ enemy that became an ally and the previous president of the Delta Psi Beta.

Dave Franco played as Pete Regazolli, Teddy’s best friend and the previous vice-president of the Delta Psi Beta.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse played as Scoonie, the former associate of the Delta Psi Beta.

Kiersey Clemons played as Beth, the co-founder and member of Kappa Nu.

Billy Eichner played as Oliver Studebaker, the real estate negotiator of Kappa Nu.

Beanie Feldstein played as Nora, the co-founder and a member of Kappa Nu.

Chloë Grace Moretz played as Shelby, the founder and leader of Kappa Nu.

Nora Lum played as Christine, an affiliate of Kappa Nu.

Clara Mamet played as Maranda, an affiliate of Kappa Nu.

Liz Cackowski played as Wendy the Realtor, Kelly and Mac’s real estate agent.

Abbi Jacobson played as Jessica Baiers, one of the couple who are acquiring Kelly’s and Mac house.

Sam Richardson played as Eric Baiers, one of the couple who are acquiring Kelly’s and Mac house.

Elise and Zoey Vargas played as Stella Radner, Kelly and Mac’s first daughter.


The Story Line

Mac and Kelly were attempting to sell their house because of the coming of their new baby. One of the couple, Eric and Jessica Baiers were looking to buy. The agent told Kelly and Mac that their house for sale is in escrow for about 30 days, and so the Baiers’ can check in every time they want to check just to be certain that everything is okay. In the mean time, the friends of Mac, Jimmy, and his once-again half of life Paula, were also expecting. In the sorority of Phi Lambda, Shelby the freshman; discovers that sororities were not permitted to host parties, and may only attend in the frat parties. Shelby was at the frat party and get together with two other freshmen, Nora and Beth. They are shocked by the perverse nature and the sexiest of the party. The three girls settle for setting up the new sorority, the Kappa Nu, to be the host of their own parties.

In the meantime, Teddy Sanders was at a dinner together with his matured frat buddy Pete, Scoonie and Garf. Since graduation, Pete has been working as the architect, Scoonie then launched his personal app, and Garf was the cop. Now, Teddy has a scandalous record and may not take a worthwhile job. Darren, Pete’s lover, proposes to him, and accepted by Pete, resulting for Pete to request for Teddy to transfer, which then escalates in disagreement in between the two. After that, the next day, the lady’s attempts in renting the nearby house going to the Radners’, however, they don’t have sufficient cash to pay the house. Teddy, searching for a chance where he may be appreciated, suggested to help them and offers a winning means in affording the rent. That evening, they fling on with their initial party. Horrified to know that they are a sorority, Kelly and Mac inquire Shelby to make that noise down. They get in touch Shelby’s father, but he didn’t control the situation.

The Writers’ View

This may have been a tale idea to swap to a sorority from a fraternity for this sequel. This enables the movie makers to do it again nearly everything observed in the initial but from a bit unlike perspective; but the key notion isn’t fleshed out to a point that it increases a vital plot. Moreover, the funniest instances are the extraneous, unrelated chat that fills up the spaces between physical conditions. Just like the earlier endeavor, director Nicholas Stoller is much more anxious in making the audiences momentarily difficult than in trading a film that may be recall beyond the beginning of the final credits. For Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising trailer visit this site.


Sausage Party (2016)



This is an adult comedy and computer-animated film of director Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan with writers Kyle Hunter, Seth Rogen, Ariel Shaffir and Evan Goldberg. The film gained positive reviews from their critics and grossed of above $140 million.

The Casts Lists:

Seth Rogen played as Frank Wienerton, the sausage

Anders Holm played as Troy, the sausages packed

Michael Dobson played as the queso

Jonah Hill played as Carl, the sausage friend of Frank and Barry.

Ian Hanlin played as the beet

Salma Hayek played as Teresa del Taco, the lesbian taco shell

Michael Cera played as Barry, the deformed sausage having dwarfism

James Franco played as the Druggie, the primary known human to perceive foods as alert beings.

Bill Hader played as Firewater, the old Native American drunk bottle of liquor

Nick Kroll played as Douche, the major antagonist and the devil feminine hygiene stuffed

David Krumholtz played as Kareem Abdul Lavash, the Middle Eastern lavash

Danny McBride played as the container of Bickle’s Honey Mustard, mistook mustard.

Edward Norton played as Sammy Bagel Jr., the Jewish Woody Bagel

Craig Robinson played as Mr. Grits, the box of grits

Paul Rudd played as Darren, Shopwell’s manager called as the “Dark Lord”

Scott Underwood played as Gum, the Stephen Hawking bubble gum

Conrad Vernon played as the toilet paper roll at Druggie’s house

Kristen Wiig played as Brenda Bunson, the hotdog bun

Alistair Abell played as gefilte fish and mariachi salsa

Iris Apatow played as Berry Good Candies, coconut milk and another grape

Sugar Lyn Beard played as the half-eaten cookies and baby carrot at Druggie’s house

Ian James Corlett played as an apple, the jar of relish, the French sack of Ticklish Licorice, and the bag of food for dogs

Brian Dobson played as the lettuce and Italian tomato

Michael Daingerfield played as the box of Chunk Munchers Flakes, the Indian chutney, and the energy proficient light bulb

Maryke Hendrikse played as the cherry drink mixer, Loretta, a plum, the Frozen Fruitz, and a hotdog bun

Lauren Miller played as Camille Toh, the tampon and the lady who purchased the food

Nicole Oliver played as Sally, the female shopper, the hotdog bun that squished, the watermelon and ice cream

Kelly Sheridan played as Roberta, the female shopper, the hotdog bun and grape

Jason Simpson played as a plum, a fat guy; a fit man and a beer keg

Greg Tiernan played as the Irish potato and a noodle soup

Vincent Tong played as Pislitz Chips; the grape juice box of Juicius Maximus; and the jug of Jamaican rum

Samuel Vincent played as the old pork sausage, the half-eaten sandwich, the can of refried beans, the licorice rope and the Pop Tart

Harland Williams played as the bottle of ketchup, the Baba ganoush, and the drug dealer


The Story Line:

Shopwell’s is a supermarket that is full of anthropomorphic grocery stuffs and human shoppers were adored like the goddess who take foodstuffs to “Great Beyond” upon buying. Among the foodstuffs inside the store, Frank is the sausage who has thoughts of living together with Brenda, his hotdog bun girlfriend, where they can ultimately consummate their connection.

After Brenda and Frank packages were chosen by costumer Camille Toh and will then leave Shopwell’s, the Honey Mustard jar that was returned informs the in doubts groceries that Great Beyond was all a lie but no one listens apart from Frank. Honey Mustard buzz on Frank to search out for the bottle of liquor called as Firewater, before performing suicide. This produces accidental cart smash that causes Brenda, Frank, and some other groceries to fall, with Douche that gets a bent nozzle and plan a revenged towards Brenda and Frank.


Looking to confirm the warning of Honey Mustard, Frank heads Brenda, Sammy Bagel Jr., Kareem Abdul Lavash, to the liquor aisle, inventing to take the shortcut going to their aisles. There, he burns marijuana and discoveries from Firewater that he, together with the other non-fragile stuffs made the story about the Great Beyond, being a noble falsehood to lessen past foods’ worries of being consumed by shoppers. Frank, swear to tell the fact to the groceries, was encouraged to go afar from the section of freezer to look for some proofs.

The Writers’ View

In the long run of the movie, there are things that viewers might be worried about. Like the impact of this film with the other rated-R animated films; the effect of this movie with the other films with identical fashion; like the affect of Shrek to kids and how Shrek was amusing and created money, and so the other studios, and also DreamWorks themselves, attempts to duplicate the success, but ended up really bad as a self-aware Parody film like a movie in 2005.

I would still recommend watching this movie and give it a chance since I had fun watching it. I respect it for not just throwing crap at the walls and anticipate the viewers to laugh. The movie is not the usual “Adult Swim Fodder” but it is a film that really understands what being “Satire” is, and this film is really great to watch with an R-rated animated film.


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Spy (2015)



This is another action comedy movie that will surely make you laugh and it is both directed and written by Paul Feig. The film gained praises from critics, but it was a box office achievement. The movie was nominated for 2 a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Ms. McCarthy for a Motion Picture of Comedy or Musical and for Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

The Cast Lists

Rose Byrne played as Rayna

Morena Baccarin played as Karen Walker

Bobby Cannavale played as Sergio De Luca

Miranda Hart played as Nancy

Allison Janney played as Elaine Crocker

Jude Law played as Bradley Fine

Melissa McCarthy played as Susan Cooper

Jason Statham played as Rick Ford


The Story Line

The 40-year-old Susan Cooper is an overweight, single, desk-bound CIA staffs who distantly support her buddy field representative Bradley Fine on a mission. Bradley accidentally murder, arms seller Tihomir Boyanov as he involuntary explodes or sneeze during an argument before taking out the spot of the suitcase nuke coming from him. Susan revealed evidences that Rayna, Boyanov’s child, has phoned in Sergio De Luca, the alleged broker with attachment to different terrorist groups, so Bradley infiltrates her house. But, Rayna injured Bradley dead, while Susan observed helplessly online, but disclose that she identified the character of the agency’s important agents, like Rick Ford and also Karen Walker. Susan, who is unknown to Rayna, helped in tracking her. When Elaine Crocker the boss, unwillingly agrees, the macho Ford stop in shock.

With her best friend Nancy provides intelligence, Susan went to Paris in undercover. That evening, Ford appears and told Susan that she will fail due to her inexperience. The following morning, Susan finds out that De Luca’s workplace has burned out. She locates a photo of a guy settled next to a fire. Ford emerges, argues again with Susan and then leaves. Susan saw the man in the picture, follow him and exchange his backpack with other backpack that contains a bomb while Rick Ford is diverted. Susan advised Ford in time and chased the man in a vacant structure. During the following fight, he came to his death. When the man’s video camera was checked, Susan discovered that De Luca is on a trip to Rome.

The Writers’ View

Spy was all in one and a lot more. The laughing moment was harder than with any other comedy films. The production world was incredible, the pacing was so ideal, and the director, Paul Feig obviously aware how to create a comedy and add some action on it. Everything about the movie really works. It allows James Bond to go on with its serious deeds, Kingsman to control the elegant yet gritty part of being a secret agent, while the Spy centers on the silly nature and campy of the whole issue. On its’ own, Spy is really a brilliant, ideally cast satirically that must be watched by fans of comedy and action.


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