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Father Figures (2017)



The movie is a comedy film by director Lawrence Sher being his directorial debut and with the writer Justin Malen. The film followed the two adult siblings who were set out to discover who their biological father is.

The Cast List:

Owen Wilson played as Kyle Reynolds, Peter’s brother, the laid-back model that made millions through selling his images to the BBQ sauce company.

Christopher Walken played as Doctor Walter Tinkler, a potential father and the veterinarian.

Katt Williams played as the hitchhiker whom Peter and Kyle meet during their journey.

Terry Bradshaw played as Himself, a potential father and the retired football player.

Glenn Close played as Helen Baxter, Peter and Kyle’s eccentric mother.

Zachary Haven played as Ethan, the teenage son of Peter that hates him.

Ed Helms played as Peter Reynolds, the proctologist, divorced Kyle’s brother.

Ving Rhames played as Rod Hamilton, the ex-teammate player of football and friend of Bradshaw.

J. K. Simmons played as Roland Hunt, the reclusive criminal and the previous financial investor.

Harry Shearer played as Gene Baxter, the new husband of Helen

June Squibb played as Mrs. Hunt, the mother of Roland Hunt

Katie Aselton played being Sarah O’Callaghan

Ryan Cartwright played being Liam O’Callaghan

Alexander Eckert played as the Young Kyle

Brian Huskey played as Joel

Ivan Mallon played as the Young Peter

Ali Wong played as Ali, the nurse of Dr. Tinkler

Annie Starke played as Young Helen

Retta played as Annie, the wedding planner of Helen and Gene

The Story Line:


The fraternal twin brothers, Peter and Kyle Reynolds have learnt that their biological and real father did not pass away when they were still young, as what they previously thought, and that Helen Baxter, the eccentric mother, had been sexually immoral in 1970. When they were on the road trip to discover who the real father was, they locate more of the family’s secrets and even more regarding their mother than they would want to know. There are also encounters about the unexplained hitchhiker and some other misadventures, when they go through the trip of self-discovery regarding themselves, their family, and with each other.


The Writers View:

This film is a welcoming break from all of the other movies. Between all of the serious movie line-up, the movie is just fun to watch and will allow you to forget about your stress. The jokes were not at the top of each other just like the other comedy movies, and the characters engage the viewer right from the first scenes, particularly with Katt Williams. But what is more surprising is that, how much heart this movie had. The movie story about the two brothers at their train scene with their interaction with their mom will really make every mother cry at the end. Definitely a really fun and touching movie, you will surely get all the laughs and the warm fuzzies that is packed all in just one film.

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Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)



The movie is a musical comedy film by director Trish Sie and with writers Mike White and Kay Cannon. The sequel to the Pitch Perfect 2 of 2015 and it is the third and the final movie of the Pitch Perfect trilogy.

The Cast List from the Bellas:

Anna Kendrick played as Beca Mitchell, the alumna and a previous head of the Barden Bellas.

Hana Mae Lee played as Lilly Onakuramara, the Barden Bellas alumna identified for her quiet talking voice and strange remarks.

Shelley Regner played as Ashley Jones, member of Barden Bellas alumna.

Brittany Snow played as Chloe Beale, the former co-leader and alumna of Barden Bellas, who is longing for the glory days together with the Bellas.

Hailee Steinfeld played as Emily Junk, the senior student at the University of Barden and the present head of the latest Barden Bellas.

Rebel Wilson played as Patricia Hobart or the Fat Amy, the comedic alumna of Barden Bellas that is from Australia.

Anna Camp played as Aubrey Posen, the Barden Bellas alumna and a previous head before Beca.

Ester Dean played as Cynthia-Rose Adams, the lesbian alumna of Barden Bellas who crashed the simulations of the Flight School.

Chrissie Fit played as Florencia Fuentes, the Barden Bellas alumna that is from Guatemala. She worked at a juice truck before joining the tour.

Kelley Jakle played as Jessica Smith, member of Barden Bellas alumna.

The lists of additional cast:

Elizabeth Banks played as the McKadden Feinberger, Gail-Abernathy, the cappella commentator that makes the insulting documentary.

Guy Burnett played as Theo, the DJ Khaled’s music producer that catches an eye over Beca.

John Michael Higgins played as John Smith, the cappella commentator that makes the insulting documentary.

Alexis Knapp played as Stacie Conrad, the Barden Bellas alumna identified for being too sexual.

John Lithgow played as Fergus Hobart, estranged criminal father of Fat Amy.

Matt Lanter played as Chicago Walp, the over-confident U.S. army that guides the Bellas during their tour.

Whiskey Shivers played as Saddle Up, the country, bluegrass based band that competes with the Bellas.

Moises Arias played as Pimp-Lo

Andy Allo played as Serenity, Evermoist band member

Jessica Chaffin played as Evan

Hannah Fairlight played as Veracity, Evermoist band member

DJ Khaled played as himself

Trinidad James played as Young Sparrow

Michael Rose played as father of Aubrey

Ruby Rose played as Calamity, Evermoist band member

D.J. Looney played as DJ Dragon Nutz

Troy Ian Hall played as Zeke, the U.S. army, partner with Chicago

Venzella Joy Williams played as Charity, Evermoist band member

The Story Line:

Pitch Perfect 3 - Official Trailer [HD] (screen grab)
CR: Universal Pictures

After the event of the Pitch Perfect 2 three years ago, the Bellas have finished their college studies, but have jobs that they all hate. Anxious of seeing each other again and sing once more, Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe, Aubrey, Lilly, Cynthia, Florencia, Jessica, Ashley, and Stacie were all thrilled to study that Emily, now the senior at the Barden and head of the Bellas, had seemingly required the Bellas to reunite at the event in the aquarium to hum with each other again. Upon coming at their reunion they were told that a reunion was not for the Bellas of singing together, but to see Emily sing with the present Bellas.


Later, they gather at the bar in frustrations where they state how much they missed their company, and Aubrey convinced them in joining the USO presentation accessed by the officer father of Army. If ever they will win in this contest, they will take to open for the DJ Khaled. This Bellas gladly accepted it all, excluding Stacie who that is eight months on the way at that moment and was not able of going with the group. The Bellas then arrived at the hangar where two armies, Chicago and Zeke presented them to the contest, exposed to be three of the other groups who applied instruments not the same with the Bellas. When the Evermoist band, headed by the leader Calamity started to mock and put down the Bellas, the contest was contested to be the riff-off by this Bellas, who left beaten when the other crowd fights with the musical instruments.

The Writers View:

The movie attempts to go beyond the jokes and physical humor of a Fat Girl. There was less music in the movie, but there are more substances in the plot. The plot nonetheless, has nothing to deal with the music competitions. When the Bellas faced with Certain Deaths, it is the Fat Amy that came to be a rescue, and in ways that makes the weight became a benefit instead of being a handicap. If there were more music, the movie could have been more sensible with the title.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)



The movie is an action comedy adventure film by director Jake Kasdan and with writers McKenna, Sommers, Rosenberg, and Pinkner, from the story by McKenna. This is the second sequel for the Jumanji franchise of the 1981 kids’ book of similar name and this serves as the stand-alone installment of the 1995 Jumanji.

The Cast List in Jumanji Life:

Dwayne Johnson played as Doctor Smolder Bravestone, the explorer and archaeologist and Spencer’s avatar. He is intelligent and has no weaknesses. His strengths are stamina, smoldering charisma, climbing, courage, reflexes, and boomerang throwing. He is credited being “Spencer”.

Jack Black played as Professor Sheldon Oberon or “Shelly”, the cartographer, cryptographer, paleontologist and archaeologist and Bethany’s avatar. Due to his obesity, he is weak, although his expertise is his strengths. He is credited being “Bethany”.

Kevin Hart played as Franklin Finbar or “Mouse”, the weapons specialist and short zoologist and Fridge’s avatar. Finbar is Bravestone’s bat valet and was skilled in a cranial assault. Finbar weaknesses are strength, speed and cake. He is credited being “Fridge”.

Karen Gillan played as Ruby Roundhouse, the commando, dance fighter, martial artist, and Martha’s avatar. She is proficient in tai chi, jujutsu, karate, and Capoeira, and her weakness is venom from animals within the game. Roundhouse is a beautiful, intelligent, athletic, and scantily clothed video game heroine. She is credited being “Martha”.

Nick Jonas played as Jefferson McDonough or “Seaplane”, and Alex Vreeke’s avatar. He is the mysterious adventurer, pilot and guide, who waits and joined the remaining avatars to escape Jumanji. His strengths are making margaritas and piloting and his weakness is just mosquito bites. He is credited being “Alex”.

Bobby Cannavale played being Russel Van Pelt, the corrupt explorer that is looking to take control of the “Jaguar’s Eye”, and whose power that he is possessed demonically and the antagonist in Jumanji world.

Rohan Chand played as a Boy at the Bazaar, the young NPC guide

Rhys Darby played as Nigel Billingsley, the NPC escort in the game

William Tokarsky played as Trader, the NPC food trader

The Cast List in Reality Life:

Ser’Darius Blain played as Anthony Johnson or Fridge, the football jock at the Brantford High School.

Mason Guccione played as Alex Vreeke, the teenage boy that played and gets trapped inside the Jumanji computer game for about 20 years.

Madison Iseman played as Bethany Walker, the famous, pretty and self-centered teen at the Brantford High School.

Morgan Turner played as Martha Kaply, the teenage girl at the Brantford High School.

Alex Wolff played as Spencer Gilpin, the nerdy player at the Brantford High School and he discovered the Jumanji computer game.

Sean Buxton played as Jogger and Alex’s Father

Marc Evan Jackson played as Principal Bentley

Tim Matheson played as the Older Alex’s Father

Maribeth Monroe played as Teacher

Missi Pyle played as Coach Webb, a gym teacher

Colin Hanks played as Adult Alex Vreeke

The Story Line:


In year 996, at the Brantford, New Hampshire, the teenager Alex Vreeke takes a Jumanji board game that was discovered on a beach by his father. When Alex declines it, the game mysteriously transformed to a video computer game cartridge. The moment he played on it, he is automatically teleported to the game.

After twenty years, the four students at the Brantford High School were placed in the detention together: Gilpin, who was seized with writing essays for the previous buddy, Anthony Johnson or Fridge who was in detention for plagiarism, while Martha Kaply and Bethany Walker have both insulted their respective professors during class. They had been mocked for their actions, and these almost expelled them, but instead they got another punishment. Being assigned by their school’s principal in the clear out the basement, the four of them discovered the Jumanji, the multiplayer action and adventure computer game. One of the video game avatars, playable characters is not accessible.


They locate themselves inside a jungle, and now in the shape of the game avatars. Here, Spencer is the tough, muscular voyager called as Doctor Smolder Bravestone, Fridge, the short zoologist called as Franklin Finbar or Mouse, Martha is the martial art expert and the gorgeous commando named as Ruby Roundhouse, while Bethany is the plump, male cartographer known as Prof. Sheldon Oberon or Shelly. They soon understand that they were in a video game, where each of them had only three lives. If they will lose all the three, then, they will die. Each of the avatars also came out with weaknesses and particular skills.

The Writers View:

Unsurprisingly, Jumanji, Welcome to Jungle is simply a video game movie that is best made ever. Everyone that followed movies, even distantly knows that is not the tough task to achieve, but Jumanji sincerely takes the title from the viewers by being armed, self-aware, with compelling performances, and a definite fun and active tone from the beginning to the end. Also, instead of just restarting again a beloved movie from more than 20 years ago, this sequel feels like a standalone movie, but in another way that it gave honor to the legacy where it started with the late Robin Williams led movie of the 1990.

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Fist Fight (2017)


The movie is a comedy film by director Richie Keen and with writers Evan Susser and Van Robichaux. The movie is about a school teacher that unwittingly caused for other instructors termination, he was dared to one after-school battle.

The Cast List:

Charlie Day played as Andrew Campbell or Andy or Light Roast, the mild-mannered English professor.
Jillian Bell played as Miss Holly, the lecherous guidance counselor that is under various vices influences.
Ice Cube played as Ron Strickland, Campbell’s hot-headed colleague and a history professor.
JoAnna Garcia played as Maggie Campbell, a loving, devoted pregnant half of Andy.
Christina Hendricks played as Miss Monet, the intense drama professor who was attracted to Strickland.
Dennis Haysbert played as Superintendent Johnson.
Tracy Morgan played as Coach Crawford, the useless gym coach.
Dean Norris played as Richard Tyler, a pompous and disgruntled principal in the school.
Kumail Nanjiani played as Officer Mehar, a school security guard that dislikes profanity.
Alexa Nisenson played as Ally Campbell, Maggie and Andy’s daughter
Conphidance played as the Gangster
Max Carver played as Daniel
Charlie Carver played as Nathaniel
Kym Whitley played as 911 Operator
Austin Zajur played as Neil

The Story Line:


During the last day just before the summer vacation approached in Atlanta at the Roosevelt High School, the students were all out of control, creating chaos and planning elaborate senior pranks. The university’s mild-mannered, Andy Campbell, and the nerdy English teacher with the fellow faculty members were attempting trying to endure with the chaotic day to the best that they can, and only the history professor, Ron Strickland, was fierce enough to overawe with the students’ behavior. In the meantime, Campbell was waiting for the news about the coming of his second baby child and his wife Maggie. During class hours, Campbell was pulled aside by a friend, counselor Holly, and informing him about the rumors of cutting back of all departments. Thinking about his pregnant wife with their coming baby, this makes Campbell really anxious.


After avoiding Campbell from strolling down to the paint trap, Strickland asked for the assistance in applying the outdated AV scheme that keeps turning off just after a couple of seconds. Light Roast grabs a student, Neil whom was secretly applying a remote control application on his Smartphone and turn off a VCR. The infuriated Strickland takes that phone and smashed it. Neil, through a classmate’s phone, turned off again the TV and it makes Strickland really angry, and he grabs the fire ax and destroyed the desk of the student, making the whole class to scream from their room. Both Strickland and Campbell were brought to the Principal Tyler’s office and discussed about what happened. Strickland warned Campbell to just keep his real behavior a secret, and after that, Tyler threatened to fire both of them if no one will step forward. Campbell told them the truth that results for losing of Strickland’s job. As a revenged, Strickland dares Campbell to have a fist fight right after their school. Campbell was convinced that he was not physically standing a chance towards Strickland, and attempts to set the matters straight by requesting Neil to share the fake testimony to the Principal Tyler so he may clear-up Strickland’s name and will have him back again. Neil agreed with the condition and Campbell must buy him the MacBook Pro. Right after doing their condition, Campbell goes back to Maggie and their daughter, Ally, who reminded him to come promptly that afternoon with regards to Ally’s father and daughter’s talent presentation. Neil’s false testimony was just enough to convince the Principal Tyler to let Strickland back again.

The Writers View:

The movie did everything and gave their best really hard to be a comic film, but, it is not that funny, although you will enjoy watching this movie, to just have to watch it without any expectations or what so ever. They kept on trying to entertain the viewers throughout their entire film, and the audience was constantly thinking what is going to be their next thing. Ice Cube played a good performance in this movie and the back and forth scene between Ice Cube and Charlie was an enjoyable full of suspense film. The movie is still a good recommendation to watch with friends and the whole family, and somewhat not a waste of money or time. It is entertaining in their own way.

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The Lego Batman Movie (2017)



The movie is a superhero comedy and a 3D computer-animated film by director Chris McKay, and it is from the Lego Batman story toy line. The story centers on the character of Batman for DC Comics as he tries to overcome the greatest fear he has in stopping the Joker’s recent plan.

The Cast List:

Will Arnett played as Bruce Wayne or Batman
Siri / Susan Bennett played as the Batcomputer or the Puter
David Burrows played as Anchorman Phil, or Mr. Freeze
Michael Cera played as Richard Grayson “Dick” or Robin
Rosario Dawson played as Commissioner Barbara Gordon or the Batgirl
Héctor Elizondo played as Commissioner James Gordon
Mark Jonathan Davis played as Himself or Richard Cheese
Riki Lindhome played as Poison Ivy, the West wicked Witch
Jenny Slate played as Dr. Harleen Quinzel or Harley Quinn
Doug Benson played as Bane
Adam DeVine played as Barry Allen or The Flash
Jemaine Clement played as Sauron
Mariah Carey played as Mayor McCaskill
Zach Galifianakis played as The Joker
Ralph Garman played as Reporter No. 2
Seth Green played as King Kong
Ralph Fiennes played as Alfred Pennyworth
Todd Hansen played as Captain Dale
Jonah Hill played as Hal Jordan or Green Lantern
Chris Hardwick played as Reporter No.3
Eddie Izzard played as Lord Voldemort
Zoë Kravitz played as Catwoman
Ellie Kemper played as Phyllis
Conan O’Brien played as Riddler
Laura Kightlinger played as Reporter Pippa or Orca
Jason Mantzoukas played as Scarecrow
Kate Micucci played as Clayface
Chris McKay played as Pilot Bill
Brent Musburger played as Reporter No. 1
John Venzon played as Penguin
Matt Villa played as Killer Croc
Billy Dee Williams played as the Two-Face
Lauren White played being Chief O’Hara or Medusa
Channing Tatum played as Clark Kent or Superman

The Story Line:


Within a Lego Universe, Batman goes to defend the Gotham City and battle a crime. During the previous mission to evade the Joker from wiping out the city, he harmed the arch-rival’s thoughts by telling him that he isn’t as significant in his existence as he thought he was, heading Joker to look for the definite revenge towards him. The next day, Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, attended the winter gala in the city, which is commemorated mutually the retirement of the Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara’s ascension being the city’s latest police commissioner, but only to be incensed by Barbara’s plans of restructuring the police to work without the requirement for Batman’s presence. Without any warning, Joker crashed a party together with the city’ some other villains, and all of whom surrendered, with an exclusion of Harley Quinn, whom disappeared during their confusion.


Suspecting the arch-rival was up into something, Batman planned on stealing the Phantom Zone Projector of Superman, it is equipment that may banish anybody into the Phantom Zone where it houses some of the top hazardous villains of the Lego Multiverse. Just as he planned the heist of the machine, Alfred intervened and advised him to partake with Dick Grayson, and whom Bruce innocently adopted was his ward during a gala. Unwilling to do so, Dick was fostered as Robin from Batman, at which the pair victoriously recovered the Projector from Fortress of Solitude, then break to the Arkham Asylum to transmit Joker to Phantom Zone. Expecting that the Joker wants to be transmitted there, Barbara locked-up Batman with Robin because of their reckless actions.

The Writers View:

The LEGO Movie is not that adorable for some, everybody else in this world may have thought that. The movie of Batman is bearable and every movie that is connected with a Caped Crusader, but the LEGO took on him did not really have any interesting point to be that wanting to see. The movie is actually not that bad as it was, but still, the LEGO franchise movies are not that really appreciated, but for kids, maybe they will admire and somewhat enjoy this film since the film is the comedy tale of Batman.

Watch The Lego Batman Movie, 2017 online

The Disaster Artist (2017)



The film is a biographical comedy-drama movie directed and produced by James Franco with the writer Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter. It is from the nonfiction book of Tom Bissell and Greg Sestero with similar title.

The Cast List:

Dave Franco played as Greg Sestero, the actor and line producer that portrayed as Mark in “The Room”.

James Franco played as Tommy Wiseau, a director, producer, writer, executive producer and the actor that portrayed as Johnny in “The Room”.

Hannibal Buress played as Bill Meurer, the possessor of Birns & Sawyer, the stage loaned by Wiseau.

Zac Efron played as Dan Janjigian, an actor that portrayed as Chris-R in “The Room”.

Nathan Fielder played as Kyle Vogt, an actor that who portrayed as “Peter” in “The Room”.

Ari Graynor played as Juliette Danielle, an actress that portrayed as Lisa in “The Room”.

Melanie Griffith played as Jean Shelton, the professor of the acting class goes by Sestero and Wiseau.

Josh Hutcherson played as Philip Haldiman, an actor that portrayed as Denny in “The Room”.

Jason Mantzoukas played as Peter Anway, a representative of Birns & Sawyer.

Megan Mullally played as Mrs. Sestero, mother of Greg Sestero.

Seth Rogen played as Sandy Schklair, a script supervisor that soon became the informal de-facto director

June Diane Raphael played as Robyn Paris, an actress that portrayed as Michelle in “The Room”.

Andrew Santino played as Scott Holmes, an actor that portrayed as Mike in “The Room”.

Sharon Stone played as Iris Burton, agent’s Greg Sestero              .

Jacki Weaver played as Carolyn Minnott, an actress that portrayed as Claudette in “The Room”.

Casey Wilson played Casting Director No. 2.

Alison Brie played as Amber, girlfriend of Greg Sestero

Sugar Lyn Beard played as Actress No. 2

Jerrod Carmichael played as Actor Friend

Brian Huskey played as James, the teller

Paul Scheer played as Raphael Smadja, a first DP

Randall Park played as Male Actor

The Story Line:


In San Francisco, California, in 1998, the 19-year old aiming actor Greg Sestero encounters the mysterious guy known as Tommy Wiseau to his acting classes together with Jean Shelton. Right after Wiseau tries to act scenery from the Tennessee Williams’ entitled “A Streetcar Named Desire”, this performance was tore separately by Shelton. Sestero became obsessed by Wiseau’s courage on stage. Through the coming months, Wiseau and Sestero creates albeit bizarre, strong friendship. Finally, on Wiseau’s proposal, the two transferred to LA to provide a chance with their acting careers.


After some weeks, Sestero had signed with Iris Burton, he is one of the distinguished young talent agents of his time. In contrast, Wiseau, face rejection coming from agencies, Hollywood insiders and casting directors. At this time, Sestero developed a connection with Amber, whom he encounters at the nightclub. Wiseau started growing temperamental and jealous, hopeless and feeling dejected and ready to go back to San Francisco. The auditions of Sestero dried up. He shares that frustration with Wiseau, desiring that he can simply create the film to supply himself the role. Wiseau take that suggestion literally.

The Writers View:

The movie is a bit crazy with their process of creating The Room and how the connection with Tommy progress. The viewer needs to see “The Room” first to be able to take the most from this movie, due to the behind the scenes stories. It will provide context on how the strange choices in the film took place. This is so effective since you can’t help but think who thought of making this film was a good idea.

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Baywatch (2017)



The film is an action comedy movie by director Seth Gordon from the television series with similar title with writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The movie plot followed the lifesaver Mitch Buchannon and the squad, who in an attempt to rescue the beach, have to take downhill a drug lord.

The Cast List:

Dwayne Johnson played as Mitch Buchannon
Pamela Anderson played as Casey Jean Parker
Jon Bass played as Ronnie Greenbaum
Hannibal Buress played as Dave the Tech
Belinda played as Carmen
Priyanka Chopra played as Victoria Leeds
Alexandra Daddario played as Summer Quinn
Zac Efron played as Matt Brody
Arian Foster played as Himself
David Hasselhoff played as the Mentor “Mitch”
Izabel Goulart played as Amber
Seth Gordon played as the Helicopter Pilot
Rob Huebel played as Don Thorpe
Ilfenesh Hadera played as Stephanie Holden
Amin Joseph played as Frankie
Jack Kesy played as Leon
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II played as Garner Ellerbee
Charlotte McKinney played as Julia
Oscar Nunez played as the Councilman Rodriguez
Logan Paul played as Zayn
Kelly Rohrbach played as C. J. Parker

The Story Line:

In Florida, Emerald Bay, Lt. Mitch Buchannon with his team of lifesavers, including the second-in-command, Sir Stephanie Holden with the veteran CJ Parker, defend the beaches and bay as a portion of the elite division called as Baywatch.
Having about 500 rescues with his career, Mitch was adored by the community, to her annoyance of the local beat police Garner Ellerbee with Captain Thorpe, Mitch’s superior. During one of the sunrise patrols, Mitch discovered the little pouch of drugs that washed up close to the Huntley Club, and this is now under the ownership of the business lady Victoria Leeds.

With the next tryouts for the new lifeguards, there were three people that stand out: the surfer Summer Quinn, Ronnie, the old buddy of Holden, the chubby nerd that have a crush with C. J. and Matt Brody, the previous gold medal Olympic swimmer who fell from the grace to grass right after vomiting during the relay race and that now have to perform some community service being part of the unspecified plea contract. Ronnie and Summer mutually passed the trials, and Brody refused to do so and insisted that the Olympic status entitled him to the place of the team. Even with Brody representing the abilities by supporting in saving a drowning lady with her son, Mitch complained to Thorpe that he was not fit as to be a squad player. In return, Thorpe insisted that restoring the image is important to encourage the city and not to more cut the funding of Baywatch.

The Writers View:

About 20 years ago, the humanity was initiated to Baywatch a TV show. This was the awesome show for the pre-pubescent boy and the middle-age distorted who adored to view Pamela Anderson that runs with a slow-mo. Not like in a TV show, the movie is all beauty and brawn and does not have the brain cells to its name. The cast don’t even save the atrocious excuse of the movie. This is far from comedic romp that were promised in some trailers. The movie takes itself really serious and then some other times it is also known as a parody.

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