The House 2017


The movie is a comedy film by the co-writer and director Andrew Cohen, with the co-writer Brendan O’Brien. The movie followed the couple that introduced an underground casino in the house of their friend in order to have money for the college education of their daughter.

The House 2017

The Cast List

Will Ferrell played as Scott Johansen, the father of Alex and husband of Kate.

Andy Buckley played as Craig, one of the neighbors who begin gambling at the latest casino.

Rob Huebel played as the Officer Chandler, the police official.

Nick Kroll played as Bob Schaeffer, the dishonest City Hall councilman that makes problem for Kate, Frank and Scott.

Kyle Kinane played as Garvey, one of the neighbors who begin gambling at the latest casino.

Jason Mantzoukas played as Frank Theodorakis, Raina’s husband and Scott’s best friend.

Amy Poehler played as Kate Johansen, Alex’s mother and Scott’s wife.

Lennon Parham played as Martha, the woman that gets a bit too caught up in the Las Vegas lifestyle.

Jeremy Renner played as Tommy Papouli, the local mafia boss.

Ryan Simpkins played as Alex Johansen, Kate and Scott’s daughter.

Andrea Savage played as Laura, one of the neighbors that always get friction with Martha.

Rory Scovel played as Joe Mayweather, a retired, at 30, bored out of his mind and Dawn’s husband.

Allison Tolman played as Dawn Mayweather, the City’s treasurer’s wife of Joe.

Michaela Watkins played as Raina Theodorakis, the wife of Frank that separates from Frank.

Cedric Yarbrough played as Reggie Henderson, the suburban hardworking resident.

Steve Zissis played as Carl Shackler, Tommy Papouli’s henchman that cheated at the casino.

Christina Andrea Offley played as Davida, friend of Alex

Alexandra Daddario played as Corsica

Randall Park played being Wall Street Guy, the Buckler

Jessie Ennis played as Rachel, friend of Alex

Sam Richardson played as Marty, the boss of Scott

Gillian Vigman played as Becky

Jessica St. Clair played being Wall Street Guy, the Reba


The Story Line

After losing the college scholarship of their daughter, husband and wife Johansen, teamed up with the fellow Frank Theodorakis to begin an illegal casino at the house of Frank to have some money for the tuition fee of daughter’s education. Raina, Frank’s wife, divorced him because of his gambling addicts. The casino operated proves to run smoothly until they finally discovered that one of the gamblers was caught counting the cards. Frank and The Johansens confronted him, but Scott by accidentally chops off the middle finger of the man. This earned him the pet name, the Butcher and creates to the entire city to be afraid of the whole family, which involuntarily increases the profits. There had been several thousand of dollars away from having the $500,000, and they were caught by Bob Schaeffer, the city councilor and the police official that confiscates the money and ordered them to shut down their casino. However, they go on with their business at the neighbor’s house that burns down right after being attacked by the mobster that worked with the guy whose finger was accidentally chopped off. Having admitted the real reason to their daughter, Kate and Scott collaborates with her and with the police official who had allowed them loose to take their money back from Mr. Schaeffer. Right after being seized, Schaeffer revealed the actual story of stealing the money from the budget of the city, so that he and his lover that left him will return to her husband. Schaeffer was detained while Kate and Scott applied the money they take from him to pay the college education of their daughter, their first ever reason of coming up with this business.

The Writers Viewpoint

Will Ferrell is really one of our best actors. He has this personal particular and original comic charm. Nothing of that will save this movie from being a disastrous one. The movie is a bit awful, although, all movies have their ups and downs. Everyone that acts in this movie does not know what they are doing and what entertainment really means!


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