Rough Night (2017)



The movie is a comedy film by director Lucia Aniello as her featured debut movie with the writer Paul and Aniello Downs. It follows the bachelorette party which goes wrong right after the male stripper died.

The Cast List:

Scarlett Johansson played as Jessica Thayer or “Jess”

Eric Andre played as Jake

Peter Francis James played as Uncle Jack

Jillian Bell played as Alice

Ty Burrell played as Pietro

Bo Burnham played as Tobey

Ryan Cooper as Jay or “Scotty”

Patrick Carlyle played as Patrick

Colton Haynes played as Scotty, the actual stripper

Paul Downs played as Peter

Kate McKinnon played as Pippa or Kiwi

Demi Moore played as Lea

Enrique Murciano played as Detective Ruiz

Hasan Minhaj played as Joe

Zoë Kravitz played as Blair

Ilana Glazer played as Frankie

Dean Winters played being Detective Frazier

Karan Soni played as Raviv

The Story Line:


In 2006, there were four friends, namely Jess, Alice, Frankie, and Blair that was bonded during their primary year in college at the George Washington University. After a decade, they reunite because Jess was about to be married to Peter, her fiancé, and Alice planned that they must spend the coming weekend with a party in Miami. At this point, Alice was the teacher, Frankie, the aspiring activist having the two strikes as she documents, Blair is the agent from a real estate was at the core of the bitter divorce that still had conflicting thoughts over the past connection with Frankie, while Jess is the aspiring candidate in the senate whose campaign is hindered by the thought that the public do not see her relatable in spite of her policies centered on assisting others.


In Miami, these four were joined by Pippa, Jess’s companion from a semester in Australia. These four friends were high and party in the club and Frankie settles on hiring the male stripper Jay. When Jay was at the door, he turned Jess to be uncomfortable with the rough talk. Alice settles on taking a turn and jump over him, and this resulted from them to mutually fall and Jay hit his head on the fireplace edge that kills him. Before they came up with a decision on what to do with Jay, Jess takes the call from Peter. Because of her panic and mix up, Jess mentions that they hired a stripper before Alice destroyed the phone. Blair confiscated all from the others to prevent anybody from making calls or receiving one until they are determined with their next act. Peter takes this seriously that Jess was leaving him and settles on going down to Miami and convince Jess to come back to him.

The Writers View:

This movie is copied off some of the other gross-out films about the bachelor’s gathering shenanigans that were full of idiot individuals doing gross, stupid things. Male strippers, penis jokes, guzzling booze, doing drugs, and all of the feverish that is not funny, isn’t it? This film is considered as one of the terrible ones with its weak humor, a bit bad taste, and the characters were somewhat distasteful, but there are times that you will laugh at some scenes but the movie does not require a huge deal of intelligence.

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