Going in Style (2017)



The movie is a heist comedy film by director Zach Braff with writer Theodore Melfi. The movie is the restore of the film 1979 of similar name, and followed the trio of retirees that planned to rob with a bank right after the pensions were cancelled.

The Cast List:

  • Morgan Freeman played as Willie Davis, one from the three protagonists, the grandfather of Kanika and Maya’s father.
  • Michael Caine played as Joe Harding, one from the three protagonists, Rachel’s father, Brooklyn’s grandfather, and father-in-law of Murphy.
  • Alan Arkin played as Albert Garner, one from the three protagonists.
  • Joey King played as Brooklyn Harding, Rachel and Murphy’s daughter and Joe’s granddaughter.
  • Maria Dizzia played as Rachel Harding, Brooklyn’s mother, Joe’s daughter, and Murphy’s wife.
  • Ashley Aufderheide played as Kanika Davis, granddaughter of Willie.
  • Gillian Glasco played as Maya Davis, Kanika’s mother and Willie’s daughter.
  • Matt Dillon played as the Special Agent Hamer, the FBI agent that investigates bank robberies.
  • Ann-Margret played as Annie Santori, Ezra’s grandmother, Albert’s love interest.
  • Jeremy Schinder played as Ezra Bronkowski, grandson of Annie.
  • Anthony Chisholm played as Paul, Grandmaster of the Knights.
  • Christopher Lloyd played as Milton Kupchak, a guys’ senile cottage buddy.
  • Annabelle Chow played as Lucy, a child witness and Mandy’s daughter.
  • Nancy Sun played as Mandy, mother of Lucy.
  • Kenan Thompson played as Keith Schonfield, the store manager in the grocery in Value Town.
  • Josh Pais played as Chuck Lofton, a Williamsburg Savings Bank bank manager.
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan played as Mitzi, a Nat’s Diner waitress.
  • John Ortiz played as Jesus Garcia, the man with unspecified credentials and the pet store landlord in Queens.
  • Peter Serafinowicz played as Murphy Harding, Rachel’s previous husband and Joe’s previous son-in-law.

The Story Line:


Albert, Joe and Willie were senior citizens and were lifelong friends who stay in New York City. During the unpleasant meeting at a bank, Joe was one of the wounded to witness the robbery in progress executed by three people in black masks. While on robbery, he witness the leader wearing the Mongol fighter tattoo around his neck and the only lead, which might aid the policemen identify the criminal. But, their head empathizes with Joe the moment he discovered the present financial situation stated by the bank. The robbers handle to escape with about $1.6 million.


When that company they were employed were bought out, the pensions became a target of the restructuring. The main person that was hit was Joe and discovered that he, Rachel his daughter, and Brooklyn his granddaughter, will be living rough in less than 30 long days. Willie discovered out that he is gravely ill from a kidney failure and was in need of a transplant and was more frustrated since the financial situation obliged him to a long-distance connection with his granddaughter and daughter. The three friends were desperate and decided on robbing a bank that will restructure the pension funds and give back what is fairly theirs.

The Writers View:

When you are someone that is so familiar with the casts, you will know that this movie will be sure a blast, but there had been reviews coming out, and says that there was a mixed bag here. Well, as for me, the movie is really interesting and pleasurable to watch and that these critics are just over-analyzing this movie that seems to be an impressive piece of art. This is the movie where casts had been playing and giving their huge role. Without exception, all of them showed how remarkable they can be. Michael Caine has great appeal, Morgan Freeman was very convincing, and Alan Arkin was, of course, the funniest of all. The personalities were enormously well-developed, everybody takes a reason after the choice of taking revenge towards their bank and elevates the movie when their action seems to be going down.

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