Father Figures (2017)



The movie is a comedy film by director Lawrence Sher being his directorial debut and with the writer Justin Malen. The film followed the two adult siblings who were set out to discover who their biological father is.

The Cast List:

Owen Wilson played as Kyle Reynolds, Peter’s brother, the laid-back model that made millions through selling his images to the BBQ sauce company.

Christopher Walken played as Doctor Walter Tinkler, a potential father and the veterinarian.

Katt Williams played as the hitchhiker whom Peter and Kyle meet during their journey.

Terry Bradshaw played as Himself, a potential father and the retired football player.

Glenn Close played as Helen Baxter, Peter and Kyle’s eccentric mother.

Zachary Haven played as Ethan, the teenage son of Peter that hates him.

Ed Helms played as Peter Reynolds, the proctologist, divorced Kyle’s brother.

Ving Rhames played as Rod Hamilton, the ex-teammate player of football and friend of Bradshaw.

J. K. Simmons played as Roland Hunt, the reclusive criminal and the previous financial investor.

Harry Shearer played as Gene Baxter, the new husband of Helen

June Squibb played as Mrs. Hunt, the mother of Roland Hunt

Katie Aselton played being Sarah O’Callaghan

Ryan Cartwright played being Liam O’Callaghan

Alexander Eckert played as the Young Kyle

Brian Huskey played as Joel

Ivan Mallon played as the Young Peter

Ali Wong played as Ali, the nurse of Dr. Tinkler

Annie Starke played as Young Helen

Retta played as Annie, the wedding planner of Helen and Gene

The Story Line:


The fraternal twin brothers, Peter and Kyle Reynolds have learnt that their biological and real father did not pass away when they were still young, as what they previously thought, and that Helen Baxter, the eccentric mother, had been sexually immoral in 1970. When they were on the road trip to discover who the real father was, they locate more of the family’s secrets and even more regarding their mother than they would want to know. There are also encounters about the unexplained hitchhiker and some other misadventures, when they go through the trip of self-discovery regarding themselves, their family, and with each other.


The Writers View:

This film is a welcoming break from all of the other movies. Between all of the serious movie line-up, the movie is just fun to watch and will allow you to forget about your stress. The jokes were not at the top of each other just like the other comedy movies, and the characters engage the viewer right from the first scenes, particularly with Katt Williams. But what is more surprising is that, how much heart this movie had. The movie story about the two brothers at their train scene with their interaction with their mom will really make every mother cry at the end. Definitely a really fun and touching movie, you will surely get all the laughs and the warm fuzzies that is packed all in just one film.

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