Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)



The movie is a musical comedy film by director Trish Sie and with writers Mike White and Kay Cannon. The sequel to the Pitch Perfect 2 of 2015 and it is the third and the final movie of the Pitch Perfect trilogy.

The Cast List from the Bellas:

Anna Kendrick played as Beca Mitchell, the alumna and a previous head of the Barden Bellas.

Hana Mae Lee played as Lilly Onakuramara, the Barden Bellas alumna identified for her quiet talking voice and strange remarks.

Shelley Regner played as Ashley Jones, member of Barden Bellas alumna.

Brittany Snow played as Chloe Beale, the former co-leader and alumna of Barden Bellas, who is longing for the glory days together with the Bellas.

Hailee Steinfeld played as Emily Junk, the senior student at the University of Barden and the present head of the latest Barden Bellas.

Rebel Wilson played as Patricia Hobart or the Fat Amy, the comedic alumna of Barden Bellas that is from Australia.

Anna Camp played as Aubrey Posen, the Barden Bellas alumna and a previous head before Beca.

Ester Dean played as Cynthia-Rose Adams, the lesbian alumna of Barden Bellas who crashed the simulations of the Flight School.

Chrissie Fit played as Florencia Fuentes, the Barden Bellas alumna that is from Guatemala. She worked at a juice truck before joining the tour.

Kelley Jakle played as Jessica Smith, member of Barden Bellas alumna.

The lists of additional cast:

Elizabeth Banks played as the McKadden Feinberger, Gail-Abernathy, the cappella commentator that makes the insulting documentary.

Guy Burnett played as Theo, the DJ Khaled’s music producer that catches an eye over Beca.

John Michael Higgins played as John Smith, the cappella commentator that makes the insulting documentary.

Alexis Knapp played as Stacie Conrad, the Barden Bellas alumna identified for being too sexual.

John Lithgow played as Fergus Hobart, estranged criminal father of Fat Amy.

Matt Lanter played as Chicago Walp, the over-confident U.S. army that guides the Bellas during their tour.

Whiskey Shivers played as Saddle Up, the country, bluegrass based band that competes with the Bellas.

Moises Arias played as Pimp-Lo

Andy Allo played as Serenity, Evermoist band member

Jessica Chaffin played as Evan

Hannah Fairlight played as Veracity, Evermoist band member

DJ Khaled played as himself

Trinidad James played as Young Sparrow

Michael Rose played as father of Aubrey

Ruby Rose played as Calamity, Evermoist band member

D.J. Looney played as DJ Dragon Nutz

Troy Ian Hall played as Zeke, the U.S. army, partner with Chicago

Venzella Joy Williams played as Charity, Evermoist band member

The Story Line:

Pitch Perfect 3 - Official Trailer [HD] (screen grab)
CR: Universal Pictures

After the event of the Pitch Perfect 2 three years ago, the Bellas have finished their college studies, but have jobs that they all hate. Anxious of seeing each other again and sing once more, Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe, Aubrey, Lilly, Cynthia, Florencia, Jessica, Ashley, and Stacie were all thrilled to study that Emily, now the senior at the Barden and head of the Bellas, had seemingly required the Bellas to reunite at the event in the aquarium to hum with each other again. Upon coming at their reunion they were told that a reunion was not for the Bellas of singing together, but to see Emily sing with the present Bellas.


Later, they gather at the bar in frustrations where they state how much they missed their company, and Aubrey convinced them in joining the USO presentation accessed by the officer father of Army. If ever they will win in this contest, they will take to open for the DJ Khaled. This Bellas gladly accepted it all, excluding Stacie who that is eight months on the way at that moment and was not able of going with the group. The Bellas then arrived at the hangar where two armies, Chicago and Zeke presented them to the contest, exposed to be three of the other groups who applied instruments not the same with the Bellas. When the Evermoist band, headed by the leader Calamity started to mock and put down the Bellas, the contest was contested to be the riff-off by this Bellas, who left beaten when the other crowd fights with the musical instruments.

The Writers View:

The movie attempts to go beyond the jokes and physical humor of a Fat Girl. There was less music in the movie, but there are more substances in the plot. The plot nonetheless, has nothing to deal with the music competitions. When the Bellas faced with Certain Deaths, it is the Fat Amy that came to be a rescue, and in ways that makes the weight became a benefit instead of being a handicap. If there were more music, the movie could have been more sensible with the title.

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