Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)



The movie is an action comedy adventure film by director Jake Kasdan and with writers McKenna, Sommers, Rosenberg, and Pinkner, from the story by McKenna. This is the second sequel for the Jumanji franchise of the 1981 kids’ book of similar name and this serves as the stand-alone installment of the 1995 Jumanji.

The Cast List in Jumanji Life:

Dwayne Johnson played as Doctor Smolder Bravestone, the explorer and archaeologist and Spencer’s avatar. He is intelligent and has no weaknesses. His strengths are stamina, smoldering charisma, climbing, courage, reflexes, and boomerang throwing. He is credited being “Spencer”.

Jack Black played as Professor Sheldon Oberon or “Shelly”, the cartographer, cryptographer, paleontologist and archaeologist and Bethany’s avatar. Due to his obesity, he is weak, although his expertise is his strengths. He is credited being “Bethany”.

Kevin Hart played as Franklin Finbar or “Mouse”, the weapons specialist and short zoologist and Fridge’s avatar. Finbar is Bravestone’s bat valet and was skilled in a cranial assault. Finbar weaknesses are strength, speed and cake. He is credited being “Fridge”.

Karen Gillan played as Ruby Roundhouse, the commando, dance fighter, martial artist, and Martha’s avatar. She is proficient in tai chi, jujutsu, karate, and Capoeira, and her weakness is venom from animals within the game. Roundhouse is a beautiful, intelligent, athletic, and scantily clothed video game heroine. She is credited being “Martha”.

Nick Jonas played as Jefferson McDonough or “Seaplane”, and Alex Vreeke’s avatar. He is the mysterious adventurer, pilot and guide, who waits and joined the remaining avatars to escape Jumanji. His strengths are making margaritas and piloting and his weakness is just mosquito bites. He is credited being “Alex”.

Bobby Cannavale played being Russel Van Pelt, the corrupt explorer that is looking to take control of the “Jaguar’s Eye”, and whose power that he is possessed demonically and the antagonist in Jumanji world.

Rohan Chand played as a Boy at the Bazaar, the young NPC guide

Rhys Darby played as Nigel Billingsley, the NPC escort in the game

William Tokarsky played as Trader, the NPC food trader

The Cast List in Reality Life:

Ser’Darius Blain played as Anthony Johnson or Fridge, the football jock at the Brantford High School.

Mason Guccione played as Alex Vreeke, the teenage boy that played and gets trapped inside the Jumanji computer game for about 20 years.

Madison Iseman played as Bethany Walker, the famous, pretty and self-centered teen at the Brantford High School.

Morgan Turner played as Martha Kaply, the teenage girl at the Brantford High School.

Alex Wolff played as Spencer Gilpin, the nerdy player at the Brantford High School and he discovered the Jumanji computer game.

Sean Buxton played as Jogger and Alex’s Father

Marc Evan Jackson played as Principal Bentley

Tim Matheson played as the Older Alex’s Father

Maribeth Monroe played as Teacher

Missi Pyle played as Coach Webb, a gym teacher

Colin Hanks played as Adult Alex Vreeke

The Story Line:


In year 996, at the Brantford, New Hampshire, the teenager Alex Vreeke takes a Jumanji board game that was discovered on a beach by his father. When Alex declines it, the game mysteriously transformed to a video computer game cartridge. The moment he played on it, he is automatically teleported to the game.

After twenty years, the four students at the Brantford High School were placed in the detention together: Gilpin, who was seized with writing essays for the previous buddy, Anthony Johnson or Fridge who was in detention for plagiarism, while Martha Kaply and Bethany Walker have both insulted their respective professors during class. They had been mocked for their actions, and these almost expelled them, but instead they got another punishment. Being assigned by their school’s principal in the clear out the basement, the four of them discovered the Jumanji, the multiplayer action and adventure computer game. One of the video game avatars, playable characters is not accessible.


They locate themselves inside a jungle, and now in the shape of the game avatars. Here, Spencer is the tough, muscular voyager called as Doctor Smolder Bravestone, Fridge, the short zoologist called as Franklin Finbar or Mouse, Martha is the martial art expert and the gorgeous commando named as Ruby Roundhouse, while Bethany is the plump, male cartographer known as Prof. Sheldon Oberon or Shelly. They soon understand that they were in a video game, where each of them had only three lives. If they will lose all the three, then, they will die. Each of the avatars also came out with weaknesses and particular skills.

The Writers View:

Unsurprisingly, Jumanji, Welcome to Jungle is simply a video game movie that is best made ever. Everyone that followed movies, even distantly knows that is not the tough task to achieve, but Jumanji sincerely takes the title from the viewers by being armed, self-aware, with compelling performances, and a definite fun and active tone from the beginning to the end. Also, instead of just restarting again a beloved movie from more than 20 years ago, this sequel feels like a standalone movie, but in another way that it gave honor to the legacy where it started with the late Robin Williams led movie of the 1990.

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