Fist Fight (2017)


The movie is a comedy film by director Richie Keen and with writers Evan Susser and Van Robichaux. The movie is about a school teacher that unwittingly caused for other instructors termination, he was dared to one after-school battle.

The Cast List:

Charlie Day played as Andrew Campbell or Andy or Light Roast, the mild-mannered English professor.
Jillian Bell played as Miss Holly, the lecherous guidance counselor that is under various vices influences.
Ice Cube played as Ron Strickland, Campbell’s hot-headed colleague and a history professor.
JoAnna Garcia played as Maggie Campbell, a loving, devoted pregnant half of Andy.
Christina Hendricks played as Miss Monet, the intense drama professor who was attracted to Strickland.
Dennis Haysbert played as Superintendent Johnson.
Tracy Morgan played as Coach Crawford, the useless gym coach.
Dean Norris played as Richard Tyler, a pompous and disgruntled principal in the school.
Kumail Nanjiani played as Officer Mehar, a school security guard that dislikes profanity.
Alexa Nisenson played as Ally Campbell, Maggie and Andy’s daughter
Conphidance played as the Gangster
Max Carver played as Daniel
Charlie Carver played as Nathaniel
Kym Whitley played as 911 Operator
Austin Zajur played as Neil

The Story Line:


During the last day just before the summer vacation approached in Atlanta at the Roosevelt High School, the students were all out of control, creating chaos and planning elaborate senior pranks. The university’s mild-mannered, Andy Campbell, and the nerdy English teacher with the fellow faculty members were attempting trying to endure with the chaotic day to the best that they can, and only the history professor, Ron Strickland, was fierce enough to overawe with the students’ behavior. In the meantime, Campbell was waiting for the news about the coming of his second baby child and his wife Maggie. During class hours, Campbell was pulled aside by a friend, counselor Holly, and informing him about the rumors of cutting back of all departments. Thinking about his pregnant wife with their coming baby, this makes Campbell really anxious.


After avoiding Campbell from strolling down to the paint trap, Strickland asked for the assistance in applying the outdated AV scheme that keeps turning off just after a couple of seconds. Light Roast grabs a student, Neil whom was secretly applying a remote control application on his Smartphone and turn off a VCR. The infuriated Strickland takes that phone and smashed it. Neil, through a classmate’s phone, turned off again the TV and it makes Strickland really angry, and he grabs the fire ax and destroyed the desk of the student, making the whole class to scream from their room. Both Strickland and Campbell were brought to the Principal Tyler’s office and discussed about what happened. Strickland warned Campbell to just keep his real behavior a secret, and after that, Tyler threatened to fire both of them if no one will step forward. Campbell told them the truth that results for losing of Strickland’s job. As a revenged, Strickland dares Campbell to have a fist fight right after their school. Campbell was convinced that he was not physically standing a chance towards Strickland, and attempts to set the matters straight by requesting Neil to share the fake testimony to the Principal Tyler so he may clear-up Strickland’s name and will have him back again. Neil agreed with the condition and Campbell must buy him the MacBook Pro. Right after doing their condition, Campbell goes back to Maggie and their daughter, Ally, who reminded him to come promptly that afternoon with regards to Ally’s father and daughter’s talent presentation. Neil’s false testimony was just enough to convince the Principal Tyler to let Strickland back again.

The Writers View:

The movie did everything and gave their best really hard to be a comic film, but, it is not that funny, although you will enjoy watching this movie, to just have to watch it without any expectations or what so ever. They kept on trying to entertain the viewers throughout their entire film, and the audience was constantly thinking what is going to be their next thing. Ice Cube played a good performance in this movie and the back and forth scene between Ice Cube and Charlie was an enjoyable full of suspense film. The movie is still a good recommendation to watch with friends and the whole family, and somewhat not a waste of money or time. It is entertaining in their own way.

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