The Lego Batman Movie (2017)



The movie is a superhero comedy and a 3D computer-animated film by director Chris McKay, and it is from the Lego Batman story toy line. The story centers on the character of Batman for DC Comics as he tries to overcome the greatest fear he has in stopping the Joker’s recent plan.

The Cast List:

Will Arnett played as Bruce Wayne or Batman
Siri / Susan Bennett played as the Batcomputer or the Puter
David Burrows played as Anchorman Phil, or Mr. Freeze
Michael Cera played as Richard Grayson “Dick” or Robin
Rosario Dawson played as Commissioner Barbara Gordon or the Batgirl
Héctor Elizondo played as Commissioner James Gordon
Mark Jonathan Davis played as Himself or Richard Cheese
Riki Lindhome played as Poison Ivy, the West wicked Witch
Jenny Slate played as Dr. Harleen Quinzel or Harley Quinn
Doug Benson played as Bane
Adam DeVine played as Barry Allen or The Flash
Jemaine Clement played as Sauron
Mariah Carey played as Mayor McCaskill
Zach Galifianakis played as The Joker
Ralph Garman played as Reporter No. 2
Seth Green played as King Kong
Ralph Fiennes played as Alfred Pennyworth
Todd Hansen played as Captain Dale
Jonah Hill played as Hal Jordan or Green Lantern
Chris Hardwick played as Reporter No.3
Eddie Izzard played as Lord Voldemort
Zoë Kravitz played as Catwoman
Ellie Kemper played as Phyllis
Conan O’Brien played as Riddler
Laura Kightlinger played as Reporter Pippa or Orca
Jason Mantzoukas played as Scarecrow
Kate Micucci played as Clayface
Chris McKay played as Pilot Bill
Brent Musburger played as Reporter No. 1
John Venzon played as Penguin
Matt Villa played as Killer Croc
Billy Dee Williams played as the Two-Face
Lauren White played being Chief O’Hara or Medusa
Channing Tatum played as Clark Kent or Superman

The Story Line:


Within a Lego Universe, Batman goes to defend the Gotham City and battle a crime. During the previous mission to evade the Joker from wiping out the city, he harmed the arch-rival’s thoughts by telling him that he isn’t as significant in his existence as he thought he was, heading Joker to look for the definite revenge towards him. The next day, Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, attended the winter gala in the city, which is commemorated mutually the retirement of the Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara’s ascension being the city’s latest police commissioner, but only to be incensed by Barbara’s plans of restructuring the police to work without the requirement for Batman’s presence. Without any warning, Joker crashed a party together with the city’ some other villains, and all of whom surrendered, with an exclusion of Harley Quinn, whom disappeared during their confusion.


Suspecting the arch-rival was up into something, Batman planned on stealing the Phantom Zone Projector of Superman, it is equipment that may banish anybody into the Phantom Zone where it houses some of the top hazardous villains of the Lego Multiverse. Just as he planned the heist of the machine, Alfred intervened and advised him to partake with Dick Grayson, and whom Bruce innocently adopted was his ward during a gala. Unwilling to do so, Dick was fostered as Robin from Batman, at which the pair victoriously recovered the Projector from Fortress of Solitude, then break to the Arkham Asylum to transmit Joker to Phantom Zone. Expecting that the Joker wants to be transmitted there, Barbara locked-up Batman with Robin because of their reckless actions.

The Writers View:

The LEGO Movie is not that adorable for some, everybody else in this world may have thought that. The movie of Batman is bearable and every movie that is connected with a Caped Crusader, but the LEGO took on him did not really have any interesting point to be that wanting to see. The movie is actually not that bad as it was, but still, the LEGO franchise movies are not that really appreciated, but for kids, maybe they will admire and somewhat enjoy this film since the film is the comedy tale of Batman.

Watch The Lego Batman Movie, 2017 online


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