A Christmas Melody (2015)



The film is also known under the working title as Mistletoe and Melody. It is a Christmas comedy television, film and it is also the featured movie directorial debut of Ms. Mariah Carey that co-stars together with Lacey Chabert. The movie was filmed in 2015 in October and has debuted on the Channel of Hallmark in the same year on December 19. The movie was watched by around 3.95 million people during its debut.

The Cast List:

Mariah Carey played as Melissa

Lacey Chabert played as Kristin

Brennan Elliott played as Danny

Kathy Najimy played as Sarah

Fina Strazza played as Emily

The Story Line:


The widowed mother, Kristin was recently shifted back to the home town of the Silver Falls, together Ohio with the daughter Emily, right after the fashion business in the Los Angeles folded. This procedure was really difficult for the two of them, particularly since the move takes Kristin to face with Melissa, the former rival during her high school days and the present president of the local PTA. These two women were immediately at strange with each other, making it essential for their loved-ones to illustrate them the spirit of Christmas and assisted them to beat their differences.

The Writers View:

Lacey Chabert is just fine in his lead and Brennan Elliot with the daughter really makes this movie so good. He played the very adorable character. The movie is really worth to watch. Placing Lacey Chabert and having a daughter became of big help with each other’s acting and each other’s character. Ms. Chabert is really doing great with her role here, particularly having a lovely little scene and there was a massive product placement for a certain coffee here. Brennan Elliott and Lacey Chabert characters here were all amazing and really surprise the viewers in some sense.

Mariah Carey direction helps while playing the little role in this film. She played the character where many people will not like and there were no songs of her in the movie. The movie story that is about a widow that is unwilling to go back to her home town, plus her daughter that did not want to leave. The movie is just nice at all. Mariah Carey’s having a new job as a director can be stated as a success, and to think that this is her initial movie directing. At the end, this has very good actors and a really nice movie.

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