The Night Before (2015)



The movie is a Christmas comedy film directed and written by Jonathan Levine with the co-writers Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir and Evan Goldberg. The movie is about the three childhood buddies that annually joined on Christmas Eve.

The Cast List:

Jillian Bell played as Betsy Greenberg, wife of Isaac

Miley Cyrus played as herself

Lizzy Caplan played as Diana, ex-girlfriend of Ethan

Baron Davis played as himself

James Franco played as James

Nathan Fielder played as Joshua

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played as Ethan Miller

Ilana Glazer played as Rebecca Grinch

Aaron Hill played as Tommy Owens

Jason Jones played as Bad Santa no. 2

Mindy Kaling played as Sarah

Anthony Mackie played as Chris Roberts

Jason Mantzoukas played as Bad Santa no. 1

Tracy Morgan played as Narrator or Santa Claus

Randall Park played as Ethan’s boss

Seth Rogen played as Isaac Greenberg

Michael Shannon played as Mr. Green

Heléne Yorke played as Cindy

Lorraine Toussaint played as Mrs. Roberts, mother of Chris

The Story Line:


On Christmas Eve of 2001, Ethan Miller mutually loses his parents during an auto accident. Ever since that moment, Isaac Greenberg and Chris Roberts, the best friends of Ethan resolve to spend each Christmas night with Ethan. Throughout the way, his friends discovered of Nutcracker Ball, invite-only, tremendous Christmas Eve gathering. Unable to locate the party, the buddies go on with their tradition. In year 2015, the best friends settle for ending the tradition. Chris became the popular football player, and then Isaac gets married with the baby coming on the way. In private, Isaac and Chris worried that Ethan, the fighting musician that works in a hotel was not ready to end their tradition.


In the hotel, Ethan discovers and steals requests of the Nutcracker Ball. Then, his buddies meet at the house of Isaac before going out for their final Christmas Eve together. Earlier, before heading, Isaac’s wife Betsy handed him drugs to apply at night, because he has been so helpful. The pals leave to go with their normal tradition, with the wanting of going to the party afterwards. The initial stop is at the Rockefeller Tree. At the Tree, Ethan revealed about the tickets going to the ball. Down the way, Chris, in trying to impress the group mates, bought marijuana from Mr. Green, the previous high school dealer. During the purchase, Mr. Green shared the plant with Chris, naming it as the present. When they are at the karaoke bar, the buddies run into Diana, who just broke up with Ethan because he refused to commit, and also Sarah, Diana’s friend. The buddies discovered that Sarah and Diana will go at the Nutcracker Ball. When they are at the bar, Isaac started to be affected negatively by the drugs, resulting in creating a video phone message and admitting that he was still afraid to have a child.

The Writers View:

Drugs were so common in this film. They are basically a personality of their own. They have the superficial effort to draw on the Christmas Carol by Dickens naming their dope dealer a Spirit of the Christmas Present, and a drug-taking in common is created to be an equal with friendship and partying. Even the wonderful party, they finally take in after years of attempting to literally have a basin of drugs over the table. And for some reason, the athlete buddies are called out and disgraced for having steroids.

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