Office Christmas Party (2016)



The film is a Christmas comedy movie by director Will Speck and Josh Gordon with the writer Laura Solon and Justin Malen, from the story by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas.

The Cast List:

Jennifer Aniston played as Carol Vanstone, Zenotek interim CEO
Jason Bateman played as Josh Parker, Zenotek Chicago Chief of Technical Advancement
Olivia Munn played as Tracey Hughes, Zenotek Chicago Chief of RnD
T. J. Miller played as Clay Vanstone, Zenotek Chicago Head
Kate McKinnon played as Mary Winetoss, Zenotek human resources representative
Jillian Bell played as Trina
Vanessa Bayer played as Allison
Jimmy Butler played as himself
Rob Corddry played as Jeremy
Jamie Chung played as Meghan
Oliver Cooper played as Drew
Ben Falcone played as Doctor
Fortune Feimster played as Lonny, an Uber Driver
Abbey Lee played as Savannah
Andrew Leeds played as Tim
Adrian Martinez played as Larry
Randall Park played as Fred
Sam Richardson played as Joel
Da’Vine Joy Randolph played as Carla
Karan Soni played as Nate
Courtney Vance played as Walter Davis
Matt Walsh played as Ezra

The Story Line:


Josh Parker is the Chief Technical Officer who meets with lawyer, Ezra, to settle his divorce in perfect time for the season. Meanwhile, Zenotek failed to meet their quarterly quota, and the interim CEO Carol threatens that there will be laid off with the 40% of the employees, cancel the yearly Christmas party and cutoff bonuses.

The branch manager brother, Clay was desperate to maintain his staff. Carol conceals resentment to Clay, whom she thought was their father’s favorite, and pressures that the branch will shut down. Clay and Josh, together with Josh’s leader of tech, Tracey Hughes, proposed the partnering with the giant financial Walter Davis, whom they were having a dining later that day, and also Carol provides them the opportunity to succeed with his business. Walter was so happy with the pitch, and worry with some other present branch closure at the Zenotek, sensing that the corporation is more about of the budget than the people. Clay invited him to the Christmas gathering in anticipation of illustrating him that the company is still in better standing. Before leaving the town, Carol offered Josh the position at the New York headquarters, certain with the brother will fail.

The Writers View:

An unfunny, underdeveloped and a criminally high concept comedy, attempting to recall that hangover just like a tone, the directors failed to really ignite a gut of Christmas with the comic caper that takes the celebration vibe, but failed to bring-out the laughs. Like taking the lump of a coal in the Christmas stocking, Party offered up the interesting plan but delivered nothing and only disappointments. As a talented casting were laboring with stuffs that should have been gone in the writing workshop in Santa’s screen, an appealing thought, ideas of the wild office gathering, complete with the outlandish shenanigans was an alternative overrun by the totally not appealing tales of the struggling company that was trying to be a winner in a big contract.

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