Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)



The film is an action comedy movie by director Greg Mottola and with writer Michael LeSieur. The movie follows the suburban couple who started to suspect their latest neighbors were secret agents.

The Cast List:

Zach Galifianakis played as Jeff Gaffney, Mikey and Patrick’s father and Karen’s husband

Henry Boston played as Patrick Gaffney, Mikey’s brother

Isla Fisher played as Karen Gaffney, Mikey and Patrick’s mother and Jeff’s wife

Gal Gadot played as Natalie Jones, a secret agent, Karen’s friend and Tim’s wife.

Jon Hamm played as Tim Jones, a friend of Jeff and Natalie’s husband.

Maribeth Monroe played as Meg Craverston, the wife of Dan

Jack McQuaid played as Mikey Gaffney, Patrick’s brother

Patton Oswalt played as Bruce Springstine or Scorpion

Matt Walsh played as Dan Craverston, the husband of Meg

Kevin Dunn played as Carl Pronger

Michael Liu played as Yang

Ari Shaffir played as Oren

Jona Xiao played as Stacey Chung

The Story Line:


Jeff Gaffney was employed as the Human Resources specialists at a Defense contractor corporation named as MBI that is based in Atlanta. Jeff with his wife Karen dwells in a nice cul-de-sac together with their two sons, who were away for the summer camp. They are making an acquaintance with their two latest neighbors, Tim and Natalie Jones. Tim works as a travel writer with hobbies that had glassblowing, while Natalie is a philanthropist, a cooking blogger and one social media consultant. They are mutually good-looking, stylish, and accomplished yet exaggeratedly friendly with Gaffneys.


Karen begins having suspicious with the Joneses because she catches Tim punch around the den of Jeff during the neighborhood block party, and then observe Natalie making what seemed to be like a fatal drop in the café. Karen followed Natalie going to the mall, and Natalie confronted her at the dressing room, defusing the circumstances with some ladies bonding. In the mean time, Tim invited Jeff to the underground Chinese bistro, where Jeff is drinking snake wine and was bitten by the severed snake skull, obliging Tim to rescue his life. In replace, Jeff brings Tim to the indoor skydiving, the ardor of his that nobody from his friends share. Through all the way, Tim attempted to have Jeff speaks regarding his coworkers in the office. One evening, with the assistance of Natalie, Tim slips to the MBI construction and check over with Jeff’s emails.

The Writers View:

This kind of comedy film is different from the other. No actual plot twist is too surprising, including their final joke. But still, there are lots of funny moments viewing it, since most of their jokes were really character driven, and these characters were written and performed well. Gal Gadot acquires the powerful lady with the menacing appearance, nailed into the teeth, and was a bit less credible when she needs to be subtle or sensitive. It does not usually take place in movies, so it is not that big thing, but there were few moments wherein she has off character.

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