Moana (2016)



The film is a 3D computer-animated fantasy-adventure and musical movie produced in the Animation Studios of Walt Disney. It is directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, with co-directors Chris Williams and Don Hall.

The Cast List:

Auli’i Cravalho played as Moana, a 16-years old daughter from the village chief Sina and Tui, who was selected by the ocean to reinstate the core of Te Fiti.

Puanani Cravalho played as the Villager No. 2 and Auli’i’s mother

Jemaine Clement played as Tamatoa, the giant wealth-hoarding the coconut crab from the Lalotai

Rachel House played as Tala, grandmother of Moana. Like Moana, Tala allocates an ardor for the ocean

Dwayne Johnson played as Maui, the legendary shape-shifting demigod that sets off Moana to her trip.

Temuera Morrison played as Tui, overprotective father of Moana and Tala’s son, head of Motunui Island

Nicole Scherzinger played as Sina, Tui’s wife and Moana’s mother

Tudyk played the voice of Villager No. 3, whom suggested cooking Heihei

Alan Tudyk played as Heihei, the pet rooster of Moana

Louise Bush played as the younger Moana

Christopher Jackson played as Tui’s humming voice

Oscar Kightley played as the fisherman

Troy Polamalu played as the Villager No. 1

The Story Line:


On a Polynesian island of the Motunui, the population worships a goddess named Te Fiti, who gives life to the ocean by the pounamu stone being her heart and a supply of her power. Maui, master of sailing, and the shapeshifting demigod, stole the heart to provide the humanity with the energy of creation. But, Te Fiti crumbled, and Maui was harassed by Te Kā, the volcanic demon, dropping mutually the heart and his magical large fishhook to the depths.

After a millennium, Moana, the offspring of Motunui’s head Tui, was selected by the ocean to give back the heart to Te Fiti. But, Tui came and takes away Moana, and this caused her to lose that heart. Moana’s mother, Sina, and Tui attempt to stay her far from the ocean and prepare for the ascension as an island’s chief. After years, Moana has been older, a light hits the island, decaying the coconuts and declining with the total fish being caught. Moana suggested to proceeds beyond the reef of the island to locate for most fish, and Tui forbids it. While Sina explained to Moana that his best friend and Tui attempt going beyond the reef, and the latter perished. The pet pig Pua and Moana attempts to conquer the reef and were overpowered by an ocean’s tides and wind up stranded back on Motunui.

Moana and Maui

Tala, Moana’s grandmother showed her a covert cave, where there are a number of ships being hidden, telling to Moana that the citizen was voyagers before. Tala explained that they stopped when Te Fiti’s heart was taken by Maui and the darkness or Te Kā’s is polluting the island, and it may cured if Maui and Moana will bring back heart to Te Fiti, the one she gave to Moana. Tala gets ill and then shortly dies, but not before pushing Moana to go and accomplish her destiny.

The Writers View:

This is really a wow, a great movie! The diagram in the film is breathtaking! They are gorgeous and the visuals here has used a creativity and imagination and has a heart of the viewers. Moana is really a likable, relatable and a smart person. The voice that works for Moana is really good and such a sweet one. The chemistry between Maui and Moana is just natural and a great one. The songs in the movie were charming, fun and catchy. The way Moana was singing it is really touching and really I can say that the movie is great for both kids and adults and you will for sure, want to see this movie once more.

Watch Moana 2016 online


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