Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)



This comedy, romance movie is written by Brendan O’Brien and Andrew Cohen with the movie director Jake Szymanski. Adam DeVine and Zac Efron were the title characters that placed an ad for the dates of their sister’s nuptials, and it features Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick as the ladies that answered in the ad. The movie is from the actual Craigslist ad that was placed by the two brothers that wanted dates for the weeding of their cousin that became viral in February of 2013, and then became a book.

The Cast List:

Adam DeVine played as Michael Stangle, “Mike”

Zac Efron played as David Stangle, “Dave”

Chloe Bridges played as the apartment Chloe

Sugar Lyn Beard played as Jeanie Stangle

Lavell Crawford played as Keith

Stephanie Faracy played as Rosie Stangle

Mary Holland played as Becky

Anna Kendrick played as Alice

Jake Johnson played as Ronnie

Sally Jackson played as grandma Stangle

Marc Maron played as Randy

Kumail Nanjiani played as Keanu

Aubrey Plaza played as Tatiana

Don Pomes played as grandpa Stangle

Stephen Root played as Burt Stangle

Sam Richardson played as Eric

Alice Wetterlund played as Cousin Terry

Wendy Williams played as herself

Branscombe Richmond played as Chef Kalani

The Story Line:


Brothers Dave and Mike Stangle was liquor sales agent whose antics ruins the family’s get together. With the younger sister Jeanie’s marriage coming from Hawaii, the parents told them that they should bring dates to that wedding to be away from any form of trouble. Dave and Mike place out the ads for the dates on Craigslist. That advertisement went viral and these brothers went on to the Wendy Williams Show and make an advertise themselves.

Meanwhile, Alice and Tatiana were slacker party girls that had been fired for appearing drunk in their waitressing jobs. Tatiana saw the brothers’ appeared on TV and decided that this complimentary trip is all what they need to have a vacation. They cleaned up themselves and to take their attention, Tatiana, throws herself in the front of the moving auto that is outside the bar and this is where the brothers were meeting up with the ladies. After allowing the brothers to think Mike rescued Tatiana’s life, then, they all went for a date. Tatiana, posed as a schoolteacher that flirts with Mike and did not want to have sex with him, while Alice, pretends to be the hedge fund manager, and thinking that sleeping with Dave is the only solution to get over with her ex-fiancé, who leave her when they are at the altar. Thinking that the family will adore these ladies, the brothers then invited them to go to Hawaii.


In Hawaii, Alice and Tatiana charmed the Stangle clan, but were almost exposed when Alice, who is suffering from PTSD-like having some flashbacks of her personal wedding, she gets drunk and get jealous, offhanded remarks to Jeanie. At that moment, Mike with his bisexual woman cousin, Terry, started competing for the attention of Tatiana. The brothers scheduled a swim with the dolphins’ package for the whole family; but, the ladies, convince Jeanie with her fiancé Eric, to have the ATV tour into the mountains. Tatiana and Alice showed off and performed tricks for the ATVs. Mike tried similar tricks, but ended up booming to Jeanie and harshly bruised her face. Alice felt bad and bribes the masseur to provide Jeanie the massage with the style of Tantric.

The Writers View:

The four actors were all adorable in their lead roles and it was not really that bad like what was written by some critics. Basically, the plot and every scene in it, even the dialogues were not really that admirable and there was really no fun in it that makes it under the comedy film category. There are moments when the film had to be cute, but was ruined, and these are the films that were funny before, but were done so well and in this case, it was made to what they are expected to have. I believe that they can still give a better version of these, if only they are really prepared.

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