The Boss (2016)



The film is a comedy movie by director Ben Falcone with the other writers Steve Mallory and Melissa McCarthy. Universal Pictures released this film on April, 2016.

The Cast Lists:

Melissa McCarthy played as Michelle Darnell, the powerful rich business woman.

Kristen Bell played as Claire Rawlings, the single mom and personal assistant of Michelle.

Ella Anderson played as Rachel Rawlings, the 10 years old girl scout daughter of Claire.

Kathy Bates played as Ida Marquette, Michelle’s former mentor and owner of the glue factory.

Presley Coley played as Hannah Kreagan, Helen’s daughter and one of the Dandelions.

Peter Dinklage played as Ronald Renault, the rivalry with Michelle and the unscrupulous business man.

Ben Falcone played as Marty Slack, former lawyer of Michelle.

Tyler Labine played as Mike Beals, Claire’s co-worker that seemed to attempt to woo her.

Annie Mumolo played as Helen Kreagan, the arrogant, narcissistic and a cunning mother of one Dandelions.

Michael McDonald played as Bryce Crean, one of the “buddies” of Michelle’s past.

Margo Martindale played as Sis. Agnes Aluminata, a mother superior from where Michelle’s lived.

Steve Mallory played as Carl, one of those “buddies” of Michelle’s past.

Aleandra Newcomb played as Mariana Gutierrez, one of those Darnell’s Darlings.

Eva Peterson played as Chrystal Delvechio, one from the Darnell’s Darlings.

Kristen Schaal played as Sandy Haim, the head of Dandelions that is pompously criticized by Helen.

Cecily Strong played as Dana Dandridge, Claire’s selfish, sarcastic, vain, and overbearing boss.

Mary Sohn played as Jan Keller, the mother of one of those Dandelions.

Cedric Yarbrough played as Tito, former bodyguard of Michelle.

Dave Bautista played as Chad, the head of the Falcon Rangers T-Pain played as himself

Dax Shepard played as Kyle Marquette

Gayle King played as herself

The Story Line:


The story followed Michelle Darnell, the titan of an industry that was sent to jail for the insider trading, denounced by the previous lover, Renault, who holds the heavy grudge on the way to her for the breakup, right after taking the promotion way back years ago. After making her moment, Michelle appears, prepared to rebrand herself being the latest sweetheart in America, but not everybody she steamrolled was really speed quick to forget and forgive. With none to go and nobody to scam with, Michelle is obliged to shifts in with the previous assistant Claire and the younger daughter, Rachel Now during her lowest point, Michelle wasted no time in inventing the winner-take-all preparation to rebuild an empire.


The wealthy CEO Michelle Darnell usually takes to get her way, up to being busted for the inside trading and transmit to the federal jail. After leaving the prison, Darnell discovered herself broke, hated, and homeless. Fortunately, she tracked down the previous assistant Claire, the only individual who was willing to assist. While being with Claire and the younger daughter, the ex-con creates the latest business representation for the brownie empire. Unfortunately, most of the matured foes stand in the process of her come back to the top.

The Writers’ View:

She can be better or even best leaving off this for somebody else and place all the efforts in reprising her acting as Sookie in the remake of the Gilmore Girls. There had been no sufficient words to describe this movie because the script should not have gotten green. There is also something questionable viewing little kids fighting, because they were all girls and what they are doing is somewhat not relevant at all. This could have been funny if all of them were boys, or at least mixed, to watch kids that are being with each other is something that is hard to laugh with and I find it deeply offensive.

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