Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)



The film is a comedy horror movie by the director and writer Tyler Perry, who also stars and co-produced this film. The idea for a movie originated from the fictitious Madea Halloween film that was stated in the Chris Rock’s 2014 movie Top 5.

The Cast List:

Tyler Perry played as Mabel Simmons “Madea”, Uncle Joe Simmons and Brian Simmons.

Cassi Davis played as Betty Ann Murphy “Aunt Bam”

JC Caylen played as Mikey

Yousef Erakat played as Jonathan

Andre Hall played as Quinton

Liza Koshy played as Aday Walker

Bradley Martyn played as the Frat Boy #9

Patrice Lovely played as the Hattie Mae Love

Kian Lawley played as Bean Boy

Brock O’Hurn played as Horse

Lexy Panterra played as Leah Devereaux

Mario Rodriguez played as the Frat Boy #10

Diamond White played as Tiffany Simmons

Bella Thorne played as Rain Mathison

Jimmy Tatro played as Sean

Tyga played as Himself

Mike Tornabene played as Dino

The Story Line:


During the Halloween celebration, the young fraternity head Jonathan with his comrade frat brothers discussed the upcoming Halloween party that is outside the frat house. Tiffany and her three colleagues Aday, Rain and Leah stroll past in the frat house, and were invited to the frat party. Then Brian, Tiffany’s father and the nephew of Madea, catch them in the frat house, which was ordered Tiffany about not walking by and irritably ordered her and her buddies to get inside the auto, to which she rejects and told him that they may walk back home since it is just around the corner. Then, Brian prohibits her from going close the frat house again and revealed that he was sending her with her brother to their mother’s house while he will be out of the town, much to her disappointment. Later that day, Brian spies on a conversation with Tiffany to Jonathan, the president of the frat, on the mobile tablet and witnessed how sexual matters seemed be getting, that is much to annoyance and anger.


That evening, Madea and Aunt Bam were sitting outside their house for the Halloween Night and giving away some candy to children’s trick-or-treating, while Bam is furtively stealing some of the kid’s candy, until a kid witnessed her for stealing his and with an argument came out. Right after that, the clown approached them with a large jack-in-the-box, and it terrifies Bam. As the joker is nearly coming, Madea threatened him and challenge anything to come out of the box. One more clown comes out and she rapidly punches the jester, making it to fell out inside the box. It is exposed as Uncle Joe, Brian’s father, and Madea’s brother and Hattie, the longtime buddy of Madea and also Aunt Bam, who go on to explain that they were just attempting trying to panic them for fun. In the mean time, in order to maintain Tiffany from nagging off in the Halloween party, out of options, Brian calls Madea, to remain there and gaze after Tiffany to maintain her away from a party. Madea agreed and Joe, Hattie and Bam tag along together with her right after Brian swore to give pay to Madea. Tiffany and with her pal Aday, realized that Madea and some others were watching and keeping them from creeping in the party, settling to trick them to sleep early by imitating the tales regarding the guy named as Mr. Wilson, who does killings in the house, and she told them that only the safe rooms where their bedrooms. She encourages them of the tales authenticity by furtively hitting the remote control to make the lights off inside the house to terrify them.

The Writers View:

This movie is one of the best samples. The same hackneyed, one-note, recycled, shallow, and the not so funny instances were present again, complete with identical people. At any rate, this one was not about some of the beaten down dark women that needed to discover her location on earth, stand up for her man, and sleep. It is mind overwhelming how he may pop out the POS and usually handles to attract the viewers. Madea’s answered for everything is violence. Then, if this is not that bad enough, Perry, now is blatantly thieving comedic stuffs from the dead people.

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