Trash Fire (2016)



This is a comedy-romance, horror movie directed by writer Richard Bates Jr. This movie had their global premiere during the 2016 Sundance Movie Festival on 2016 of January 23. It was released with limitations and through the film record with demand on 2016 of November 3, by the Vertical Entertainment and the Orion Pictures acquired distribution rights.

The movie gathered positive mixed reviews from the critics. On the assessment aggregator website of Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a record of 67% rating from the 18 reviews recorded, with the average of 6.5 out of 10. While Metacritic reported at 42 from the 100 score or 42/100 from the 10 reviews, that indicates average, normal or mixed reviews.

The Cast List:

Adrian Grenier played as Owen

Matthew Gray Gubler played as Caleb

Ezra Buzzington played as Sterling

Fionnula Flanagan played as Violet

Sally Kirkland played as Florence

AnnaLynne McCord played as Pearl

Angela Trimbur played as Isabel

The Story Line:


Owen is one clinically miserable bulimic that has been in the intense relationship and link with Isabel for the past three years. When Owen was obliged to confront his past that he has been running out with his whole adult existence, one day, Isabel revealed that she is pregnant. They traveled to stay at Owen’s terrible grandmother with the little sister Pearl. Pearl was spoiled in the house fire and that was also the reason of Owen’s parents’ death. As their stay goes on, the family secrets were gradually exposed, and the two of them are drawn into the web of deceit, murder and lies.


The Writers View:

Trash Fire for real was not a horror or romance movie as what was indicated, instead, it is a kind of a disturbing and unpleasant drama with its deceptive conclusion. All of the characters were not that pleasing. Owen here is horrible and there was no reason for Isabelle to fall in-love with him at all. But, later on the audience understands the cause of his twisted character. Isabelle is suspicious and takes no manner towards Owen stupidities. While Florence seemed to be a dire psychiatrist, that naps along the gathering with her client. The homosexual Beatrice was also the victim of Violet badness and insanity. Violet is also included in the sickest villains and one of the cause to recommend this movie. Sadly, Richard Bates Jr. didn’t know how to finish his movie creating the choice of the two dark endings without any use that Beatrice and Owen deserved.

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