Meet the Blacks (2016)


meet the black

The film is a comedy horror movie of director Deon Taylor, with writers Nicole and Taylor DeMasi, and it is the parody of the The Purge in the 2013 movie.

The Cast Lists:

Mike Epps played as Carl Black

Gary Owen played as Larry

Kathrien Ahn played as Ming

Snoop Dogg played as Todd

King Bach played as Freezee

Michael Blackson played as Mr. Wooky

Lavell Crawford played as Parole Officer

Tameka Cottle played as Shoranda

Lil Duval played as Cronut

DeRay Davis played as Tyrone

Zulay Henao played as Lorena

Alex Henderson played as Carl Jr.

Perez Hilton played as Denis Strahan

Shawn Kavanaugh played as Marcus

George Lopez played as the President El Bama

Bresha Webb played as Allie

Charlie Murphy played as Key Flo

Paul Mooney played as Klan Member

Mike Tyson the as James Clown

Tyrin Turner played as Big Head Rico

The Story Line:


Carl Black with his family is going away from Chicago. After stealing lots of cash from the famous criminal drug ruler, Key Flo, and considering that he might be jailed for the next 5-6 years, Carl Black left the hustling living behind for an even better living. Carl with his present wife Lorena, son Carl Jr., daughter Allie Black and their cousin Cronut packed up and transferred to Beverly Hills. As a result, Carl could not have picked the worse moment to transfer. They arrived perfectly around the moment of the yearly purge and all Carl’s own issues intertwine while the total crime is just legal for 12-hours.

The Writer’s View:

At this moment, if you are still attempting to crash the parody film from each angle and examine it then, it is for sure a waste of time. Parody films were literally styled to become a not so good film. The only aim of the movie is to make you laugh. It is understandable that some may feel that the movie is somewhat a theatrical release, and the money is not worth it, particularly with the music and art concern. The truth is there was really no impressive storyline and the amazing actors just gave a good Ole parody funniness. The movie started out good, but it just gets dull, lame and non-adventurous, with the non-believers action the whole way through. After watching this movie, nobody should complain again regarding Quentin Tarantino’s moderate application of the N – word in his movies. To say an N-word is pointless applied to this movie and does disservice to a word gratuitous.

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