A Weekend with the Family (2016)



This Weekend with the Family movie is a comedy film by the writer, director Chris Stokes with the other writers Chaz Echols and Marques Houston and their producers Marques Houston, Shondrella Avery, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Jerome Jones.

The Cast List:

Marques Houston played as Travis Stankershet

Karrueche Tran played as Courtney Clancy

Shondrella Avery played as Rosie

J-Boog played as Joey

Braxton Davis played as Ho-Jin

Chantel Jeffries played as Catherine Clancy

Dylan Mooney played as the Counselor Watson

Black Thomas played as Sargent Stankershet

Clifton Powell played as Dingo Stankershet

Kelly Perine played as Vagabond

Dorien Wilson played as John Clancy

Suzanne Whang played as Sue Clancy

Wendy Raquel Robinson played as Nip Stankershet

The Story Line:


The story is about a young attorney that attempts at keeping the peace and gaining a position at the prominent law firm, but on the other hand dating the boss’ daughter in secret and she is the one that he hopes to marry. Then the affectionate girlfriend decided to organize an amazing surprise family get-together during the weekend that both of the families must be present.


His plans blown up all over his face, particularly with the thoughts that the coming of his ghetto-fied kin, the Stankershets. Courtney and Travis portrayed love interests who battles to hold on to each other with their relationship over their two families on wage war in the blast of hilarity. It is a far-east to counter to the Deep South, traditional and strict, Korean traditions versus the present country way of living. At the end part, Travis must discover a means to create peacefully the two families, co-existing sufficient enough for him to have a proposed for the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

The Writers View:

The movie is just like a bad film from the 80’s. Their idea was really great, and maybe not that original, but it will certainly take you to the present Asian black thing that no one talked about. The Asian traditions are so famous that it could have been a unique, but it all concludes with the thought since like white racist who wrote the script. It is also annoying to see a performing Korean wife who is not really Korean, talks with an accent, does not look like one, and does not act like the real Korean woman. The moviemakers just applied Chinese stereotypes and it was really funny at all. What they let the viewers see is not really believable anymore or can make someone laugh either.



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