Keanu (2016)



Keanu is a comedy action movie by director Peter Atencio with writers Alex Rubens and Jordan Peele is gaining positive reviews generally from critics.

The Cast Lists:

Keegan-Michael Key played as Clarence and the Smoke Dresden

Tiffany Haddish played as “Hi-C”, Trina Parker

Ian Casselberry played as King Diaz

Jamar Malachi Neighbors played as Stitches

Will Forte played as Hulka

Jordan Peele played as Rell and the Oil Dresden

Anna Faris played as herself

Luis Guzmán played as Bacon Diaz

Darrell Britt-Gibson played as Trunk

Rob Huebel played as Spencer

Nia Long played as Hannah

Method Man played as Cheddar

Jason Mitchell played as Bud

Keanu Reeves played as Keanu

The Story Line:


Smoke with Oil Dresden, the pair of assassins called as “Allentown Boys”, goes on a drug-processing service run by the Mexican drug alliance and murdered everyone inside, with boss King Diaz. The couple acquires Diaz’s cat Iglesias, and when they are shortly distracted by policemen arriving, the cat escapes. Meanwhile, Rell has just been forsaken by his girlfriend; he locates a cat at the doorstep, takes the rapid liking to it, and called it Keanu. Clarence cousin of Rell came over to applaud him up and encounter Keanu too.


After two weeks, Hannah, Clarence’s wife, and her daughter went out of town together with the husband and the daughter of their family friend, and leaved Clarence alone. Rell, is much better-off in taking care of Keanu, brings Clarence out to view a Liam Neeson film, indicating him he needed to warm up and just be with him. When they come back to Rell’s quarters, they discovered that the place goes through and Keanu was missing. A distressed Rell drags Clarence in the next-door residences of his wide plant dealer Hulka that reluctantly revealed that 17th St. Blips is a local gang, and may have attacked instead the house of Rell. Hulka directed them to the downtown strip club; Clarence and Rell went there, where Rell persuaded Clarence to take on the gangster persona just to infiltrate with the gang, naming themselves as Shark Tank and Tectonic. The two gathered with Hi-C, who originally is doubtful of them, but nevertheless, brings them to encounter with the leader of the gang, Cheddar, who misjudge them for the Boys of Allentown. Cheddar contained Keanu, and they inquire for a cat. He will just return the cat if they will come along as the skilled consultant for the Blips on the run to vend the latest drug named as holy shit, and they both reluctantly agree.

The Writers’ View:

It is always hard to combine comedy and excessive violence because it will come out with a thing that works. Here is the other sample of why it did not work. There is really nothing funny about gangs shooting and murders it out. The cat that did not grow past from being a kitten is really the highlight of this film. It is so nice to watch a film like this that has a cute cat on the screen. For those that are a huge fan of Peele and Key, their show will be something that is going around your existence. There is a lot to expect in this movie, a bit of good laughs to come with little disappointments too. Keanu was not really a total fail because it had its opinion, its moments, and Peele and Key were obviously hilarious as ever.

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