Masterminds (2016)



The film is a comedy movie from the October 1997 Robbery happened in North Carolina. The writer is Chris Bowman with directors Jared Hess, Emily Spivey, and Hubbel Palmer.

The Cast Lists:

Kristen Wiig played as Kelly Campbell

Zach Galifianakis played as David Scott Ghantt

Jon Daly played as the Detective

Karsten Friske played as Cort Chambers

Dallas Edwards played as Ken Chambers

Mary Elizabeth Ellis played as Michelle Chambers

Jordan Israel played as Valet

Leslie Jones played as Scanlon, FBI Special Agent

Ross Kimball played as Eric

Devin Ratray played as Runny

Ken Marino played as Doug

Kate McKinnon played as Jandice

Njema Williams played as Ty

Owen Wilson played as Steven Eugene Chambers

Jason Sudeikis played as Michael Aaron McKinney

The Story Line:


In 1997, a robbery of $18.8 million took place at the Loomis Fargo and Company in Jacksonville by Philip Noel Johnson, the company security guard. This provides Steve Eugene Chambers and Kelly Campbell the thought of also robbing Loomis. They engaged David Scott Ghantt Loomis armored auto driver. Right after some gawky training in grounding of the robbery, the squad has David gone into Loomis’ vault and then loaded the total money supply in the company car. Before he left, David brings out three CCTV videos, but missed one. The following day, David takes flight to Mexico with the $20,000 and brings the cover label of Michael McKinney, the name of Steve’s friend. In the meantime, Steve seized most of the heist of about $17 million.


The FBI Sp. Agent Scanlon with her partner takes the case, and instantly has David the major suspect, but there was no idea of Steve’s has been involved here. Steve planned to cut David slack, but Kelly thought it might not right abandoning him. While in Mexico, David barely escaped from the 3 Interpol mediators searching for him, and then phoned Kelly regarding what happened. Sadly, he inadvertently discovered Steve’s identity from an ID in the wallet that Kelly handed to him. Finding out that the cover being puff, Steve hired McKinney to locate and murder David. He takes a trip to Mexico and tried for shooting David, but a gun backfired and David runs away. David calls Kelly and finds out that Steve was attempting on murdering him, and that Steve may not transfer the cash for him as being expected. David was knocked lifeless by McKinney. When the time that David regains his consciousness, McKinney was about to murder him, but think twice before glancing at McKinney’s birth records. Imagining that David was born out under similar circumstances; they became buddies.

The Writers’ View:

Despite having comic juggernauts just like Kristen Wiig with the rest of the cast, Zach Galifianakis was the main powerhouse and the genius one that made the film flow. When he wasn’t on display, it did not run the same when he was on it. He played brilliant stupidity that he may have you broken a gut uncontrollably. The more foolish it is, the funnier it gets. Proving that the movie was really funny being a true statement, because Galifianakis heads an ensemble cast list in the story based on real events regarding a security guard that is living a boring life and is about to wed to the woman that would have him not until his co-employee applied her lady charm in order to convince him in assisting her friend to rob their employer. The movie is an adorable, laid out heist film, but the movie has so many comical masterminds in it.


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