Zoolander 2 (2016)



The film is a comedy movie by director Ben Stiller with writer Justin Theroux, John Hamburg, Nicholas Stoller and Stiller. It is the continuation of the 2001 movie Zoolander.

The Cast Lists:

Ben Stiller played as Derek Zoolander

Owen Wilson played as Hansel McDonald

Fred Armisen played as VIP

Cyrus Arnold played as the Derek Zoolander Jr.

Penélope Cruz played as Valentina Valencia

Benedict Cumberbatch played as All

Jon Daly played as Agent Filippo

Will Ferrell played as Jacobim Mugatu

Nathan Lee Graham played as Todd

Kyle Mooney played as Don Atari

Sting played himself

Kristen Wiig played as Alexanya Atoz

Justin Theroux played as Evil DJ

Christine Taylor played as the ghost of Matilda Jeffries

Billy Zane played as himself

Milla Jovovich played as Katinka Ingaborgovinananananana

The Story Line:


In a Trend Interpol, Valentina Valencia examined the manifestations of the recently killed pop singers’ last pictures and believed that they match with Derek Zoolander’s trademark look, “Blue Steel”. A flashback reveals that the Derek Zoolander Foundation for the Kids Who Cannot Read Fine collapsed, murdering Matilda Jeffries and damaging Hansel McDonald. Derek then lost guardianship of his son, Derek Jr., and declared his living from modeling and following reclusion. Derek now stayed alone in New Jersey in the extreme north. Billy Zane visited and provided him a request to Atoz House fashion showed by Alexanya Atoz, and then persuaded him to go back to the normal regular living in order to recover the custody of his son. In an “uncharted Malibu region”, Hansel goes back to his home right after dinner and was notified by the orgy that they were all pregnant and the father happens to be him. He is later provided with the same request by Zane. After their reunion, Hansel and Derek were tracked by Valentina, who asked them to assist the Interpol uncover whoever was behind the systematic killing.


During the day of the fashion show, Hansel and Derek were surprised to discover that the change in the fashion world is being dominated by the likes of Don Atari with the no-binary gendered All. They were placed on the runway in the “Old” and the “Lame” outfits and were soaked by the large pail of prunes. After that, Alexanya congratulated them with their performance.

The Writers’ View:

In this movie, the cast were all good in their performances. Hansel and Derek were still in the same characters and also they performed them with interests and Mugatu did well also. Unfortunately, there are some things that is not pretty much pleasing, like the humor that did not work that well. This kind of movie is an example of the beliefs that bigger will not always mean better. The first Zoolander was a small comedy film and with relatively too small budget where it evolved being a cult movie. Meanwhile, the Zoolander 2 attempted on being bigger than the initial one and but sadly, it doesn’t work that well, because this sequel is about Derek, who attempts on locating his son, while the male models were being killed, and it actually didn’t pay off that good in the end.

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