Popstar (2016)



The film is a documentary comedy movie directed by Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. The film received favorable reviews from their critics; still the film grossed about $9.5 million worth from their funds of $20 million.

The Cast Lists:

Andy Samberg played as Conner Friel, “Kid Conner”, Conner-4-Real

Eric André played as Dreadlocked, CMZ Reporter

Will Arnett played as Main, CMZ Reporter

Mike Birbiglia played as Blonde, CMZ Reporter

Joan Cusack played as Tilly, mother of Conner

Will Forte played as bagpipe player of Conner

Bill Hader played as Zippy, roadie of Conner

Joanna Newsom played as the Steam Punk Doctor

Chris Redd played as Hunter, the Hungry

Chelsea Peretti played as Brunette, CMZ Reporter

Maya Rudolph played as Deborah

James Buckley played as Sponge, one of Conner’s entourage

Emma Stone played as Claudia Cantrell

Tim Meadows played as Harry Duggins, manager of Conner

Ashley Moore played as Sarah, personal assistant of Conner

Kevin Nealon played as Gary Sikes, the Label Photographer

Imogen Poots played as Ashley Wednesday, girlfriend of Conner

Sarah Silverman played as Paula Klein, publicist of Conner

Justin Timberlake played as Tyrus Quash, chef of Conner

Akiva Schaffer played as Lawrence Dunn, “Kid Brain” former band mate of Conner

Jorma Taccone played as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard, former band mate of Conner and the present DJ

“Weird Al” Yankovic played as Hammerleg, the Lead Singer

The Story Line:


It is stated in the outline of a musical record, Conner Friel is the musical prodigy at his early age, and he creates a rap group they called The Style Boyz, together with his childhood buddies Lawrence and Owen. They instantly gain popularity in the industry of music, motivating today’s musicians. But, failing to gain credits for writing guest verse of Conner on the Poppy-successful single of “Turn Up the Beef”, then Lawrence leaves.

Right after the Style Boyz was split-up; Conner became the solo act, taking with the identity “Conner4Real”, together with Owen is the DJ. Lawrence started farming in Colorado right after a failed trial on going solo. The debut album of Conner’s Thriller, too, rockets to the highest of the diagram and Conner’s popularity increases. In year 2015, Conner introduced the sophomore album, the Conquest, it gains awful reviews because of Conner applying hundreds of producers instead of Owen’s beats. Having sales that are surprisingly low, Harry, Conner’s manager, suggested having Aquaspin, the manufacturer that sponsor the tour and creates home appliances. The company’s appliances started playing the songs of Conner, causing the countrywide power outage which generated the wave of backlash to Conner’s fans.


Conner started with the album tour, and the show did not sell well as he was hoping. Harry suggested that they appointed Hunter the Hungry, a hip-hop artist as a beginning act, and the sales of tickets started to rise. Conner begins to add some new gimmicks with his acting, with the robotic mask of Owen, publicizing his rapport with the actress Ashley Wednesday and a stage trap where he alters his costumes in seconds just behind the curtain. The trick is apparently spoiled in Nashville, when Conner turned into a naked mid – concert, hence becoming the topic of mockery.

The Writers’ View:

This is absolutely one of the great movies! The documentary is loveable with popular rappers and musicians that add-on to the satire. The story is so attacking for it is really true with the song writing skills of music nowadays. If you have the best beat, throw in a group of catch sayings a very cool voice, and add one more popular singer to back up the couple of lines and then you’ve got a new rap/hip hop song. I completely recommend with this very entertaining movie for anybody to enjoy and sit back great comedy movie.

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