My Blind Brother (2016)


The film is a romantic comedy-drama movie by director Sophie Goodhart. The movie had their world premiere on March 12, 2016 at the South by Southwest. The movie was released in a partial release and through videotape on demand by the Starz Digital and Orion Pictures on 23 of September, 2016. It was also on record that Starz had obtained the distribution rights of the movie.

The Cast Lists:

Nick Kroll played as Bill

Adam Scott played as Robbie

Charlie Hewson played as GT

Zoe Kazan played as Francie

Heidi Lewandowski played as Clarese Singer

Maryann Nagel played as Jane

Jenny Slate played as Rose

Talia Tabin played as Micia

Greg Violand played as Phill

The Story Line:


The story is about an overachieving blind guy Robbie, together with his unaccomplished sibling Bill, they were competing to win the same woman, Rose. The rivalry of two brothers arrived at a fever pitch while on their charity swim contest.

Robbie is a winner blind athlete and also a local philanthropic brave man doted on by their society and seemingly not capable of doing wrong. His evidently well-earned egoism was fed by his numerous, televised campaign to rise over his incapability while also putting up some cash for charity, where right after every victorious feat, he is bordered by gushing journalists who seemed not to notice that he is telling unchanged joke every time…”You look gorgeous today,” Robbie is a blind guy that is telling every female associate of the press. Robbie’s unassuming, hapless brother Bill is aware that the actual Robbie is arrogant, rude, and selfish but still, he guide-dog loyally runs each marathon by the side of Robbie and never creates a peep when he does not takes any accolades, or even when their own parents repeatedly criticize him.


One evening, Bill flee the harsh Robbie- worship by striking up a local bar, where in spite of all his finest efforts to represent himself as unappealing and unworthy, he gets so lucky with a like hearted and an attractive lady known as Rose. Bill is blame-ridden since the blindness of Robbie was the outcome of their childhood accident and he was involved. Then, Rose is also a guilt-ridden since right after she notifies her fiancé that she wanted to break him; he anxiously crossed the road and was then hit and killed by the coming bus.

The Writers’ View:

There are many writers that gave a positive feedback about this movie and so do I. The movie takes an apparently dark basis about a guy of few qualities that tries to take ahead with his over-success blind brother’s girlfriend, and then it became a featherweight play as winningly unimpressive as the core couple played by Slate and Kroll. This is way how the two passionate stars in the movie bring in themselves with other, and who will not love them immediately. The story itself is genuinely creative, unlike the other movies at this fair.

Watch My Blind Brother online


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