Love & Friendship (2016)


Love & Friendship, 2016

The film is a period comedy movie of director, writer Whit Stillman. It is a novel Lady Susan by Jane Austen’s epistolary novel written in 1794.The movie goes over the development of the wry and conniving Lady Susan as she follows the well-off and unlucky Sir James for nuptial originally proposed for her daughter, although she finally marries him herself.

The Cast Lists:

Kate Beckinsale played as Lady Susan Vernon

Tom Bennett played as Mr. James Martin

Morfydd Clark played as Frederica Vernon

Kelly Campbell played as Mrs. Cross

Justin Edwards played as Charles Vernon

Emma Greenwell played as Catherine Vernon

Stephen Fry played as Mr. Johnson

James Fleet played as Mr. Reginald DeCourcy

Jenn Murray played as Lady Lucy Manwaring

Conor MacNeill played as the young Curate

Jemma Redgrave played as Lady DeCourcy

Sophie Radermacher played as Ms. Maria Manwaring

Chloë Sevigny played as Alicia Johnson

Xavier Samuel played as Reginald DeCourcy

Lochlann O’Mearáin played as Lord Manwaring

The Story Line:

In year 1790, the relatively young and recently widowed Lady Susan Vernon was in search for a wealthy match suited for her daughter, Frederica, and alike wealthy husband for her as well, in order to restore her state of fortunes. Right after being abruptly cast out from the Manwaring estate because of her casual romantic affair with Lord Manwaring, a married man, she with her buddy Mrs. Cross go to the Churchill, her brother-in-law’s country town, Charles Vernon together with his spouse, Catherine Vernon. Lady Susan discussed frankly her plans when they visited her trusted pal, Mrs. Johnson.


Catherine with her sibling, Reginald DeCourcy, was informed of Lady Susan’s reputation as an accomplished and determined flirt. But with the manipulation of the friendly but boring Charles, Reginald agreed to maintain an open thinking, and soon discovers himself enchanted with this Lady Susan. When the father Reginald, Mr. Reginald DeCourcy, grab wind of this, he takes a trip to Churchill to notify Reginald about getting married to Lady Susan in case the surname be dishonored. But Reginald states their connection is not really romantic. But, it is not long before Lady Susan and he has had an understanding.


The Writers’ View:

The funniest character of all in the movie is James Martin. He stole each scene he is in and very time he was shown on the screen, you will not stop laughing. Sadly, he is not in lots of the movie, and the remaining of the film’s humor came in the form of concise liners at the finale of each scene. There were no weak links within the cast, and they all did a great acting with the character that were given to them, but there is still room for improvement and they can still do it better, if they only wanted it to. The film moves at an extremely slow pace, although, it is not really that bad at all. If you are someone that absolutely adored period dramas from the standpoint of a Jane Austen image, then you will probably get more out from this film, but otherwise there is not much anything to expect here.

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