Dirty Grandpa (2016)



This comedy movie is written by John Philips under the direction of Dan Mazer. The movie received an overwhelmingly negative feedback, but was still a box office hit with a gross that is over $99 million from around the wide. It was released theatrically by Lionsgate on January 22, 2016.

The Cast Lists:

Robert De Niro played as Richard Kelly, “Dick”, Jason’s grandfather

Jake Picking played as Cody

Mo Collins played as the Officer Jean Finch

Zac Efron played as Jason Kelly

Zoey Deutch played as Shadia, love interest of Jason

Danny Glover played as Stinky

Michael Hudson played as Brah

Jason Mantzoukas played as Pam

Henry Zebrowski played as the Officer Gary Reiter

Adam Pally played as Nick

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman played as Bradley, an effeminate male friend of Shadia and Lenore

Julianne Hough played as Meredith Goldstein, Jason’s fiancée to an ex- fiancée

Dermot Mulroney played as David, Dick’s son and Jason’s father

Aubrey Plaza played as Lenore, love interest of Dick Kelly and Shadia’s best friend

The Story Line:


Before the wedding, an uptight man is tricked into taking his grandfather to Florida for the spring break and he is a lecherous past Army Lieutenant-Colonel.



The movie filming started in Atlanta on January 19, 2015 and finished on May 9, 2015. After the filming officially finished, it was scheduled again to restart from April 27 up to May 5, with the whole cast and crew as well as filming for the ‘Spring Break’ sceneries at Georgia on the Tybee Island. On April 27, the filming resumed together with Efron, who was preparing for the scenes.

The Writers’ View:

The viewers absolutely loved and adored this film and maybe some can’t wait for the sequel of it if they have any plans on making one. The movie is for sure to bring out the sense of humor to the crowd, although for now that seems pretty common with some other experts and practiced comedians. Although, the movie is not the type that Deniro normally does, but he really did a great job here in performing his part. The movie is really funny from beginning up to the end.

For some older crowd that went to watch this and found this movie too offensive or there is something offending in it, but for sure they will understand it somehow. The movie is not the type to watch together with the kids, but still, it is highly recommended, especially if you are someone don’t get offended easily and have that sense of humor just like the many of us!

Watch Dirty Grandpa online


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