Bad Moms (2016)



The film is a comedy movie mutually written and directed by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas. It received mixed critics and reviews from millions of people from around the worldwide. It already has a planned sequel entitled A Bad Moms Christmas that is set to be viewed this year.

The Cast Lists:

Emjay Anthony played as Dylan Mitchell

Kristen Bell played as Kiki

Mila Kunis played as Amy Mitchell

Oona Laurence played as Jane Mitchell

Christina Applegate played as Gwendolyn James

Lyle Brocato played as Kent

Clark Duke played as Dale Kipler

Megan Ferguson played as Tessa

Kathryn Hahn played as Carla Dunkler

Jay Hernandez played as Jessie Harkness

Wendell Pierce played as the Principal Daryl Burr

Jada Pinkett Smith played as Stacy

Wanda Sykes played as Doctor Elizabeth Karl

Lilly Singh played as Cathy

Billy Slaughter played as Veterinarian

Martha Stewart played as herself

David Walton played as Mike Mitchell

J. J. Watt played as Coach Craig

Annie Mumolo played as Vicky

The Story Line:

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Amy Mitchell is a wedded woman that has two children, Jane and Dylan, who feels overcommitted and overworked. She worked as a sales representative for a hip cafe company, preparing healthful, hand-packed food for lunch for her children, goes to all of the extracurricular activities of the kids, does most of the kids homework, and active in the PTA in her school, who is run by the bossy Gwendolyn James with her cronies, Stacy and Vicky. When she discovered that her husband Mike is cheating on her via internet with the naked dairy farmer, Amy kicks him out and tries to keep all and everything together.


After an exceptional stressful day, Amy quits the PTA in reply to Gwendolyn’s overzealous sale plans with her cakes. In a close by rock bar, Amy meets a sexually-active, laid back, single mom, Carla, and Kiki, the stay-at-home mother of four children, adores Amy’s disagreement with Gwendolyn. Carla and Amy were irritated to find out that Kiki’s spouse is domineering and expected her to be careful with the kids and the house chores, having no assistance at all, while Kiki and Amy were disturbed by Carla’s very accommodating approach with her parenting. The trio goes on board to an all-evening bender that motivates Amy to warm up from her kids: she brings them to ride in the classic car of Mike, takes lunch from Arby’s, and oblige Dylan to defend for himself in preventing him from being entitled and lazy, and takes the over achiever and constantly strained Jane for a day spa. Amy herself decided to begin dating, but discovers herself really inexperienced because of her early marriage and early motherhood. She finally ended up striking a linked with Jessie, the handsome widower in their school who had a crush over her.

The Writers’ View:

This is one more sample of how a fine comedy is a lot harder to create than an action flick or a good drama. I was pulled along with this film by a buddy anticipating that it might not be as hard and tough as the TV trailers and posts are suggesting. The movie will somewhat surprise the viewers, though it will not  make you care that much for the actors and not that funny to make you laugh and create some outlay about the story, but still it failed to have some points to be funny. Since there are some poor dialogue and performances, but honestly, there can be room for improvement for a better high quality film.

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