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Why Him? 2016



This film is a romantic comedy movie of director John Hamburg with writers Ian Helfer and Hamburg. The movie goes after a father who is shocked by his daughter’s recent boyfriend, the unconventional Silicon Valley capitalists.

The Cast Lists:

James Franco played as Laird Mayhew, boyfriend of Stephanie

Bryan Cranston played as Ned Fleming, Barb’s husband and Stephanie’s father

Zoey Deutch played as Stephanie Fleming, Ned and Barb’s daughter, Scotty’s older sister and Laird’s girlfriend.

Megan Mullally played as Barb Fleming, Stephanie’s mother and Ned’s wife

Griffin Gluck played as Scotty Fleming, Ned and Barb’s son and Stephanie’s younger brother who is 15-year old.

Keegan-Michael Key played as Gustav, the butler, the trainer and a calmer assistant and Laird’s best friend. He is the billionaire’s Europe’s hailing estate executive.

Cedric the Entertainer played as Lou Dunne, Ned’s friend

Kaley Cuoco played as the tone of Justine, Laird’s artificial intelligence in-home

Zack Pearlman played as Kevin Dingle, I.T. guy of Ned

Jee Young Han played as Marnie Dingle, the wife of Kevin

Jacob Kemp played as Randy the Intern

Sadie Kate Ngo Hazelett and Grace Ly Ngo Hazelett played as Vanessa Dingle, the daughter of Kevin

Casey Wilson played as Missy Pederman, the primary inventor of Stamp Free Invites, an online request company.

Andrew Rannells played as Blaine Pederman, the next inventor of Stamp Free Invites, an online request company.

Adam DeVine played as Tyson Modell, the inventor of Ghostchat app, a wildly popular app.

Tangie Ambrose played as Patty Dunne, Barb’s friend and Lou’s wife

Steve Bannos played as the Tree Lot Owner Burt

The Story Line:


The movie began with Stanford pupils Stephanie requesting her boyfriend Laird to the Netflix and chill through Facetime. After a short time, they went home in Detroit; Ned is enjoying his 55th natal day with his family and friends at the Applebee’s restaurant. During the slideshow party in his tribute, Stephanie dive in through a webcam to praise him, when abruptly her boyfriend strolls on her and sparks on the camera; to halt the transmission, then Ned ended smashing the laptop. The CEO of the printing company is Ned Fleming, and he has been on a rough time. The establishment is in unable of closing deals and in debt since their customers have progressively had the printing finished in China or transferring to an online ad. Ned discussed with his co-worker Lou Dunne, about the happening from last night. Ned told Lou that Stephanie wanted the other family members to meet Laird, although Stephanie did not talk about having a boyfriend until that night.


Stephanie drove her family to the Laird’s house that is so big to their surprise. She then clarifies to Ned that Laird, the video game company CEO has made him really wealthy. They reach the house, and Laird greeted their family being the fucking Flemings! They also encounter Laird’s personal hand-man Gustav, who acts as the spokesperson of reason to Laird. He provided the family a special tour in his house, with overly complimenting and complete curse words to appear in front of Ned. He showed off the back tattoo where he got off the Christmas cards of the Flemings, with the “Happy Holidays” greetings on the bottom. In the sitting room there is a tank that is filled with a moose totally with urine. The underground has a bowling alley where Laird constructed a mural by Ned, with a complete “crotch-chop” set of his.

The Writers’ View

This film has some funny scenarios that are really not that good. The main character seemed to be obnoxious that that story came off jarring. Mayhew is eccentric and affable but was pushy, tasteless controlling, and dull. The movie requires the audience to think that he’s a billionaire one and that is a stretch. Fleming has legitimate reasons to be upset by Mayhew. The funny scenario all involved Fleming that has been goofed on. The trouble is that in this matter the straight guy is being goofed by a comic personality who came off as being nasty and dull.

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