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Central Intelligence (2016)



This comedy movie of director Rawson Marshall Thurber was written by Thurber, David Stassen and Ike Barinholtz. The movie is about the two old high school buddies who teamed up to rescue America right after one of them joined in the CIA just in order to rescue the world from the terrorist who have the intention to sell the satellite codes.

The Cast Lists:

Dwayne Johnson played as Bob Stone / Robbie Wheirdicht

Kevin Hart played as “Golden Jet” Calvin Joyner

Ryan Hansen played as Steve

Jason Bateman played as Trevor Olson

Dylan Boyack played as the young Trevor Olson

Sione Kelepi played as the young Robbie

Thomas Kretschmann played as The Buyer

Danielle Nicolet played as the Maggie Johnson-Joyner

Melissa McCarthy played as Darla McGuckian

Kumail Nanjiani played as an Airfield security guard

Slaine played as Thug

Aaron Paul played as Phil Stanton

Megan Park played as Lexi

Amy Ryan played as Agent “Pam” Pamela Harris

Phil Reeves played as Principal Kent

Timothy John Smith played as the Agent Nick Cooper

The Story Line:


In 1996, the famous student and the star athlete Calvin Joyner were honored at the high school’s senior gathering. Halfway during Joyner’s speaking, Trevor Olson together with his buddies grab shy, the overweight learner Robbie Wheirdicht coming from the locker room of the boys and just throw him in the assembly nude. Only Joyner together with his girlfriend, Maggie, were supportive towards Wheirdicht, who jog away really quick right after Joyner has handed him his jacket to cover the private parts of his body. Everybody else, with the laugh, the devastated and the bullies Wheirdicht go out of the school and did not appear after the incident.

After twenty years, Joyner ties the knot with Johnson and was employed being a forensic accountant but was dissatisfied about his career. Johnson suggested that they must see a therapist to recover their failing marriage. In their work, Joyner accepted a friend request in the Facebook account from a man known as Bob Stone, who revealed that he was Wheirdicht and requested that they should meet. Joyner was shocked to witness that Wheirdicht has changed into a confident, muscular man. Stone asked Joyner to evaluate some of the accounting records. Joyner interpreted the records as the multi-million dollar dealings from auctioned, with the last payment being set to be paid the next day. Stone evades Joyner’s queries and exhaust the night on the couch.


The Writers’ View:

The movie begun well enough, and the makeover of the previously bullied fatty Wierdich’ in todays’ muscular and huge Rob Stone and how the man now re-entry the life of the co-lead role Calvin Joyner, a man whose distinguished high school proms have in his personal estimated fizzled. Stone was a gloomy enthusiastic and presumed while Joyner played the baffled and unwillingly accommodates nebbish. But it has been carried on that long, injuring for the laugh. Hart being Joyner goes from the normal spoken voice to the Chris Rock method falsetto screaming with evidently tiny provocation and Dwaine Johnson’s played his huge overplayed smile and that cheerful repartee gag often that it turned to be distracting and tiresome. The film was mishandled in opportunities and it gets worse as it plays on.

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