La La Land (2016)



The film is a kind of romantic comedy musical-drama movie of director/writer Damien Chazelle. The plan goes after a musician and the aspiring artist who fall in love after meeting him in Los Angeles. The film pertains to the city of LA (Los Angeles) and to the phrase for being out of trace with reality.

The Cast Lists:

Ryan Gosling played as Sebastian Wilder

Emma Stone played as Mia Dolan

Rosemarie DeWitt played as Laura Wilder

Tom Everett Scott played as David

Meagen Fay played as Mia’s Mom

Jason Fuchs played as Carlo

Damon Gupton played as Harry

Callie Hernandez played as Tracy

John Legend played as Keith

Sonoya Mizuno played as Caitlin

Josh Pence played as Josh

Jessica Rothe played as Alexis

J. K. Simmons played as Bill

Finn Wittrock played as Greg Earnest


The Story Line:

On a busy LA road, an aspiring actress and an on-studio barista, has a flash of road thing with Wilder, a jazz pianist. Mia’s audition’s later becomes poor despite her efforts. During that evening, Mia’s dorm mates bring her to an extravagant party in the Hills of Hollywood. She needs to take an extensive walk going back to her house after discovering that her auto has been dragged. While on a gig in a bistro, Sebastian slides in a fanatical jazz improvisation in spite of warnings coming from bill, the owner. Mia eavesdrop the melody as she passed by. Moved, she goes on during the moment that Sebastian was fired. When her outbursts, Mia tries to praise him, but he frigidly brushes her off.

After months, Mia meets Sebastian at one more party where he is playing the 1980 pop wrap-up band, where she mock him. Right after the gig, they walk together to discover their cars, mournful being with each other’s band in spite the obvious chemistry between them. Mia brings Sebastian for a walk in the movie lot, clearing up her love for acting; Sebastian brings Mia to a jazz disco, illustrating his love for jazz and wants to own his personal club. They comfort each other then. Sebastian invited Mia to go to a movie, and Mia accepted it, forgetting the commitment earlier for a double date. Unhappy with the event, she rushes and leaves the theater, discovering Sebastian as the movie started.  The two then concluded their date to a romantic boogie in the place of Griffith Observatory.


The Writers’ View:

The opening sequence will really take your breath away and still never get it. Until the end – your head will be left spinning. It is a wonderful movie with soul, charm, style, wit, and love. It is really outrageous! Fantastic and bold and Ryan Gosling is a melancholy genius while Emma Stone is the real muse. The movie defies genre and a real masterpiece. After watching the movie, you will still feel like singing the lasting refrain which plays your soul. It is the music of firmament, dreaming and still flying…

Watch La La Land online


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