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Hail, Caesar! (2016)



This comedy movie is all together written, edited, produced, and directed by Ethan and Joel, the Coen brothers. The movie is the fictional tale that goes after the real-life “settler” Eddie Mannix employed in the Hollywood movie industry in 1950, attempting to find out what happened to one of their members who just vanished during the filming.

The Cast Lists:

Josh Brolin played as Eddie Mannix, the tough and the fighter “fixer”

Emily Beecham played as Dierdre, the actress that appears opposite with Hobie Doyle during Doyle’s debut.

Clancy Brown played as the co-star in Hail, Caesar!: The Tale of the Christ

Natasha Bassett played as Gloria DeLamour

John Bluthal played as Herbert Marcuse

George Clooney played as Baird Whitelock, he is Robert Taylor kind of film star.

Alden Ehrenreich played as Hobie Doyle, the Kirby Grant-type or the singing cowboy actor

Ralph Fiennes played as Laurence Laurentz, the applauded European movie director, long residence in the US.

Heather Goldenhersh played as Natalie, the secretary of Mannix

Michael Gambon, the narrator

Jonah Hill played as Joseph Silverman, the surety agent that is employed by the studio.

Allan Havey played as Protestant Clergyman

Scarlett Johansson played as DeeAnna Moran, the Esther Williams kind of actress who was pregnant while the movie is in the making.

Wayne Knight played as an unnamed movie extra and socialist operative

Alex Karpovsky played as Mr. Smitrovich

Christopher Lambert played as Arne Slessum, the Scandinavian movie maker

Dolph Lundgren played as a commander in the Soviet submarine that brings Burt Gurney to the state of Russia.

Frances McDormand played as the movie editor C.C. Calhoun

Verónica Osorio played as Carlotta Valdez, the Carmen Miranda kind of actress.

Alison Pill played as Connie Mannix, the wife of Eddie Mannix

Robert Picardo played as Rabbi

Tilda Swinton played as both Thessaly and Thora Thacker, the identical warfare twin sister rumor columnists

Channing Tatum played as Burt Gurney, the mysterious Gene Kelly kind of actor and dancer.

Robert Trebor played as the producer of the Hail, Caesar!

Max Baker played as Hermann, John Howard and the head screenwriters of the communist

Greg Baldwin played as Dutch Zweistrong, one of the Communist screenwriters

Patrick Fischler played as Benedict, one of the Communist screenwriters

David Krumholtz one of the Communist screenwriters

Fred Melamed played as Fred, one of the Communist screenwriters

Fisher Stevens one of the Communist screenwriters

The Story Line:


In the year 1951, Eddie Mannix was the head of the physical production at the Capitol Pictures and it he also works as the “fixer” to carry on with the scandalous attitude of the stars away from the press. He usually has to fend off investigation from Thessaly and Thora Thacker, the rival gossip columnist twin sisters. The Lockheed Corporation had been courting him and has an offered position for a high-level executive, but was unsure about accepting it. When the unmarried coordinated swimming personality DeeAnna Moran became pregnant, Mannix organized in placing the baby in a foster care, and then taking the baby without telling herself being the mother.


The studio’s main production is Hail, Caesar! The Tale of the Christ, this is an epic setting in the ancient Roman moment and stars Baird Whitlock. During the shot, Whitlock sip from a wine goblet that was prepared with an extra; he passed out while practicing lines by himself after the soundstage and was kidnapped. The ransom letter soon came out, written by the crowd that called themselves as “The Future,” and demanded for $100,000. Mannix settles to take the cash from the Accounting Department of the studio, and marked as “petty cash.”

The Writers’ View:

“Hail, Caesar!” Is a movie of moments, which means that the moment it is over, you will surely recall some scenes you enjoyed, like some actor cameos you appreciated, and if you are so lucky, there are lines you may quote verbatim. At the finale of a day, the sporadic funniness that those tiny moments provided was not sufficient to recommend a movie. The Coen brothers do not appear to be aware what direction they wanted to take this movie, and with concise runtime, there is no time to take good usage of the stars they possibly paid quite small to illustrate up on set for a day. This provides the movie the feel and look that most of the stars are simply battling over screen time, and surely that is not funny, particularly when you have the real talent that has been momentarily shown.

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