Finding Dory (2016)



The film is a comedy-drama, adventure movie of a 3D computer-animation under the production of Pixar Animation Studios and was released by the Pictures of Walt Disney. Co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton with co-direction of Mr. Angus MacLane, while the screenplay was written by Stanton and Victoria Strouse. The movie is a sequel to the 2003 Finding Nemo film and features the coming back voices of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres.

The Cast Lists

Albert Brooks played as Marlin, the ocellaris clownfish

Ty Burrell played as Bailey, the beluga whale

Ellen DeGeneres played as Dory, the regal blue tang

Bennett Dammann played as Squirt, Crush’s son

Torbin Xan Bullock played as Gerald, an outcast sea lion

Idris Elba played as Fluke, the sea lion

Willem Dafoe played as Gill, the Moorish idol

Brad Garrett played as Bloat, the pufferfish

Alexander Gould played as Passenger Carl, the truck driver

Lucia Geddes played as Tween Dory

Bill Hader played as Stan, the kelp bass

Allison Janney played as Peach, the pink starfish

Vicki Lewis played as Deb/Flo, the 4-striped damselfish

Eugene Levy played as Charlie, father of Dory

Diane Keaton played as Jenny, mother of Dory

Sloane Murray played as Baby Dory

Angus MacLane played as Charlie, the sunfish

Kate McKinnon played as Stan’s wife

Stephen Root played as Bubbles, the yellow tang

John Ratzenberger played as Bill, a crab

Katherine Ringgold played as Kathy, the chickenfish

Dominic West played as Rudder, the sea lion

Jerome Ranft played as Jacques, the cleaner shrimp

Hayden Rolence played as Nemo, the young positive clownfish

Ed O’Neill played as Hank, the red cranky East Pacific octopus

Kaitlin Olson played as Destiny, the myopic whale shark

Bob Peterson played as Mr. Ray, the spotted eagle ray

Austin Pendleton played as Gurgle, the royal Gramma

Andrew Stanton played as Crush, the green sea turtle

Sigourney Weaver played as herself, the voice in the intercom announcer


The Story Line

Dory, since childhood became separated with her parents. But as she grows up, she tries on searching for them, and slowly forgetting them because of her short-term memory gap. After unintentionally runs in with Marlin, the father-clownfish, who’s searching for Nemo, she goes with him to help. A year after Nemo with Marlin reunite, Dory has been a helping hand and a friend in raising Nemo. At some point during a field trip together with Nemo’s class to study regarding migration, Dory remembers through her childhood flashback or memory that she owns a family. She chooses to store for them, but discover her temporary memory loss to be a hindrance. The only thing she recalls is that they stayed at the Morro Bay Jewels.

Nemo and Marlin accompany Dory with her quest. With the assistance of Crush, they travel to water existing in California. Upon coming in, Dory accidentally wakes up by a predatory squid, that right away pursues them, almost consuming Nemo while on the hunt. Marlin is likely to his son later and berates Dory is forgetting him, almost killed. Feeling hurt, Dory takes a journey to the surface to look for assistance and was detained by members from the closeby Marine Life Institute right after being trapped in 6 pack rings. Dory was brought to the quarantine area and tagged. There she encountered the grouchy 7-legged octopus called as Hank. Dory’s tag describes that she will be transported to an aquarium in the Cleveland area. Because a of the Hank traumatic ocean life, the octopus just wanted to live in an aquarium all his life instead of being set back to the ocean, so he made an agreement with Dory that in exchange of her tag, he will assist her in locating her parents.


The Writers’ View

I am very optimistic to watch this film for a long time since I am a very big fan of Finding Nemo, but unfortunately, the movie is a big difference with what I am expecting. The temporary memory lost here is somewhat an old trick and a bit annoying. I could not laugh or even chuckle with the thrown jokes in the film and the story is somewhat in a rush. Nemo and Marlin were also presented just fine in the movie. The dynamic in between the 3 of them were still click with the audience but somehow, the adventures being portrayed for them to play was not really that thrilling and exciting and the journey of assisting Dory in searching for her parents did not even evoke some of the emotions of the viewers. There are so much more fun and emotions with Finding Nemo when compared to this movie. Really, I am a bit disappointed here.

For Finding Dory trailers you can see it here.


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