Sausage Party (2016)



This is an adult comedy and computer-animated film of director Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan with writers Kyle Hunter, Seth Rogen, Ariel Shaffir and Evan Goldberg. The film gained positive reviews from their critics and grossed of above $140 million.

The Casts Lists:

Seth Rogen played as Frank Wienerton, the sausage

Anders Holm played as Troy, the sausages packed

Michael Dobson played as the queso

Jonah Hill played as Carl, the sausage friend of Frank and Barry.

Ian Hanlin played as the beet

Salma Hayek played as Teresa del Taco, the lesbian taco shell

Michael Cera played as Barry, the deformed sausage having dwarfism

James Franco played as the Druggie, the primary known human to perceive foods as alert beings.

Bill Hader played as Firewater, the old Native American drunk bottle of liquor

Nick Kroll played as Douche, the major antagonist and the devil feminine hygiene stuffed

David Krumholtz played as Kareem Abdul Lavash, the Middle Eastern lavash

Danny McBride played as the container of Bickle’s Honey Mustard, mistook mustard.

Edward Norton played as Sammy Bagel Jr., the Jewish Woody Bagel

Craig Robinson played as Mr. Grits, the box of grits

Paul Rudd played as Darren, Shopwell’s manager called as the “Dark Lord”

Scott Underwood played as Gum, the Stephen Hawking bubble gum

Conrad Vernon played as the toilet paper roll at Druggie’s house

Kristen Wiig played as Brenda Bunson, the hotdog bun

Alistair Abell played as gefilte fish and mariachi salsa

Iris Apatow played as Berry Good Candies, coconut milk and another grape

Sugar Lyn Beard played as the half-eaten cookies and baby carrot at Druggie’s house

Ian James Corlett played as an apple, the jar of relish, the French sack of Ticklish Licorice, and the bag of food for dogs

Brian Dobson played as the lettuce and Italian tomato

Michael Daingerfield played as the box of Chunk Munchers Flakes, the Indian chutney, and the energy proficient light bulb

Maryke Hendrikse played as the cherry drink mixer, Loretta, a plum, the Frozen Fruitz, and a hotdog bun

Lauren Miller played as Camille Toh, the tampon and the lady who purchased the food

Nicole Oliver played as Sally, the female shopper, the hotdog bun that squished, the watermelon and ice cream

Kelly Sheridan played as Roberta, the female shopper, the hotdog bun and grape

Jason Simpson played as a plum, a fat guy; a fit man and a beer keg

Greg Tiernan played as the Irish potato and a noodle soup

Vincent Tong played as Pislitz Chips; the grape juice box of Juicius Maximus; and the jug of Jamaican rum

Samuel Vincent played as the old pork sausage, the half-eaten sandwich, the can of refried beans, the licorice rope and the Pop Tart

Harland Williams played as the bottle of ketchup, the Baba ganoush, and the drug dealer


The Story Line:

Shopwell’s is a supermarket that is full of anthropomorphic grocery stuffs and human shoppers were adored like the goddess who take foodstuffs to “Great Beyond” upon buying. Among the foodstuffs inside the store, Frank is the sausage who has thoughts of living together with Brenda, his hotdog bun girlfriend, where they can ultimately consummate their connection.

After Brenda and Frank packages were chosen by costumer Camille Toh and will then leave Shopwell’s, the Honey Mustard jar that was returned informs the in doubts groceries that Great Beyond was all a lie but no one listens apart from Frank. Honey Mustard buzz on Frank to search out for the bottle of liquor called as Firewater, before performing suicide. This produces accidental cart smash that causes Brenda, Frank, and some other groceries to fall, with Douche that gets a bent nozzle and plan a revenged towards Brenda and Frank.


Looking to confirm the warning of Honey Mustard, Frank heads Brenda, Sammy Bagel Jr., Kareem Abdul Lavash, to the liquor aisle, inventing to take the shortcut going to their aisles. There, he burns marijuana and discoveries from Firewater that he, together with the other non-fragile stuffs made the story about the Great Beyond, being a noble falsehood to lessen past foods’ worries of being consumed by shoppers. Frank, swear to tell the fact to the groceries, was encouraged to go afar from the section of freezer to look for some proofs.

The Writers’ View

In the long run of the movie, there are things that viewers might be worried about. Like the impact of this film with the other rated-R animated films; the effect of this movie with the other films with identical fashion; like the affect of Shrek to kids and how Shrek was amusing and created money, and so the other studios, and also DreamWorks themselves, attempts to duplicate the success, but ended up really bad as a self-aware Parody film like a movie in 2005.

I would still recommend watching this movie and give it a chance since I had fun watching it. I respect it for not just throwing crap at the walls and anticipate the viewers to laugh. The movie is not the usual “Adult Swim Fodder” but it is a film that really understands what being “Satire” is, and this film is really great to watch with an R-rated animated film.


For more trailer of Sausage Party.


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