Love the Coopers (2015)



The movie is an American Christmas comedy movie of director Jessie Nelson with writer Steven Rogers. The movie was released by Lionsgate and generally received negative reviews with a grossed amount of $42 million.

The Cast Lists:

*Alan Arkin played as Bucky                                        *Timothée Chalamet played as Charlie

*Alex Borstein played as Angie                                    *Blake Baumgartner played as Madison

*John Goodman played as Sam                                    *Ed Helms played as Hank

*Diane Keaton played as Charlotte                             *Jake Lacy played as Joe

*Anthony Mackie played as Percy Williams             *Marisa Tomei played as Emma

*Amanda Seyfried played as the waitress                 *June Squibb aunt Fishy

*Olivia Wilde played as Eleanor

The Story Line:

As Sam and Charlotte were to divorce after their forty years of matrimony, Charlotte wanted to have just one last Christmas where everyone in her family will be there to enjoy, and to remember it being the ideal complete Christmas before they will announce their agreement for separation or divorce.

All throughout the show, scenes swings to unlike situations from the Cooper clan. Hank is presently getting better from his divorce with his wife Angie, and attempts to search for a new job right after being swap as a family photographer by a photographer machine, and that’s make him no longer wanted. Charlotte and Sam take Hank’s daughter, Madison and aunt Fishy to run some tasks like Christmas shopping. But the still couple lost Madison within a store and must appear in front to take her when she suddenly says a phrase, “You two were such a dick”. Eleanor waited for her flight in the airport and locates an Army soldier, Joe. The two of them talk about their unlike point of views and attitude on relationships. Eleanor doesn’t want to be involves in a relationship due to the hardship and burden it may give her, and she also told this to everybody together with her parents, who also believes that she must be in a relationship. Then, Eleanor encourages him at last to go home with her, and they will act as if he is her boyfriend for the coming Christmas so her parents will then be pleased.

A local female diner waitress is the good buddy of Bucky, a regular old-fashioned senior client who takes pleasure of her company, but has been in an argument with him since she did not told him that it will be her last day of work and will then move to the other diner for a total fresh change. Charlie, Hank’s older child makes a move with his crush Lauren, and when he kissed her, an introvert police official, Percy Williams arrested Emma, Charlotte’s sister, right after trying to steal a jewel by placing it inside her mouth. Going versus a protocol, Percy goes down with the discussion Emma begins, which ended in his revelation of his homosexuality.

The Writers’ View:

The movie was pleasantly surprising by the great collection of cast in this film. Each major character had their story that will surely make you laugh or touch your heart. I believe that Diane Keaton plays her character well and did a really good in this movie. The other two that stood out in this movie were Olivia Wilde and Marisa Tomei and each of their charm had their time in the movie so it doesn’t seem like there is someone that has been left out in the movie. Although, it’s not an ideal Christmas movie but still, it is worth watching for the coming Holiday season with your family beside you.


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