Hot Pursuit 2015


This American comedy movie of director Anne Fletcher is written by John Quaintance and David Feeney. The film was released by Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and New Line Cinema. Hot Pursuit grossed a total of $51.5 million for worldwide screening.

The Cast Lists

Mike Birbiglia played as Steve                                          Joaquín Cosio played as Vicente Cortez

Matthew Del Negro played as Detective Hauser          Michael Ray Escamilla played as Angel

Jim Gaffigan played as Red                                               Robert Kazinsky played as Randy

David Jensen played as Wayne Richard                         T. Jones played as U.S. Marshall Jackson

Vincent Laresca played as Felipe Riva                           Benny Nieves played as Jesus

Evaluna Montaner played as Teresa Cortez                  Sofía Vergara played as Daniella Riva

Reese Witherspoon played as Rose Cooper                  Benny Nieves played as Jesus

John Carroll Lynch played as Captain Emmett

Michael Mosley played as Detective Dixon

The Story Line

Rose is a Department officer at San Antonio Police, whose work principles are really intense. Rose is always compared to names with screw-ups, like the incidents of overreacting when the son of the mayor yells “Shotgun!” taser him and sets him on fire when the alcoholic drink spills off. Captain Emmett notifies Cooper that she will guide the US Deputy Marshal Jackson, defending Felipe Riva together with his wife Daniella. Riva should go to Dallas to be a witness towards disreputable cartel leader Cortez, Vicente. Jackson and Cooper reached the Riva home, then, the two men in masked shoot and murdered Felipe and Jackson while Daniella and Cooper are upstairs setting their things. Daniella takes a suitcase, and the women flee in Riva’s auto. When Cooper drags the auto seat over, Daniella takes her bag to go away by herself, heading Cooper to chain herself to Daniella to be sure she is near her.

The women are discovered by Cooper’s partner officers Hauser and Dixon. When Cooper identifies a tattoo that states the officers being the killer, the women imagine that Daniella haves her monthly period so they can move to the restroom and make them run away. They expect to go to Dallas, where Daniella may witness towards Cortez. The women realize that Cooper is believed to be a fugitive that is running away with Daniella. A close van plows into the auto, scattering hidden cocaine anywhere. Cooper turned out to be high on cocaine and catch the truck driver to take them to a clothing store nearby. Hauser and Dixon showed up, heading the women to go away in a van clasp to a pickup-truck. Then and there, Cooper discovers that Daniella’s bags have many shoes with fake diamonds inside that were a present from her dead brother. After the auto is parked, Cooper investigates the van for keys, when the holder, Red, comes back with a gun. Daniella originally escapes, but return to Cooper and imagined to be her lover, a lesbian.

The Writers View

The movie is really funny and loveable with the entertaining action scenarios and ladies that seem to be sweeter than sugar. It is shocking Reese Witherspoon approved to this movie, because it is a poor comedy for her. However, there is a glimpse of better acting abilities with Sofia, when she proved her serious and evil side. She may portray a great unlawful acting, but for a little glimpse. I must admit that throughout the movie there are great female oriented jokes, although that screaming Sofia did seem to be irritating for a while.


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