Nina Forever 2015


The movie is a horror comedy movie mutually written and directed by siblings Chris and Ben Blaine. They both want to remain the movie from sliding into camp, and so they maintained the tone solemn enough that the public can relate to the charms and their trials despite the condition. The Blaine brothers said that they did not ask for permission to create a film, but instead, they prepared the film they desire and requested for others to be occupied while in the making.

nina forever 2016

The Cast Lists

Cian Barry played as Rob                               –              Elizabeth Elvin played as Sally

Abigail Hardingham played as Holly             –              Fiona O’Shaughnessy played as Nina

David Troughton played as Dan

The Story Line

Rob’s girlfriend Nina who died from a car accident, Rob attempted suicide but unfortunately it was not a success. As he started to conquer his grief, he then fall in-love with Holly, his coworker. Their relationship becomes difficult when suddenly Nina, did not find her rest in life after death, when she comes back to life to ironically suffer them whenever it is their intimate moment, like sexual contact. Holly and Rob must discover some means to talk it out with the circumstances and that might put Nina to rest.

The Writers View

The principle of this film makes no sense at all. The ghost of Nina shows up, battered and bloody from the accident that grounds her fatality. The thought about her coming out whenever they are making love is entirely creepy and absurd, but unfortunately, the ghost was just really funny. Each line that comes out of her mouth with such a dry and dark wit, analytic of a British humor and her look broke up most of the serious portions of the film with some levity. The acting is fine and the SFX is horribly done, but the sound is amazing. I just don’t imagine that parts of the movie create for a useful one. As I am watching went on, there had been questions that are starting to run in my mind, like what is her revenge for? There are parts in the movie that does not as expected, but still there are portions that are also entertaining. Although the movie is one of the silly ones and it seemed that there are unfinished questions, but the craziness is what makes it entertaining to watch, and that is what brings them a bit up.



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