Daddy’s Home 2015


The movie is an American comedy movie that is directed by Sean Anders and wrote by writers Brian Burns, John Morris and Anders. The movie was released to theaters in USA on Christmas Day in 2015 by Paramount Pictures, gaining combined assessments from reviewers and has grossed more than $240 million contraries to $69 million budget.

Daddy's Home movie

The Cast Lists

Alessandra Ambrosio played as Karen                      –             Scarlett Estevez played as Megan Mayron

Hannibal Buress played as Griff                                 –             Bill Burr played as Jerry

Linda Cardellini played as Sara Whitaker                –             Bobby Cannavale played as Dr. Emilio Francisco

Jamie Denbo played as Doris                                      –             Will Ferrell played as Brad Whitaker

Thomas Haden Church played as Leo Holt              –             Chris Henchy played as Jason Sinclair or Panda/DJ

Paul Scheer played as DJ “The Whip”                       –             Billy Slaughter played as Squidward

Mark Wahlberg played as Dusty Mayron                  –            Owen Wilder Vaccaro played as Dylan Mayron

Mark L. Young played as Dental hygienist

The Story Line

The movie is regarding a radio mild-mannered administrative Brad, who is assisting to parent his spouse Sara’s two kids, Megan and Dylan, whom she had before with her ex-spouse Dusty. The kids are starting to grow intimate with Brad, like Dylan is revealing him about being picked on at their school, while Megan was asking him to bring her to a dance in her school of a father and daughter tandem. Then one evening, Dusty calls, and finds out about Sara’s being married to Brad. He suddenly declares that he will be coming to visit the next day. Sara is doubtful regarding her former husband that will go to visit them, but it was Brad, who convinces her that still, it is vital for their children that their father and he, the stepfather, establish limitation to each other.

When Dusty show up, Brad is immediately upset with Dusty’s extroverted personality and physical appearance, and how he effortlessly gets along with Dylan and Megan.  But, Dusty is constantly charming Brad into allowing him to stay, despite the protest of Sara regarding the kind of guy he was before. Brad soon finds out that the Dusty real intention was to take out Brad in the lives of the kids’ and be reunited once again with Sara. After multiple events of Dusty coming up, like making a Treehouse for Dylan, giving the children, a dog to play along, and trying to drive a block between Sara and Brad by bringing them to a known fertility doctor, all of these are done by Dusty, hoping that Sara will soon realize Brad’s failure of giving her a baby. Dusty is hoped that through this, Sara will go back to him. Overall, the film describes the two fathers determined to out-do each other and wins the kids heart and be the children’s favorite.

The Writers View

The movie is not really that  good or comic, since it has a poor storyline that obviously needs to develop. The jokes are poor, and the cast felt wasted when they did not deliver what they are expected to show. There are a few funny parts in it that has been seen in the trailer, and so the viewers are left with only that good bit and nothing to expect anything more. The funny parts are not funny anymore since it has been viewed many times. There are immature jokes and poor development of the main casts. It is poorly edited, lacks energy, heart and really not an original comedy film. But on the other hand, the movie still has a gross income that is more than what they budgeted for this film.



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