Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015


This is another comedy movie released by Columbian Pictures of director Andy Fickman. It is the continuation of Paul Blart: Mall Cop from 2009 with writers Nick Bakay and Kevin James as Paul Blart.

The Cast List

The movie stars James being an eponymous cop Paul Blart, together with Neal McDonough, David Henrie as Lane, Vic Dibitetto, Daniella Alonso as Divina Martinez, Jayma Mays as Amy, Shirley Knight as Margaret, and Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart.

paul-blart-mall-cop-2-2015The Story Line

The movie is the initial movie shot on the Steve Wynn estate. After 6 years after, events of the primary movie, Paul Blart is improving from some misfortunes. His wife Amy separated from him 6 days of their wedding and his mother Margaret was murdered after being beaten by a truck of milk. To get better, Paul seized pride in rounding his mall, the Mall of West Orange Pavilion. Paul takes a request for a security officers’ conference in Las Vegas and started to consider that his fortune will change. His daughter Maya Blart finds out that she received at UCLA and arranged to transfer across the state to LA, but in view of her father’s request, she settles on withholding the info for now.

After reaching Las Vegas, Paul and his child meet the GM of Wynn Hotel, an attractive young lady known as Divina Martinez, to whom Paul is attracted directly. He later discovered that she’s having a date with head of hotel security, Eduardo Furtillo. Meanwhile, Maya and the valet at the hotel, Lane become instantly fascinated with each other. Donna Ericone, a guard from the American Mall is attending the conference, and she was aware of Paul’s previous heroics in an incident in the Mall of West Orange Pavilion and considered Paul will seem the keynote speaker of the event. But, Paul finds out that one more security guard, Nick Panero, is also giving a speech.

There’s a tender subplot with a Blart’s daughter and the bellhop that went exactly nowhere and a more forced “affectionate subplot” in between Blart and the hotel manager. She takes increasingly wet and wet for him all through the movie, which for me is really far off an extended of the imagination to accept and comprehend and also heads to nowhere. Blart himself is revolting and beyond unlikable. He is not unwilling and he wanted to be the core of concentration since his rescuing on the mall since 6 years and became totally unrelated the day after. He’s rude, crude, incompetent, and physically not capable to actually do all things heroic. He’d create a really good anti-hero if he was not presented as this modest all American goody 2 shoes as the film did.



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