Man Up 2015


The movie is a British-French comedy and romantic movie directed by Ben Palmer coming from the screenplay writing of Tess Morris. The movie was released by Studio Canal on May, 2015.

The Cast Lists

Simon Pegg played as Jack, Lake Bell played as Nancy, Sharon Horgan played as Elaine, Rory Kinnear played as Sean, Ken Stott played as Bert, Harriet Walter played as Fran, Ophelia Lovibond played as Jessica, Olivia Williams played as Hilary, Stephen Campbell Moore played as Ed, Henry Lloyd-Hughes played as Daniel, Dean-Charles Chapman played as Harry and Robert Wilfort played as Ryan.


The Story Line

The movie chased after a 34-year-old single lady Nancy, who, after being wrong for an unfamiliar blind date discovers the ideal boyfriend with a 40-year-old separated guy, Simon. Her buddy and sister expect that Nancy may find love that will encourage her to place herself out there. Nancy encountered a failed blind date with one of her friend’s engagement gathering. The parents’ of Nancy are about to commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary. Nancy then takes a train going to London. Inside the train, Nancy just sits in a diagonal place from Jessica, the 24-year-old lady who is going on a date, a blind date based on the self-help book known as “6 Billion People And You.” While seated, Nancy was rude to Jessica, so Jessica left and leaves her book with Nancy. Nancy then hunt Jessica to give back the book, but is blocked by Jack, the blind date of Jessica. Nancy chooses to take the chance and make believe that she is Jessica, and both of them have a very nice time bowling and drinking, but unluckily Nancy’s ruse is damaged when they go into Nancy’s scary middle school friend, Sean.

Jack and Nancy argue and go back to the bar, where they jog into Jack’s future-ex-wife together with the guy she is committing an affair. Nancy needed to console Jack in the rest room and assist him achieve his closure. Nancy wanted to request Jack to the anniversary party of her parents, but Jessica contact out to Jack and she still wanted to meet up, and so the two of them part ways. Nancy’s heart is breaking and Jack then realizes that allowing her to go was a misunderstanding. He signs up the assistance of some youth to look for Nancy’s house and then they decided to seize the chance with each other.

The writers’ point of view

There are certain things in the movie that seems like they come out of nowhere like the character of Rory Kinnear. His character here was funny and everything, but this would still be the same without him, apart for an impressive climax. In conclusion, the movie is a heartfelt and genuine film, which will really make you feel really good in the end. Great plot, great performances, and well performed comedy make the movie, one of British best.



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