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Daddy’s Home 2015


The movie is an American comedy movie that is directed by Sean Anders and wrote by writers Brian Burns, John Morris and Anders. The movie was released to theaters in USA on Christmas Day in 2015 by Paramount Pictures, gaining combined assessments from reviewers and has grossed more than $240 million contraries to $69 million budget.

Daddy's Home movie

The Cast Lists

Alessandra Ambrosio played as Karen                      –             Scarlett Estevez played as Megan Mayron

Hannibal Buress played as Griff                                 –             Bill Burr played as Jerry

Linda Cardellini played as Sara Whitaker                –             Bobby Cannavale played as Dr. Emilio Francisco

Jamie Denbo played as Doris                                      –             Will Ferrell played as Brad Whitaker

Thomas Haden Church played as Leo Holt              –             Chris Henchy played as Jason Sinclair or Panda/DJ

Paul Scheer played as DJ “The Whip”                       –             Billy Slaughter played as Squidward

Mark Wahlberg played as Dusty Mayron                  –            Owen Wilder Vaccaro played as Dylan Mayron

Mark L. Young played as Dental hygienist

The Story Line

The movie is regarding a radio mild-mannered administrative Brad, who is assisting to parent his spouse Sara’s two kids, Megan and Dylan, whom she had before with her ex-spouse Dusty. The kids are starting to grow intimate with Brad, like Dylan is revealing him about being picked on at their school, while Megan was asking him to bring her to a dance in her school of a father and daughter tandem. Then one evening, Dusty calls, and finds out about Sara’s being married to Brad. He suddenly declares that he will be coming to visit the next day. Sara is doubtful regarding her former husband that will go to visit them, but it was Brad, who convinces her that still, it is vital for their children that their father and he, the stepfather, establish limitation to each other.

When Dusty show up, Brad is immediately upset with Dusty’s extroverted personality and physical appearance, and how he effortlessly gets along with Dylan and Megan.  But, Dusty is constantly charming Brad into allowing him to stay, despite the protest of Sara regarding the kind of guy he was before. Brad soon finds out that the Dusty real intention was to take out Brad in the lives of the kids’ and be reunited once again with Sara. After multiple events of Dusty coming up, like making a Treehouse for Dylan, giving the children, a dog to play along, and trying to drive a block between Sara and Brad by bringing them to a known fertility doctor, all of these are done by Dusty, hoping that Sara will soon realize Brad’s failure of giving her a baby. Dusty is hoped that through this, Sara will go back to him. Overall, the film describes the two fathers determined to out-do each other and wins the kids heart and be the children’s favorite.

The Writers View

The movie is not really that  good or comic, since it has a poor storyline that obviously needs to develop. The jokes are poor, and the cast felt wasted when they did not deliver what they are expected to show. There are a few funny parts in it that has been seen in the trailer, and so the viewers are left with only that good bit and nothing to expect anything more. The funny parts are not funny anymore since it has been viewed many times. There are immature jokes and poor development of the main casts. It is poorly edited, lacks energy, heart and really not an original comedy film. But on the other hand, the movie still has a gross income that is more than what they budgeted for this film.



Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015


This is another comedy movie released by Columbian Pictures of director Andy Fickman. It is the continuation of Paul Blart: Mall Cop from 2009 with writers Nick Bakay and Kevin James as Paul Blart.

The Cast List

The movie stars James being an eponymous cop Paul Blart, together with Neal McDonough, David Henrie as Lane, Vic Dibitetto, Daniella Alonso as Divina Martinez, Jayma Mays as Amy, Shirley Knight as Margaret, and Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart.

paul-blart-mall-cop-2-2015The Story Line

The movie is the initial movie shot on the Steve Wynn estate. After 6 years after, events of the primary movie, Paul Blart is improving from some misfortunes. His wife Amy separated from him 6 days of their wedding and his mother Margaret was murdered after being beaten by a truck of milk. To get better, Paul seized pride in rounding his mall, the Mall of West Orange Pavilion. Paul takes a request for a security officers’ conference in Las Vegas and started to consider that his fortune will change. His daughter Maya Blart finds out that she received at UCLA and arranged to transfer across the state to LA, but in view of her father’s request, she settles on withholding the info for now.

After reaching Las Vegas, Paul and his child meet the GM of Wynn Hotel, an attractive young lady known as Divina Martinez, to whom Paul is attracted directly. He later discovered that she’s having a date with head of hotel security, Eduardo Furtillo. Meanwhile, Maya and the valet at the hotel, Lane become instantly fascinated with each other. Donna Ericone, a guard from the American Mall is attending the conference, and she was aware of Paul’s previous heroics in an incident in the Mall of West Orange Pavilion and considered Paul will seem the keynote speaker of the event. But, Paul finds out that one more security guard, Nick Panero, is also giving a speech.

There’s a tender subplot with a Blart’s daughter and the bellhop that went exactly nowhere and a more forced “affectionate subplot” in between Blart and the hotel manager. She takes increasingly wet and wet for him all through the movie, which for me is really far off an extended of the imagination to accept and comprehend and also heads to nowhere. Blart himself is revolting and beyond unlikable. He is not unwilling and he wanted to be the core of concentration since his rescuing on the mall since 6 years and became totally unrelated the day after. He’s rude, crude, incompetent, and physically not capable to actually do all things heroic. He’d create a really good anti-hero if he was not presented as this modest all American goody 2 shoes as the film did.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015


This action movie is directed by Mr. Guy Ritchie and written by himself with Lionel Wigram, from the 1964 MGM TV series of identical title.

In year 1993, John Davis takes the rights for a movie edition of the original series. But, the movie fell into improvement hell because of multiple words rewrites. Through the years, Steven Soderbergh Matthew Vaughn, and David Dobkin were choices for directing the film until Ritchie decided to sign on in March of 2013. The movie premiered on August 2, 2015 at Barcelona and was released by Warner Bros. On August 14 and the movie grossed over $109 million globally against the $75 million budget.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015

The Cast List

The movie stars Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander, Jared Harris, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Debicki, and Armie Hammer.

The Story Line

In 1963, expert thief-turned agent of CIA, Napoleon Solo taken out Gaby Teller, the child of Dr. Udo Teller, an assumed Nazi scientist-became the US associate at the last part of WWII, from East Berlin, escaping KGB worker Illya Kuryakin. He then states to his chief, Sanders, who disclose that Gaby’s motherly uncle Rudi operates in a shipping business owned by Victoria and Alexander Vinciguerra, a wealthy Nazi empathizing pair who planned to use Teller to create their personal nuclear weapon and handed it to remaining Nazi rudiments. Because of the possible world-finale nature of this disaster, the KGB and CIA unwillingly teamed up, and Kuryakin and Solo were directed to halt the Vinciguerras from doing well, with mutual men secretly allocated to take Udo Teller’s investigation for their particular governments.

The three of them passed through Rome, where Kuryakin and Gaby unwillingly create as a connected couple, and Solo acts as if he is the antiquities dealer. Solo assumed that they are being observed and instructed Kuryakin not to guard himself from robbers so as to conserve this cover. In spite their hostilities with each other, Kuryakin listen to his advice and did not react with his father’s valued watch was taken. Meanwhile, in an auto car racing event sponsored by Vinciguerras, Gaby and Solo flirt with Alexander and Victoria, just to lure out data about Teller. Temporarily, Kuryakin gets proofs the Vinciguerras were presently bared to radiation, denoting that their weapon is nearly in completion.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015 gif

The Writers View

The film cast is pleasingly well enough, with Armie Hammer’s launching an icy toxins that may have been a small piece. Fortunately, this is a wrangling buddy film, where Napoleon Solo considers things out with medium unbearable calm smoothness. For certain things with a group of Brits talking in US accents, it is amazing that they toned down Teller’s intonation whenever the stars spoke English. The movie is enjoyable comic and escapist fare that happens to be set in our past.

Man Up 2015


The movie is a British-French comedy and romantic movie directed by Ben Palmer coming from the screenplay writing of Tess Morris. The movie was released by Studio Canal on May, 2015.

The Cast Lists

Simon Pegg played as Jack, Lake Bell played as Nancy, Sharon Horgan played as Elaine, Rory Kinnear played as Sean, Ken Stott played as Bert, Harriet Walter played as Fran, Ophelia Lovibond played as Jessica, Olivia Williams played as Hilary, Stephen Campbell Moore played as Ed, Henry Lloyd-Hughes played as Daniel, Dean-Charles Chapman played as Harry and Robert Wilfort played as Ryan.


The Story Line

The movie chased after a 34-year-old single lady Nancy, who, after being wrong for an unfamiliar blind date discovers the ideal boyfriend with a 40-year-old separated guy, Simon. Her buddy and sister expect that Nancy may find love that will encourage her to place herself out there. Nancy encountered a failed blind date with one of her friend’s engagement gathering. The parents’ of Nancy are about to commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary. Nancy then takes a train going to London. Inside the train, Nancy just sits in a diagonal place from Jessica, the 24-year-old lady who is going on a date, a blind date based on the self-help book known as “6 Billion People And You.” While seated, Nancy was rude to Jessica, so Jessica left and leaves her book with Nancy. Nancy then hunt Jessica to give back the book, but is blocked by Jack, the blind date of Jessica. Nancy chooses to take the chance and make believe that she is Jessica, and both of them have a very nice time bowling and drinking, but unluckily Nancy’s ruse is damaged when they go into Nancy’s scary middle school friend, Sean.

Jack and Nancy argue and go back to the bar, where they jog into Jack’s future-ex-wife together with the guy she is committing an affair. Nancy needed to console Jack in the rest room and assist him achieve his closure. Nancy wanted to request Jack to the anniversary party of her parents, but Jessica contact out to Jack and she still wanted to meet up, and so the two of them part ways. Nancy’s heart is breaking and Jack then realizes that allowing her to go was a misunderstanding. He signs up the assistance of some youth to look for Nancy’s house and then they decided to seize the chance with each other.

The writers’ point of view

There are certain things in the movie that seems like they come out of nowhere like the character of Rory Kinnear. His character here was funny and everything, but this would still be the same without him, apart for an impressive climax. In conclusion, the movie is a heartfelt and genuine film, which will really make you feel really good in the end. Great plot, great performances, and well performed comedy make the movie, one of British best.