Mortdecai 2015


This is a comedy action movie of director David Koepp and writer Eric Aronson. The movie is taken from the novel sequences of Mortdecai, particularly the primary episode of writer Kyril Bonfiglioli.


The Cast List

It leads by Johnny Depp in the title character with Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Munn, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Bettany and lastly Ewan McGregor.

The Story Line

Lord Charlie Mortdecai, a corrupt swindler and art dealer, is confronted in Hong Kong by his victims, named as Fang. Jock, Mortdecai is a faithful manservant, extracted his master just before they can be murdered by Fang’s gunmen. They go back to London, where his wife, Johanna and Mortdecai thinking of ways to disburse off their serious debt to the taxman in the UK. An image by Francisco Goya turned out to be the target of a complex theft that results in the killing of one of the thieves and an art restorer. Alistair Martland, an Inspector is placed on the case. Martland, has been affectionate with Johanna ever since they were in college, asks Mortdecai to help him. Martland considers the main suspect was Emil Strago. Mortdecai assent to assist in exchange for the 10% of the covered money.

Mortdecai talked to people connected to the art world, including an art smuggler, Spinoza. While they disagree, Strago shoots them upon arriving, killing Spinoza; while Jock and Mortdecai escape untouched. Johanna meets a man known as Duke, who is aware of the thief and states that the painting covers the place of a Nazi gold hoard. Mortdecai is abducted by thugs operating for a Russian called as Romanov. Strago and Romanov think that Mortdecai have the picture. Romanov terrorized torment unless Mortdecai admit it, but Mortdecai flee through a glass and Jock guts him away.

Mortdecai 2015 GIF.gif

Martland, desires to be with Johanna, forward Mortdecai to US to encounter with Milton Krampf, a possible buyer of the Goya. Mortdecai arrange to sell his dear Rolls-Royce to an American, and assist with the chance to view if Krampf is concerned with the theft. Reaching LA, he finds out that the Goya has been buried in the Rolls. In the service of Krampf, Spinoza, hoard it there after taking it from Strago, the initial thief; Krampf intended to fool Mortdecai in smuggling the Goya in the US in his personal car. He has requested Mortdecai to have a party that evening, where Krampf aims to show the ill-gotten pictures. Jock proposed that he and Mortdecai takes the pictures for themselves through the party. Krampf’s child, Georgina, is in secret Strago’s partner. She tried to seduce Mortdecai whereas Strago takes the painting. Johanna came with Martland and grasped her husband in a negotiating position. Mortdecai escape from the scene to assist Jock takes the painting, but they discover Krampf has been killed by Strago and the picture is gone. Johanna and Martland detained Strago, but Georgina takes the drop on them, healing her lover and the picture.

The best personality is not the supposed personality, but Jock, his servant. He takes every scene, he is in and Depp and Bettany have incredible chemistry and plays off with each other rather nicely. Depp and Paltrow make a good duo as well in spite of not allotting much time together. To state something interesting, Charlie is not really the hero of the tale in the implications that he is not managing what is going on around him. He is influenced by almost everybody – his wife, Goldblum’s art dealer, his servant, and the MI5. It is really interesting to watch a main character, whom has extremely no power of his destiny.


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