Far from the Madding Crowd 2015


The movie is a romantic drama film of director Thomas Vinterberg with stars Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen, Juno Temple, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Tom Sturridge. It is a version of the 1874 story of identical name by Thomas Hardy and this is the fourth time that the novel has been captured.

Far from the Madding Crowd 2015

During 1870 Victorian Britain, Mulligan played as Bathsheba Everdene was working on her auntie’s ranch in Dorset. Schoenaerts played as Gabriel Oak, their new neighbor, witness Bathsheba traveling her horse and feels love at first sight with her. He tried to propose, but the willful Bathsheba declined him, and says that she’s too sovereign and he might grow to scorn her. Gabriel has handled his life funds to invest in a farm of sheep, but he lost everything one evening when a fresh sheepdog hunts his whole herd off a cliff. Right after resolving all his debts, he was left with nothing and then he left the farm to look for a job. In contrast, Bathsheba’s luck has altered as her uncle left his farm to her when the will was read and she then leaves for her recently inherited farm.

While Gabriel is trying to find a work in a fair, local army men tried to recruit him and the other townsmen. Fannie Robin, a little girl, witnessed him and reveals that Sergeant Frank Troy, one of the army men, is her sweetheart. She told Gabriel that there is a farm in Weatherbury that might offer him a job. When he arrived, he sees the barn on fire and rescued it from destruction, and when dawn came the next day, he was introduced to the farm’s recent mistress: Bathsheba. She employed him as the sheepherder. In a period of time, Troy is left shocked when Fannie leaves him when they are at the altar; he does not grasp she has gone to a mistaken church.

In town, Bathsheba shows to be a sharp trader when vending her seed. She is instantly drawn to and observed her neighbor Sheen played as William Boldwood, a mature and prosperous bachelor. After Bathsheba drives Boldwood a Valentine to a joke and he witnessed her hard work, he started to think of her for marriage. He offered and told her all that he can offer, but Bathsheba told that she does not think the same. Gabriel rebuke Bathsheba for being unkind and foolish by making fun of his feelings, hurt by his critiques, she fired him, but was forced to send him back and beg to return since the sheep was eating the wrong plants and many are dying. After her appeal personally, he returns and saves most of left sheep, and stayed on the farm.

Far from the Madding Crowd 2015 GIF

With most of the literary classic books, the screen version loses the character and detail development that creates the book version so much more enjoyable. The essence of the characters, are understandable and the actors bring their personal touch to their roles. The tale has always been a primary study in persistence and with director Vinterberg, and star Mulligan discovers the modern day contests faced by women in choosing a mate: steady and slow, exciting, financially set, and on edge. In the end, the question is, should she go to her head or her heart, or the pocket concern?



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