Ted 2, 2015


ted 2Ted 2 is under the direction of Seth MacFarlane, a comedy movie and the sequel of the 2012 movie Ted. The movie stars are MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg, grossed about $216 million and gained mixed assessments from critics.

John Bennett was separated from Lori Collins for about 6 months because of her not recognizing Ted again in spite her desire in taking Ted back into existence. Meanwhile, Ted wed his girl, Tami-Lynn. A year later, their wedding is starting to smash down so they settle on having a child. Since Ted cannot have a child, John assisted Ted to locate for a sperm donor. They inquire Sam Jones, but he rejected because of low sperm count. Then they attempted disastrously to shatter into the Tom Brady’s residence and take his sperm. Eventually, John tenders to give his sperm.

Despite John and Ted’s efforts, Tami-Lynn’s record of drug use has provided her infertility and the pair choose to adopt. As they went on background checks, Ted’s official status as an individual was brought into queries. Massachusetts State of Authorities declares Ted goods than a person, effecting in the passing of his work in a grocery store. Moreover, his wedding with Tami-Lynn was annulled by the state. John suggested that they seize the state to the courtyard, and their situation is appointed to Samantha Leslie Jackson, a trainee lawyer pro Bono. Despite Samantha’s short of understanding recent culture, the three bonded over their desire of marijuana as they arrange to tender the case. For the meantime, Donny, Ted’s unbalanced lifelong follower and arch competitor are now engaged as a cleaner in the head office of toy store Hasbro, in NYC. He encourages the business CEO to induce a skilled attorney to be certain that Ted preserve his status as belongings, therefore departing him open to attack by the business to make more live teddy bears.


Ted 2 really did not carry the same astonishment as the first one, but if you are in for the most outrageous giggles from this wicked talking bear, then it will not be the problem, as long as you will not expect that much. The film did not bring that important theme, but it’s not as comic they wanted it to be. It makes some attractive arguments in the movie itself. The film should have been a bit shorter and the plot must be tighter. The third act must have tried even tougher than replicating its predecessor. Again, it may be that funny, it has just endured gripping its ideas a lot better.



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