Pitch Perfect 2 2015


Pitch Perfect 2 2015This is a comic and musical film of director Elizabeth Banks, who also co-produced the film with writer Kay Cannon. It is the sequel to the movie Pitch Perfect in 2012. The movie base on the imaginary of The Bellas and the Barden University of an A cappella all-female singing group. The movie grossed above $287 million and surpassed the entire gross of the initial movie of $115.4 million in just 5 days, and became the top-grossing music comedy movie of all-time.

After 3 years from the events of the initial movie, the Barden Bellas today are being led by Anna Kendrick played as Beca Mitchell with the three-time super superior Brittany Snow played as Chloe Beale. The Bellas turned to be ICCA winner each of the 3 years. But, the group was involved in a nationwide scandal named as Muffgate, when an attire malfunction makes Rebel Wilson played as Fat Amy’s pants to tear while presenting at leader Barack Obama’s birthday event. This directs to the Bellas’ deferral from the ICCAs, and that means that they are barred from holding try outs, and injured the group’s standing considerably. Beca creates an agreement to permit the Bellas to be restored should they succeed in the Championship of World’s A Cappella. A cappella critics John Michael Higgins played as John Smith and Elizabeth Banks played as Gail Abernathy (McKadden-Feinberger) doubts the crowd’s chances, as no US team has won the world label.

Freshman Hailee Steinfeld played as Emily Junk begins her college career, anticipating to goes on behind her mother Katey Sagal played as Katherine’s footsteps by becoming a Bella. At the orientation, she observed an A cappella recital by the Treblemakers, today headed by Beca’s boyfriend Skylar Astin played as Jesse Swanson. Emily encountered him and told him her dreams of joining in the Bellas. Ben Platt played as Benji Applebaum, Jesse’s best friend, overheard this and expands an awkward crush over her.


The Bellas discovers that the German A cappella crowd Das Sound Machine who were also the present World Champions have changed the Bellas with their victory trip. Furthermore, Beca begins an internship at the soundtrack studio Residual Heat, something that only Jesse discerned about so that the Bellas will not be able to question her commitment. During the first day she observed Keegan-Michael Key, her egocentric boss, humiliating his assistant, making her understand the negative instances of a career in creating music.

Pitch Perfect 1 was great and from that, the viewers will be expecting more from the sequel and good that it turns a lot better than the initial one. In the film, every funny scene was great. Although there are some parts in the movie that went crap but it still went well as it goes on.


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