The Wedding Ringer, 2015


The Wedding Ringer, 2015This comedy movie is co-written and directed by director Jeremy Garelick. The stars here are Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Kevin Hart.

Jimmy Callahan services provide best man via the “Best Man Inc.” Their target clients are those guys that don’t have their buddies available for their wedding. Doug Harris here is a booming tax attorney and his wife to be is Gretchen Palmer, and they are preparing for their marriage. Doug turns out to be frantic looking for his best man, and was passed on to Jimmy’s company of his party designer, Edmundo. Doug requested Jimmy to work out with seven groomsmen or the “Golden Tux” that will match with the bridesmaids of Gretchen’s, and his requests did not happened even once before. After analyzing Doug’s plea, Jimmy approved to be the best man for a charge of $50,000 and every expensed be paid. During the process of the wedding, Jimmy was advised by Doug that his name must be change to Bic Mitchum.

Jimmy recruits his three friends to be the groomsmen. First, Reggie agrees since there will be nice food. Then, Lurch agrees just to be away from the nagger wife. Lastly, Fitzgibbons is a criminal who is a fugitive from a federal jail, and agrees to be the groomsman since there will be 7 bridesmaids to strike on. Jimmy makes an interview with people who are willing to be in the 4 waiting spots of their party trick disruptions. He chose Otis that able to say each sentence backwards, Bronstein, who is able of relocating and dislocating his shoulder, Endo, who have 3 testicles, and Kip, the sexy man with a stammer.

Doug told Gretchen that “Bic” hurried to be in their wedding from El Salvador. Gretchen then insists that Bic should come to their family brunch. Doug told Jimmy that he should pretend of being a military priest. During their brunch, Doug turned out to be nervous and almost blown his personal cover until Jimmy by mistake sets Grandma on a fire. They bring her in an ER, and Jimmy tells untruth things to Ed that Doug was playing football before. Ed dares Doug and Jimmy to the football game together with some of the old university teammates who will at their wedding, and the story goes on.

The Wedding Ringer.jpg

There had been lots of wedding comedy films that are about the bride, about the parents, about a wedding planner or singer, and about the bridesmaids, but this movie is not the usual wedding comedy film created from the view point of a groom. In a comedy film, there are moments that the stars doesn’t need to make much comic to create a hilarious movie. All a comedy film needs are actors that have amusing jokes, chemistry, and a tale that can hold attention of the viewers. The Wedding Ringer did not re-invent the helm, but it certainly had the good comedy film. The movie is a recommended film to watch because of the watchable feathers of the cast. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad have better chemistry with one another and they excel in their scenes. The two casts make scenes that are really eye catchy and fun to watch. The supporting stars are funny as well with their stereotypes.


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